Haunted Places in Edgar County, Illinois

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Edgar County, Illinois. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Illinois.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Edgar County, Illinois.

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    Saint Omer Cemetery

    Ashmore, Illinois

    17 miles from Edgar County, IL

    At Saint Omer Cemetery, legend has it that there is a witch's grave. According to the story, Caroline Barnes was hanged by the townspeople for witchcraft. As she went, she cursed the town and vowed to come back for revenge on the anniversary of her death. To trick her, the ...

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    Ashmore Estates

    Ashmore, Illinois

    19.2 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Reportedly a former almshouse, this building was purchased for use as a haunted attraction. It was reportedly haunted by many ghosts, including Elva SKinner, a woman who died in a fire in the former almshouse. The house has been featured in several books and TV shows including Ghost Hunters and ...

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    Indiana State University

    Terre Haute, Indiana

    23.1 miles from Edgar County, IL

    At Indiana State University's Burford Hall, a ghost named Barb is the spirit of a student who died of alcohol poisoning. Witnesses have heard her vomiting or crying in the bathroom. And in Cromwell Hall is a white cross under a 12th-floor window where a man jumped to his death, ...

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    Markle Mill - Old Mill Dam

    North Terre Haute, Indiana

    23.7 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Markle Mill was the longest operating gristmill east of the Mississippi, and is rumored to have been part of the Underground Railroad, but all that remains of the original 1816 structure are the dam and parts of the foundation. The ghost girl who has been seen here is believed to ...

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    Vigo County Historical Museum

    Terre Haute, Indiana

    23.7 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Formerly the Sage Mansion and once used as a halfway house, the Vigo County Historical Museum is home to some strange phenomena. The front staircase is a hot spot for orbs, and a small mist has been seen as well. Furthermore, a crib upstairs in an area that's closed to ...

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    Highland Lawn Cemetery

    Terre Haute, Indiana

    25.3 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Highland Lawn Cemetery has a couple ghostly legends. One is about Stiffy Green, a phantom bulldog. Stiffy Green belonged to John Heinl, a likable elderly man. The friendly dog was named for his stiff gait and bright-green eyes. When Heinl passed away in 1920, Stiffy Green refused to leave the ...

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    Pemberton Hall - Eastern Illinois University

    Charleston, Illinois

    26.6 miles from Edgar County, IL

    The ghost of Mary Hawkins, a former dorm mother, is said to be the head haunt here.

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    Old Jail Inn

    Rockville, Indiana

    28.1 miles from Edgar County, IL

    This 1879 former courthouse is now a bed and breakfast inn with a twist; it still retains many of its original features dating back to when it served as the town jailhouse. Guests sleeping in 'cells' have reported disembodied footsteps, a foreboding male voice and sightings of a male ...

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    Fischer Theater

    Danville, Illinois

    31.7 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Fischer Theater was a 19th century opera house located in Danville, IL that has served many purposes over the years including housing, stores, and of course, a theater. While now a generally unknown location, the Theater has been known to be haunted when a volunteer of the Vermillion Heritage ...

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    Bethel Cemetery - Nathan Hinkle Grave

    Shelburn, Indiana

    41.3 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Local legend has it that those who visit the monument and grave of Nathan Hinkle, local Revolutionary War soldier, walk around it and say his name three times, he'll speak to you.

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    Boone-Hutcheson Cemetery

    Greencastle, Indiana

    43.9 miles from Edgar County, IL

    An apparition of a 1950s policeman is said to sit inside the graveyard with a blue light. Other apparitions and phantom dogs with glowing red eyes also have been seen, and a cave said to be on the cemetery premises has many spooky stories attached to it.

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    Zion United Church Of Christ Cemetery

    Poland, Indiana

    45.7 miles from Edgar County, IL

    The spooky sort love Zion Church Cemetery, say locals. The area is a hot spot for unexplained lights and sounds, ghostly whispers, eerie sensations, and the feeling of being watched. Some say a helpful ghost is known to leave the cemetery to stop cars and tell folks to turn back ...

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    The Harrison Street Inn

    Sullivan, Illinois

    46.1 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Eyewitnesses report apparitions, footsteps, diesmbodied voices, showers and toilets that work by themselves, and many other strange phenomena at this historic inn.

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    Fife Opera House

    Palestine, Illinois

    47.2 miles from Edgar County, IL

    David Fife built the opera house around 1900 and is rumored to be haunted. The building was also used for two other business of his: a hardware store downstairs and, as Fife was also a licensed embalmer, a funeral home on the second floor behind the auditorium. In 1935, Fife's ...

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    Antioch Cemetery

    Sullivan, Indiana

    48.1 miles from Edgar County, IL

    At Antioch Cemetery, the apparition of a man in a dark suit holding flowers has been seen peering down at a grave on foggy nights at around 1:30 a.m. Visitors in cars also report shadow people flying over their cars and scratching or tapping on it.

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    Attica Public Library

    Attica, Indiana

    49.9 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Built in 1905, the employees of this library have heard strange noises including knocking, whistling, whispering, dragging sounds, and even the sounds of the toys in the children's area moving by themselves after closing. The employees have also mentioned seeing figures watching them or shadows darting around. They ...

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    Hotel Attica

    Attica, Indiana

    50.1 miles from Edgar County, IL

    A glowing apparition has been seen in several hotel rooms late at night or in the early hours of morning. Guests have reported seeing their closet doors open and close by themselves, as well as hearing ghostly voices and ballroom music. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Cloverdale Cemetery

    Cloverdale, Indiana

    52.1 miles from Edgar County, IL

    The 1800s Cloverdale Cemetery is rumored to have the graves of seven beautiful witch sisters. Many urban legends center on the sisters, such as that those who walk around their graves seven times by the light of a full moon would awaken the sisters' ghosts, which would chase them away. ...

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    Allerton Mansion

    Monticello, Illinois

    52.8 miles from Edgar County, IL

    The Robert Allerton Park, with its 1900 Georgian Revival mansion and incredible gardens, are both open to the public. Here visitors may see some ghostly goings-on in the form of a Lady in White, believed to be a guest at the mansion long ago. It is said that she is ...

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    Locust Grove Cemetery

    Ambia, Indiana

    54.9 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Phantom sounds of an army cadence and marching are heard at Locust Grove Cemetery. Legend has it that Harrison's ghostly men are re-creating the Battle of Tippecanoe.

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    Ramsey Cemetery

    Effingham, Illinois

    55 miles from Edgar County, IL

    Ramsey Cemetery, established in 1851 with the burial of namesake Alexander Ramsey, is also known as Casbar Cemetery and is a nighttime teen hangout. Besides the graves, rock shelters and sandstone caves are nearby, covered with carvings from its many visitors. A young man committed suicide inside a chapel that ...

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    King Cemetery

    Dieterich, Illinois

    58.2 miles from Edgar County, IL

    There are vague reports online about orbs and shadow people being seen here. This cemetery is on private property, so be sure to secure the proper permissions before even thinking about visiting.

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    Harrison Cemetery

    West Lafayette, Indiana

    71.8 miles from Edgar County, IL

    At Harrison Cemetery, visitors have heard crying and moaning and had an eerie feeling that something is watching them. A few have been touched by something unseen or have had things thrown at them by invisible hands. Gravestones are said to move around here as well.

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    Vennum House - The Watseka Wonder

    Watseka, Illinois

    75.4 miles from Edgar County, IL

    The Vennum House was the home of Lurancy Vennum, a teenaged epilectic girl who was said to have been possessed in the incident known as the Watseka Wonder. The story of the late-19th-century possession was related in the 2009 film "The Possessed." The house may be open for ghost tours ...

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    Williams Bridge

    Williams, Indiana

    84 miles from Edgar County, IL

    The Williams Bridge was built in 1884 and was closed in 2010. It is said to be haunted because of an accident way back in its past, before it used to be a covered bridge. So the story goes, a man on horseback was riding across when his horse suddenly ...