Haunted Places in Davis County, Utah

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    Clearfield Job Corps Center

    Clearfield, Utah

    This site, once part of an old naval base, is said to be haunted by many spirits: In Dorm E, there are 3 ghosts: a girl of about 5 who may bounce a ball in the hallways; an RA who likes to try and check "students" (visitors) into their rooms; ...

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    Old Bountiful Museum

    Bountiful, Utah

    The building has served several purposes in its long history, but has been abandoned. As well as housing a great number of discarded artifacts, visitors have reported sightings of shadowy figures roaming the top and bottom floors of the abandoned museum. An eerie presence is also felt in the building. (Submitted ...

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    Bell Printing and Design

    Layton, Utah

    The building was bought by the company several years ago, and former employees reported seeing apparitions, hearing strange laughter and being touched when no one was around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)