Haunted Places in Fulton County, New York

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    The Olde Knox Mansion

    Johnstown, New York

    No longer in operation, the old bed-and-breakfast is said to be haunted by Rose Knox. Her ghost has been sighted and unexplained voices have been reported throughout the house.

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    Broadalbin Hotel

    Broadalbin, New York

    Now a restaurant, this historic former hotel is the hideout for a ghostly presence who used to like to sit on the beds and turn the lights on and off. Some folks have reported seeing apparitions in military uniforms.

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    Prospect Hill Cemetery

    Gloversville, New York

    In July of 1874, the Omaha Daily Bee newspaper reported a ghostly "woman in white" at the Prospect Hill Cemetery. She was seen from an adjacent marble-cutting shop, coming from the cemetery straight toward the shop's door. The frightened shop occupants hurried out the back, but the ghost appeared before ...