Haunted Places in Faribault County, Minnesota

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Faribault County, Minnesota. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Minnesota.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Faribault County, Minnesota.

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    Minnesota State University Mankato

    Mankato, Minnesota

    32.8 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Minnesota State University Mankato is said to have a ghost who rings buzzers and another who steals toilet paper in the Crawford Dorm. And in the Crawford-McElroy Complex, there is a ghost stuck in the 1960s who goes on panty raids.

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    R.D Hubbard House Museum

    Mankato, Minnesota

    33.8 miles from Faribault County, MN

    This historic mansion is currently operated as a museum by the Blue Earth County Historical Society, and staff claim that even after the building has closed down for the night, some still walk the halls of the old house. Visitors claim to have heard ghostly laughter, running footsteps in ...

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    Calvary Cemetery

    Mankato, Minnesota

    34.7 miles from Faribault County, MN

    At Calvary Cemetery, you can find the visuals for many stories told by school kids. There are several about an evil doctor who appears as a ghost-devil, and some about Hell Road, a nearby path where animal sacrifices were allegedly performed. Ghost hunters determined that no such devilish behavior really ...

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    Le Sueur County Historical Society Museum

    Elysian, Minnesota

    38.9 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Some odd things have been reported at this museum: disembodied voices, a typewriter and a record player that worked by themselves, and a service bell that rang on its own.

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    Gypsy Cemetery - Union Township Cemetery

    Algona, Iowa

    40 miles from Faribault County, MN

    This small gypsy cemetery is said to be haunted by a gypsy queen, who is guarded by a murder of crows. Legend has it that in the 1800s gypsies came through here often with their wagons. If any member of their group was sick and dying, they would simply bury ...

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    Plum Creek Pits

    Algona, Iowa

    41 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Locals say a little boy's ghost appears at this popular fishing spot. Some say the boy was once accidentally impaled by a stick when he fell while running nearby. The ghost has been seen walking along the bank of the pit.

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    Buddy Holly Memorial

    Clear Lake, Iowa

    42.3 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Buddy Holly may be alive beyond the grave. According to reports, some have seen a phantom plane crashing that matches the one involved in the 1959 tragedy. Also, 3 orbs have been caught on tape in the spot where Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens died.

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    Little Africa - Geigel Woods

    Algona, Iowa

    45.4 miles from Faribault County, MN

    This site is said to be very active with spirits, in part because the old bridge was the site of two hangings. Car accidents have been caused by apparitions standing in the middle of the road. Also, at the old farm house, the husband is said to have killed the ...

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    West Hills

    Owatonna, Minnesota

    45.5 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Ghosts of orphaned children are rumored to linger in this former orphanage, laughing audibly. Witnesses also have seen the floor move and warp and smelled phantom cigar smoke. Books also have moved, temperature has been known to change drastically, and phone calls have been made to the police department from ...

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    It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

    Owatonna, Minnesota

    45.8 miles from Faribault County, MN

    The bar called It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere is said to be haunted. Reports say the apparition of a man in old-fashioned duds and a puddle of blood appear out of nowhere. The bar was a funeral home and a used furniture store in past incarnations.

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    Green Lawn Cemetery - CSAH 20 Cemetery

    St. Peter, Minnesota

    47.9 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Green Lawn Cemetery, aka CSAH (County State Aid Highway) 20 Cemetery and Traverse de Sioux Cemetery, is rumored to be haunted and a spot for animal sacrifices. People have reported apparitions, photo anomalies and other strange phenomena here.

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    Oak Hill Cemetery

    Estherville, Iowa

    49.1 miles from Faribault County, MN

    A couple of spooky stories surround this cemetery's hill, and the fact that your car, when put in neutral, will seem to travel up it by itself. According to one story, a car full of football players was in an accident here when the car stalled. While they were pushing ...

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    Lambrecht's Gift Store

    New Ulm, Minnesota

    51.1 miles from Faribault County, MN

    This gift store is housed in a historic building, which has a darker history in relation to the murder of a woman that occurred in the building many years before. The apparition of a pale-faced woman with a terrified expression has been seen knocking on the window of the ...

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    Lot Behind Nauss Oil

    Emmetsburg, Iowa

    53.1 miles from Faribault County, MN

    A motel once stood in this vacant lot, but it has since been demolished. The foundation/drive-/walkway is still there. Locals say the spirit of an old man in a plaid shirt and chinos walks along the way, stopping several times as if he is checking to make sure the motel ...

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    Grotto of the Redemption

    West Bend, Iowa

    55 miles from Faribault County, MN

    This sacred site was constructed over a 42-year period, beginning in 1912, using semiprecious stones from every state in the U.S. and every world region. The Christmas Chapel contains a 300-lb. amethyst, and Bethlehem Cave contains 65 tons of petrified wood. The spiritual place has tons of statues depicting the ...

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    Montgomery Golf Club

    Montgomery, Minnesota

    56.9 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Montgomery Golf Club is home to two ghosts, maybe more. One's identity has been traced to a farmer who once lived on the land and is said to be buried on the first hole of the golf course. His apparition has been spotted in a hat and overalls. The other ...

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    St. Olaf College

    Northfield, Minnesota

    66.3 miles from Faribault County, MN

    The four buildings rumored to be haunted at St. Olaf College are Hilleboe Hall, where children singing and playing piano have been heard; Kelsey Theater, where deceased Miss Kelsey has been witnessed playing the piano onstage; Melby Hall, where the apparitions of a man and a woman in Victorian clothing ...

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    Humboldt County Historical Museum

    Humboldt, Iowa

    66.9 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Lights are seen in the building at night and some people claim the ghost of a man who drowned in the nearby river has also been spotted roaming the grounds.

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    Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast

    Cannon Falls, Minnesota

    77.4 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Built in 1897 for a prominent local physician, this bed and breakfast inn appears to now be a private residence. During the establishments heyday, guests reported catching glimpse of a shadowy apparition in the Quilters Haven Room. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Andy's Market Hill - Scott Park

    Apple Valley, Minnesota

    82.6 miles from Faribault County, MN

    At the popular sledding spot called Andy's Market Hill, aka Dead Man's Hill in Scott Park, legend has it that a little boy named Dameon was sledding in 1998 when he was killed accidentally by an archer who shot him in the eye. Now, Dameon's sledding apparition is seen here ...

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    William G. LeDuc House

    Hastings, Minnesota

    90.9 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Civil War quartermaster General William Leduc's home, built in 1865, and his family reportedly dabbled in spiritualism. Many spirits are said to reside here, and the apparition of General Leduc himself has been spotted. His daughter Alice and family friend Carroll Simmons are believed to be here as well, and ...

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    Rosewood Inn Bed and Breakfast

    Hastings, Minnesota

    91.5 miles from Faribault County, MN

    People have reported seeing a strange glowing apparition walking around the grounds and inside the historic inn. When the inn was abandoned for a period of time, people were reportedly chased by the spirit on various occasions. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Treat Me Sweet

    Hastings, Minnesota

    91.7 miles from Faribault County, MN

    Treat Me Sweet was a restaurant (no longer open) rumored to be haunted by a former owner who committed suicide in the kitchen.