Haunted Places in Genesee County, New York

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    Rolling Hills Asylum

    Wyoming, New York

    Rolling Hills Asylum opened in 1827 as the Genesee County Poor Farm, made to house the poor, drunkards, mentally ill, blind, disabled, or other folks who needed help. In the 1950s it became the Old County Home & Infirmary, then in the 1990s an antiques mall. Store owners and shoppers ...

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    West Main Street Cemetery Site

    Batavia, New York

    The first graveyard in Batavia dated back to 1806. It was known as the West Main Street Cemetery, and was located along the northern banks of the Tonawanda Creek. The town founders didn't realize the extent to which the Tonawanda Creek regularly flooded, however, and in 1823 it ...

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    Big Falls at Indian Falls

    Corfu, New York

    According to local legend, the Big Falls at Indian Falls are haunted by a couple who died in the late 1900s. While visiting the falls, the husband fell in, and the wife, unwilling to live without him, leapt after him. Red lights, orbs and apparitions have been seen near the ...