Haunted Places in Estill County, Kentucky

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Estill County, Kentucky. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Kentucky.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Estill County, Kentucky.

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    Boone Tavern

    Berea, Kentucky

    19.6 miles from Estill County, KY

    At this historic guesthouse for Berea College, many strange events have been reported. Some say the site was once part of the Underground Railroad, and the apparition of at an African-American boy has been spotted here; others say this information is inaccurate, and that the hotel was not built until ...

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    White Hall

    Richmond, Kentucky

    23.3 miles from Estill County, KY

    Cassius Clay's historic home, built in 1798 by his father, is said to be haunted by Clay himself, his wife, and his son. Witnesses to the hauntings have described moving candle lights, footsteps and other unexplained sounds and even smells, and violin and piano music. Apparitions of the three ghosts ...

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    Carrington Rock

    Salt Lick, Kentucky

    29.3 miles from Estill County, KY

    Apparitions of Confederate soldiers and a pacing woman have been seen at Carrington Rock. The woman, witnesses say, eventually throws herself off the edge, screaming as she falls. Witnesses also have heard the sounds of officers calling orders to soldiers and moans and cries of pain on the battlefield.

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    Henry Clay Estate - Ashland

    Lexington, Kentucky

    36.5 miles from Estill County, KY

    The historic Ashland House is said to be haunted by Henry Clay himself. His ghost, a white-haired apparition wearing a black frock coat, has been seen in the old red parlor room (which is now his study), leaning on the fireplace mantel.

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    Loudoun House

    Lexington, Kentucky

    37.5 miles from Estill County, KY

    The 1850 gothic revival mansion is haunted by the spirits of two women, both dressed in Victorian clothing. One has been seen in the western part of the mansion, and the other in the formal dining room. Also seen all over the mansion is a mysterious black cat. Witnesses have ...

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    Gratz Park Inn

    Lexington, Kentucky

    38 miles from Estill County, KY

    At this historic inn, folks have reported seeing apparitions that include men, a lady in a white dress and hat, and intoxicated partygoers. Also, a ghostly little girl has been seen running and playing jacks in the hallways, and the spirit of an elderly man turns the TVs on and ...

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    John Morgan Hunt House

    Lexington, Kentucky

    38.1 miles from Estill County, KY

    This 1814 house was built by John Wesley Hunt, who can still be seen walking the hallways of this old property. The apparition of Mammy Bouviette James, a former nurse of the Hunt children, can still be seen in the third floor nursery and hallways, and often appears to those ...

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    Crowne Plaza Hotel - Campbell House Inn

    Lexington, Kentucky

    38.6 miles from Estill County, KY

    Formerly the Campbell House Inn, the Crowne Plaza Hotel is said to be a very spooky place. According to local legend, two women were murdered here. One was stabbed on the stairs, and folks say you can still see the blood stains on the carpet. The other woman was reportedly ...

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    The Campbell House

    Lexington, Kentucky

    38.7 miles from Estill County, KY

    At the Cambell House Inn, there is rumored to be a blood stain on a carpet where a woman, one of two women to have been murdered here, was stabbed to death. Witnesses have reported apparitions and doors slamming by themselves.

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    Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

    Harrodsburg, Kentucky

    43.4 miles from Estill County, KY

    The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is said to be the country's largest restored Shaker village. Its 3,000 acres contain 34 original Shaker buildings and perhaps a few ghosts, as well. It is said that ghostly babies can be heard crying at night around the pond.

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    Campbell Cemetery

    Busy, Kentucky

    45.8 miles from Estill County, KY

    Ther is a site at Campbell Cemetery called Coffin Rock, where locals say a man was shot and killed long ago. Now, when it rains, there appears to be blood running down the rock. Several ghosts are said to call this area home as well: an old man who flags ...

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    Harrodsburg Spring - Young Park

    Harrodsburg, Kentucky

    48.5 miles from Estill County, KY

    The ghost story here begins with a beautiful young woman who checked in to the Harrodsburg Springs Hotel, which stood on the park grounds in the late 1800s, under a false name. She danced with several partners in the hotel ballroom, as the men all lined up for a chance ...

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    Rohs Opera House

    Cynthiana, Kentucky

    51.4 miles from Estill County, KY

    The current Rohs Opera House (pronounced ROSS) opened in 1941 with a showing of Down Argentine Way. Ticket price was $.05 for adults. It was originally built in 1871 as Aeolian Hall, a live production theatre located on the second floor. A silent movie projector was eventually added to bring ...

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    Perryville Battlefield

    Perryville, Kentucky

    54.9 miles from Estill County, KY

    The largest Civil War battle in Kentucky was fought here on October 8, 1862; at least 7,600 were killed or wounded. The corpses of the Confederate soldiers were left to rot on the battlefield, and many suppose this is why the field has so much ghostly activity. Apparitions of soldiers, ...

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    Union College

    Barbourville, Kentucky

    57 miles from Estill County, KY

    Union College seems to have a haunted Financial Aid office: Witnesses say the doors open and close, and even lock and unlock, on their own. The spirit is believed to be a woman who lived and died under mysterious circumstances here when the building was a private residence. Also haunting ...

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    Motel 80

    Emmalena, Kentucky

    57.3 miles from Estill County, KY

    Rumor has it that at this site, a man once committed a double murder. It's said that he found his wife together with another man in a hotel room, and shot and killed them both. Witnesses say the spirit of the man who was shot still remains behind, turning the ...

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    Warfield Cemetery

    Barbourville, Kentucky

    57.9 miles from Estill County, KY

    Some claim that at the Warfield Cemetery, something unseen will follow you, moving as you do, terrorizing you as you walk through the graveyard, never stopping until you step outside the gate.

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    Liberty Hall

    Frankfort, Kentucky

    61 miles from Estill County, KY

    Built by Senator John Brown in 1796, Liberty Hall Mansion is said to be haunted by at least three ghosts. Mrs. Brown's kindly aunt, Mrs. Margaret Varick, died of a heart attack around 1817 in an upstairs bedroom. She was buried on the grounds but was lost when the graves ...

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    Buffalo Trace Distillery

    Frankfort, Kentucky

    61.2 miles from Estill County, KY

    The late-18th-century distillery on the site of an ancient buffalo crossing offers ghost tours by appointment; many characters from its long history are said to walk the grounds.

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    Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

    Williamsburg, Kentucky

    62.6 miles from Estill County, KY

    Stories about the Cumberland Falls State Park tell of a 1950s bride and groom on their honeymoon. The bride lost her balance and fell from the cliff now called Lover's Leap. Reports say drivers have hit a woman in a wedding dress in the area, although when they got out ...

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    X Cave - Carter Caves State Resort Park

    Olive Hill, Kentucky

    65.7 miles from Estill County, KY

    Cave X is called this because it has 4 entrances that meet in the center, like an X. This cave is said to be haunted by two Cherokee lovers. It is said that warrior Huraken found this cave and its hidden vein of silver, but kept it a secret so ...

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    Phillips' Folly

    Maysville, Kentucky

    66.9 miles from Estill County, KY

    Phillips' Folly is a three-story brick house begun around 1828 by Williams B. Phillips. Its nickname came about when Phillips vanished when only the frame had been built, leading folks to believe he had run out of funds for the project. Phillips came back a few years later and finished ...

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    Aberdeen Baptist Church

    Aberdeen, Ohio

    67.4 miles from Estill County, KY

    The apparitions of young children have been seen inside the church building and in front of it by passing motorists and parishioners. Screams come from inside the church during the night. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Red Dog Road

    Harlan, Kentucky

    68.6 miles from Estill County, KY

    This road has been haunted by mysterious lights which flicker from tree to tree. If one is quiet at a certain fork in the road you can hear someone or something walking in the woods above the road. A huge shadowed specter has been seen several times standing in ...

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    Baird House Inn

    Ripley, Ohio

    73.2 miles from Estill County, KY

    This historic house inn may no longer be in operation, and is now a private residence. The inn was a popular stopover for travellers on the river, and since it was built in 1825, has had a colourful history. Guests and staff at the former inn have reported hearing ...

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    Rankin House

    Ripley, Ohio

    73.4 miles from Estill County, KY

    Rankin House belonged to abolitionist Reverend John Rankin, and he was said to put a bright light in his attic window to symbolize to runaway slaves that it was safe to seek shelter here. Apparitions of slaves are said to appear on Jacob's Ladder near his house on moonless nights.

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    Benham School House Inn

    Cumberland, Kentucky

    75.1 miles from Estill County, KY

    The building that houses the inn was an old high school, and some say the ghostly students return to their old stomping grounds. According to reports, the inn still houses the student lockers and class photos in the hallways, and in these hallways witnesses have heard unexplained runnning footsteps, laughter ...

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    Sherman Tavern

    Dry Ridge, Kentucky

    79.2 miles from Estill County, KY

    The Sherman Tavern is a historic former tavern built in 1812, which is in the process of being restored by local residents. It was a former stage stop for cattle drovers and American Indians. People restoring the historic building have reported seeing the apparitions of Confederate soldiers, and African American ...

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    Mount Unger Cemetery

    Otway, Ohio

    84 miles from Estill County, KY

    Local legends say Mount Unger Cemetery is visited by the spirit of a man who hanged himself here after having murdered his wife.