Haunted Places in George County, Mississippi

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of George County, Mississippi. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Mississippi.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of George County, Mississippi.

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    Johns Bayou Road and Mt. Pleasant

    Vancleave, Mississippi

    23.4 miles from George County, MS

    Allegedly several car accidents have all occurred where someone driving alone at night is struck by a phantom car that comes out of nowhere and disappears. No reports on the blood alcohol level of the drivers making the claims at the time of the crashes.

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    Kali Oka Plantation - Oak Grove Plantation

    George County, Alabama

    27.4 miles from George County, MS

    Kali Oka Plantation, also called Oak Grove Plantation, is haunted by the apparition of a dark-skinned man who is 7 feet tall. In life, he was the bodyguard and housekeeper of the home's former resident. The ghostly guard has been seen standing on the front porch.

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    Singing River

    Gautier, Mississippi

    29.4 miles from George County, MS

    Legend states that the Pascagoula River was the site of a mass suicide by the Pascagoula Indian tribe. Facing enslavement and slaughter from a pending battle against a superior force, they chose suicide en masse rather than facing defeat. As the marched into the water, they sang a ...

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    Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theatre

    Mobile, Alabama

    29.9 miles from George County, MS

    Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a former sea captain and the ghost of a young child who hangs out in the basement.

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    Crybaby Bridge

    Saraland, Alabama

    30.6 miles from George County, MS

    Legend has it a woman drowned her baby near the bridge and you can still hear its death cries.

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    Rock 'n Roll Graveyard

    Ocean Springs, Mississippi

    31.6 miles from George County, MS

    William Seymour Memorial Cemetery is commonly called the Rock n' roll graveyard by locals due to the prevalence of parties that teenagers have there. Regardless, there are some reports of hauntings, most notably of a woman in white rocking in a rocking chair(?).

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    Aunt Jenny's Catfish Restaurant

    Ocean Springs, Mississippi

    32.6 miles from George County, MS

    Multiple reports of haunted happenings in Aunt Jenny's. Lights flicker, and light bulbs unscrew themselves. A man also appears in the bar and vanishes.

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    The Old Place

    Gautier, Mississippi

    33.3 miles from George County, MS

    It is rumored that the former plantation is haunted by the former slaves that lived there.

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    Brooklyn Cemetery

    Brooklyn, Mississippi

    34.7 miles from George County, MS

    Reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young boy who is often seen walking through the cemetery.

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    Keesler Air Force Base

    Biloxi, Mississippi

    35.6 miles from George County, MS

    Three distinct hauntings are said to have occurred at the Air Force Base. The first ghost is reported to have been the ghost of a cadet who hanged himself to death and his was said to be a malevolent entity who haunted the room he died in. His ...

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    Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast

    Mobile, Alabama

    36 miles from George County, MS

    The historic bed and breakfast is haunted by the apparition of an elderly woman, who has been seen in guest rooms all over the building. A strange presence has been felt by guests and staff. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Bellevue - The Longfellow Place

    Pascagoula, Mississippi

    36.5 miles from George County, MS

    The home of a former slave trader, Bellevue is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of slaves abused and murdered there. Legend states that the mistress of the house was particularly cruel to the slaves and would often beat them to near death, and more than a few would later ...

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    Cabana Courtyard Apartments

    Biloxi, Mississippi

    37.1 miles from George County, MS

    Residents of this apartment block have reported hearing the sound of someone falling down the stairs and the sounds of babies crying, and seeing a shadowy figure standing on the stairs of the apartment. Footsteps are heard when there is no one around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Boyington Oak - Church Street Cemetery

    Mobile, Alabama

    37.3 miles from George County, MS

    At this old cemetery behind the Mobile Library's main branch, there is an oak tree growing out of the grave of a man named Boyington. It is said that he was an African American who was executed for a crime that he did not commit. According to local lore, his ...

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    Malaga Inn

    Mobile, Alabama

    37.6 miles from George County, MS

    The inn was originally two separate houses built in 1862, which were joined together in the 20th century to form the inn. The apparition of a lady in white has been seen pacing the balcony of Room #007, as well as chandeliers swinging when no one is around, furniture getting ...

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    Battle House Renaissance Hotel

    Mobile, Alabama

    37.7 miles from George County, MS

    Ghostly voices have been heard, shadowy apparition are seen, and faucets turn on and off by themselves. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Fort Conde Inn

    Mobile, Alabama

    37.8 miles from George County, MS

    Voices are heard in the inn when no one is around. An unusual presence is felt on the second floor of the inn. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    USS Alabama Battleship

    Mobile, Alabama

    39.4 miles from George County, MS

    Ghostly footsteps, strange voices and hatches slamming shut comprise the majority of the ghostly activity on board this retired Battleship. Haunted or not, we hope the sailors rest in peace.

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    Bayou La Batre Jail

    Bayou La Batre, Alabama

    40 miles from George County, MS

    When I first read "Bayou La Batre" in relation to ghosts, I had an overwhelming urge to yell "Run, Forrest! Run!" I refrained. In any event people claim that you can see the ghost of a man leaving a specific cell, and a toilet flushing *even though no ...

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    Gwodz Rd - Patruski Gwonz Road

    Coden, Alabama

    41.5 miles from George County, MS

    Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of black men who were hanged along the road by members of the KKK.

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    Old Daphne Masonic Hall

    Daphne, Alabama

    47.2 miles from George County, MS

    The 1920's masonic building is haunted by a ghostly soldier who perished during combat in the woods adjacent to the hall. His body was never found, and it has been speculated that his spirit is responsible for a pair of strange lights seen roaming the nearby forest and the ...

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    387 Old Corinth Rd

    Petal, Mississippi

    49.1 miles from George County, MS

    Its an old two story house that has been there for at least 20 to 30 years, unkept, and feels like you're being drawn towards it. Ever time I walk past it, its feels like danger, like something demonic is calling me to come with him or her somewhere. A ...

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    Old Public Library

    Bay Minette, Alabama

    51.4 miles from George County, MS

    People claim to feel unseen presences watching and hovering over them in the library.

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    Railroad Crossing

    Wagarville, Alabama

    52 miles from George County, MS

    The ubiquitous haunting of a man who fell asleep on the railroad tracks and was killed who now haunts the tracks.

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    The Blue Rose

    Pass Christian, Mississippi

    52.2 miles from George County, MS

    The ghost of the woman who used to own the place appears in mirrors and in the front hall. Although it used to be a restaurant it is now a place where weddings and other events are held.

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    Harbour Oaks Inn

    Pass Christian, Mississippi

    52.3 miles from George County, MS

    Once the "Crescent Hotel" during the Civil War, this building was later a hospital, and eventually became the celebrated "Harbour Oaks Inn" under the ownership of Diane and Anthony Brugger. Several ghosts were known to exist on premises. Sadly, the Harbour Oaks Inn was completely demolished by Hurricane Katrina in ...

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    Indian Mound Park

    Dauphin Island, Alabama

    52.6 miles from George County, MS

    Much of Dauphin Island where this park is located is reported to be haunted. This park houses an ancient Indian burial ground and it is claimed that can still hear the music and chanting of long ago ceremonies.

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    The White Lady of Wagarville

    Wagarville, Alabama

    54 miles from George County, MS

    Yet another 'urban legend' type cautionary tale of a poor unfortunate woman who was raped and killed (though there appears to be no corroborating evidence to that effect) and therefore doomed to walk the earth and expressing her rage by shaking people's cars. It seems every state has one, and ...

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    Fort Gaines

    Dauphin Island, Alabama

    54.3 miles from George County, MS

    Ghostly apparitions, cold spots, shadows and numerous other reports of hauntings make Fort Gaines a highly haunted hot spot. Definitely worth checking out.

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    Burnt Bridge

    Purvis, Mississippi

    55.1 miles from George County, MS

    Although the old bridge has been replaced, legend has it that it used to be haunted by a girl in a prom dress who was killed there.

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    Bay Town Inn

    Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

    55.6 miles from George County, MS

    The former Bay Town Inn was destroyed by a storm surge during Hurricane Katrina, but guests at the current inn have reported encountering the apparitions of a French family who built the original house, as well as hearing whispering voices. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Bay St. Louis City Hall Building

    John C. Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

    55.9 miles from George County, MS

    The Bay St. Louis City Hall, a 109-year-old municipal building that once housed the city jail, is rumored to be haunted. Witnesses say objects move on their own, doors open and close, bright lights appear, and footsteps can be heard on the steps. According to reports, in 1928 a man ...

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    Woodhaven Dairy

    Silverhill, Alabama

    56.3 miles from George County, MS

    This is another haunting story that needs to be taken with a shaker of salt. Legend has it you can smell blood in the old dairy barn, which is a neat trick since the exact location of the structure is not known (the structure itself is long gone). ...

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    Death Masks of Mt. Nebo Cemetery

    Wagarville, Alabama

    56.8 miles from George County, MS

    This place doesn't even need to be haunted, it's just freaking eerie.

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    Fort Morgan

    Gulf Shores, Alabama

    57.3 miles from George County, MS

    Reports of shadowy people, strange mists and noises and an oppressive feeling of dread that descends, often right before the appearance of a male apparition. Fort Morgan has seen its share of death and war, did some soldiers linger on here?

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    Myrtle Grove Cemetery

    Lumberton, Mississippi

    58.3 miles from George County, MS

    Ghostly shadows, full body apparitions and feelings of dread (could that be because you are in a cemetery and confronting your own mortality) are the meat that makeup this haunting report.

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    Grave of Red Eagle

    Little River, Alabama

    59.3 miles from George County, MS

    Ghost websites will tell you that this gravesite is haunted by the ghost of Red Eagle and if you go out late at night you'll see the spirit doing an Indian dance on his own grave. Yes, because that makes perfect sense. I mean everyone knows them injun fellers ...

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    Deason Home

    Ellisville, Mississippi

    61.1 miles from George County, MS

    During the Civil War, a man who was in charge of hunting down deserters was killed on the front porch of the Deason Home and as he slowly expired his blood seeped into the wood flooring leaving a stain that could never be washed away. The floor was finally replaced, ...

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    Devil Worshiper Road

    Waynesboro, Mississippi

    62.1 miles from George County, MS

    There's no one definite story or location. The entire road is haunted. All stories involve a satanic cult involving sacrifice, and other occult behaviors. Cars traveling the road at night report engines shutting off and an ominous feeling of being watched. Some instances also claim seeing shadows around the vehicle, ...

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    Sycamore Church Cemetery

    Carriere, Mississippi

    63.1 miles from George County, MS

    Supposedly if you sit on a bench that's in the cemetery you will feel a cold spot (probably not seeping up from the concrete bench) and someone breathing behind you.

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    Palestine Graveyard

    Picayune, Mississippi

    68.4 miles from George County, MS

    There are allegedly sightings of the ghost of a woman who killed herself in the cemetery after being jilted at the altar.

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    Northshore Regional Medical Center

    Slidell, Louisiana

    76.5 miles from George County, MS

    Reportedly haunted by two ghosts. The employees refer to one of them as Reggie. The other is just a black mist.

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    Fort Pike

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    80.9 miles from George County, MS

    -Built in 1816, Fort Pike was named after Zebulon Pike of Pike's Peak fame. The site was abandoned in 1890--by the living, anyway. Some say the ghost of a sergeant has been seen about the place, and witnesses have described a feeling of being watched as well as the sound ...

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    White Lion Inn

    Thomasville, Alabama

    90 miles from George County, MS

    Although this is no longer an operating inn, people claim it is haunted by ghostly apparitions, shadows and cold spots.