Haunted Places in Goodhue County, Minnesota

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    St. James Hotel

    Red Wing, Minnesota

    The hotel building was built in 1875, and several spirits are believed to haunt it. The first is a hostile entity that haunts all floors of the building, and which has been known to attack guests and to slam doors. The second apparition is that of a lady in a ...

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    Treasure Island Resort and Casino

    Welch, Minnesota

    One night after leaving the Treasure Island Resort and Casino, a man pulled over to take a nap. A few moments later, he heard footsteps coming toward his car, sounding like the walker was dragging one leg. The man looked out his car window and saw a bony old ghost ...

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    Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast

    Cannon Falls, Minnesota

    Built in 1897 for a prominent local physician, this bed and breakfast inn appears to now be a private residence. During the establishments heyday, guests reported catching glimpse of a shadowy apparition in the Quilters Haven Room. (Submitted by Callum Swift)