Haunted Places in Clay County, Kansas

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    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Clay County, Kansas.

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    Fort Riley

    Milford, Kansas

    24.9 miles from Clay County, KS

    At this 1850s Civil War fort, visitors may see more than war relics. According to local legend, an apparition of a woman in chains can be seen walking across the fields, and a group of spectral riders appear on the Cavalry Parade Field. One dismounts, and the rest ride away. ...

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    Coon Creek Bridge

    Barnes, Kansas

    26.2 miles from Clay County, KS

    About five miles south of Barnes on the east side of Coon Creek Bridge, you may see the ghost of a young girl walking through the woods, especially just before sunrise. Her identity is unknown, as townspeople have no knowledge of any deaths ever occurring nearby.

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    Moon Lake

    Fort Riley, Kansas

    27.2 miles from Clay County, KS

    Near Moon Lake is reportedly a Chief's Circle. Witnesses describe what look like fireflies in sets of two that stay close to the ground, whoops and howls. The lights are rumored to be the eyes of braves' spirits protecting the area.

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    Rivendell Book Store

    Abilene, Kansas

    30 miles from Clay County, KS

    Bookstore owners have reported shadowy figures, the unexplained sound of jingle bells at Christmastime, and books that seemed to be pushed off of shelves by unseen hands. It is reported that, appropriately, one of the books that fell off the shelves was called "Living with Ghosts."

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    Old Abilene Town

    Abilene, Kansas

    30.4 miles from Clay County, KS

    This recreation of "Old Town Abilene" features mock gunfights, shopping at the "General Store," and if some people are to be believed, ghosts! In fact, the "Ghost Tours of Kansas" company listed Old Abilene Town as the most haunted spot in the state in 2012. We don't have ...

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    Brown Grand Theatre

    Concordia, Kansas

    30.7 miles from Clay County, KS

    At this theater and opera house you may see more than just a show. Locals say a ghost haunts this theater, and is especially active during the opening season.

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    Weaver Hotel

    Waterville, Kansas

    32.4 miles from Clay County, KS

    The 1905 hotel served as railroad accommodation, and the original inn and restaurant are in operation over a century later. The establishment is rumoured to be haunted by two spirits, including the wife of a former owner and a workman who threw himself to his death during a bout ...

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    Kansas State University

    Manhattan, Kansas

    32.8 miles from Clay County, KS

    Kansas State University's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house is rumored to be haunted by a former fraternity brother named Duncan, who died from a hazing accident. And the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House is said to be haunted by a former house mother who was murdered by the house cook. ...

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    East Stadium - Purple Masque Theatre

    Manhattan, Kansas

    33.1 miles from Clay County, KS

    The Stadium was dedicated in the early '20s in remembrance of students and graduates who died in WWI. The East Stadium was the college's athletic center until the 1950s, when a new athletic center was built. After this, the Purple Masque Theatre occupied Rooms 109 and 121 on the first ...

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    Old Saint Mary Hospital

    Manhattan, Kansas

    33.7 miles from Clay County, KS

    Old Saint Mary Hospital was built in 1907, which is no longer a hospital, is said to be haunted by two spirits from its hospital days. One is a night nurse who fell to her death down an elevator shaft, seen carrying a tray and a candle on the first ...

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    Wolf House Museum

    Manhattan, Kansas

    34 miles from Clay County, KS

    Apparitions of men with canes in top hats have been reported here, as well as phantom conversations and dishes being violently thrown against the wall. Legend has it that the museum building was once a brothel, and one of its workers was murdered there... and fast-forward to several years later: ...

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    Schroyer Cemetery

    Marysville, Kansas

    39 miles from Clay County, KS

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    Hollenberg Pony Express Station

    Hanover, Kansas

    41.7 miles from Clay County, KS

    The historic Hollenberg Pony Express Station is a state park with a museum and visitor center, and both employees and guests have reported seeing signs of the supernatural here. Apparitions of Pony Express riders have been seen in the summer months, and the sound of running hooves and shouts are ...

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    The Columbian Theatre

    Wamego, Kansas

    47.1 miles from Clay County, KS

    A great many weird things have been reported in the Columbian Theater: Props seem to move when no one was there to move them, lights turn on and off by themselves, and folks have reported hearing moans, groans, and the sound of someone unseen climbing stairs. A fire alarm once ...

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    The Devil's Washboard - Donmyer Road

    Gypsum, Kansas

    49.6 miles from Clay County, KS

    The Devil's Washboard, a group of three steep hills along Donmyer Road, has a harrowing history. Reports say that in the 1950s, seven local teens were racing in a car when they slammed into the bank, killing some or all of them. The wrecked car was placed upon posts at ...

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    Alma Cemetery

    Alma, Kansas

    51.8 miles from Clay County, KS

    Visitors here may see orbs and mists, some which have occurred in photographs. The Devils Chair is also a thing of legend. Folks say those who sit in it will be cursed by the ghost of an evil farmer who refused to sell his land to a city for the ...

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    TrailBlazers - Old Montgomery Ward Building

    Fairbury, Nebraska

    54.3 miles from Clay County, KS

    Formerly TrailBlazers restaurant and before that a Montgomery Ward department store, this office building is believed to be haunted due to reports that objects move about on their own here.

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    The Cottage House Bed and Breakfast

    Council Grove, Kansas

    59.7 miles from Clay County, KS

    This historic hotel dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, and was formerly a boarding house and apartment block prior to its restoration and conversion to a bed and breakfast inn. Rumour has it that the building houses some ghostly tenants that never left, but reports are very generalised and ...

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    Rocky Ford Bridge - Bird Bridge

    Emporia, Kansas

    88.4 miles from Clay County, KS

    Legend has it that a preacher and his mistress drugged his wife and killed her by pushing her car over the side of the bridge. Now, they say, her screams can be heard and her ghost walks to shore from the water. A film is reported to have been made ...

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    Haunted Bridge

    Clay County, Nebraska

    92.6 miles from Clay County, KS

    The 1885 story of the haunted bridge begins with Tom Jones and his widowed sister Elizabeth Taylor, who were fighting with their neighbors over their cattle getting into their neighbors' crops. Tom and Elizabeth felt unsafe over the turmoil and bought a shotgun. Soon after, some men were cutting trees ...