Haunted Places in Franklin County, Massachusetts

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    The Charlemont Inn

    Charlemont, Massachusetts

    At the 1787 inn many friendly ghosts are said to reside. You may see spirits of a Civil War soldier in the upstairs hall or a former innkeeper in the tavern. A ghost named Elizabeth likes to throw things, slam doors, and stomp in the halls. She has been known ...

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    Deerfield Inn

    Deerfield, Massachusetts

    The historic inn was built in 1884, and has been restored and renovated to its former glory by the current inn owners. Guests and staff alike have reported paranormal activity in the inn, including lights turning on and off, strange knocking noises and furniture that moves around by itself. Guests ...

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    Eunice Williams Covered Bridge - Pumping Station Bridge

    Greenfield, Massachusetts

    The Eunice Williams, or Green River Pumping Station, Covered Bridge is said to be haunted by Eunice Williams, the reverend's wife who lived nearby in the 1600s. It happened when French soldiers and Indians raided the area and hacked Eunice to death just hours after she had given birth. The ...