Haunted Places in Franklin County, Missouri

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    Thias House

    Washington, Missouri

    Although this building still stands, reports say it is no longer open for business. It used to be open for tours and as a restaurant, and witnesses there saw an apparition of a lady combing her hair at the dresser in the master bedroom. Some also reported someone touching their ...

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    Boondocker Inn

    New Haven, Missouri

    No longer an inn, this establishment can be rented out for events. It is said to be haunted by four ghosts: a man who is wearing boots, a little girl, a boy who screams, and a woman who wears a flowered shirt. Also, objects have been known to float and ...

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    Darlene’s One Stop

    Berger, Missouri

    Darlene’s One Stop, a sports bar and grill once known as Mac’s Cafe, is said to be haunted by a man who ised to live in an apartment above the restaurant. Jack Schaefer was an explosive character and an abusive boyfriend and stepfather. In one incidence he was found firing ...