Haunted Places in Clinton County, New York

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    Plattsburgh Air Force Base

    Clinton County, New York

    Witnesses have described several strange occurrences at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, including cold spots, unexplained flashing lights, ghost children, and the loud sound of soldiers on horseback marching. At the entrance between two pillars, a Revolutionary War soldier's ghost has been seen marching back and forth or standing guard. Ghostly ...

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    SUNY Plattsburgh - Macdonough Hall

    Plattsburgh, New York

    Macdonough Hall at SUNY Plattsburgh is reportedly very haunted, say witnesses who have heard toilets flush and radios and fire alarms turn on, seen strange apparitions and bathroom lights that come on and off, and found locked doors unlocked. The hauntings are believed to stem from before the hall was ...