Haunted Places in Clay County, Illinois

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Clay County, Illinois. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Illinois.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Clay County, Illinois.

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    King Cemetery

    Dieterich, Illinois

    18.9 miles from Clay County, IL

    There are vague reports online about orbs and shadow people being seen here. This cemetery is on private property, so be sure to secure the proper permissions before even thinking about visiting.

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    Ramsey Cemetery

    Effingham, Illinois

    31.4 miles from Clay County, IL

    Ramsey Cemetery, established in 1851 with the burial of namesake Alexander Ramsey, is also known as Casbar Cemetery and is a nighttime teen hangout. Besides the graves, rock shelters and sandstone caves are nearby, covered with carvings from its many visitors. A young man committed suicide inside a chapel that ...

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    Violin Annie - Elmwood Cemetery

    Centralia, Illinois

    37.2 miles from Clay County, IL

    Local legend says that Harriet Anne Marshall (Annie) was an accomplished violinist, and the daughter of a wealthy doctor. She became ill and died of diptheria, and at her grave her parents placed a statue of her playing the violin. It is said that cemetery visitors can hear the violin ...

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    Ridge Cemetery

    Tower Hill, Illinois

    44.6 miles from Clay County, IL

    Ridge Cemetery at Williamsburg Hill is said to be visited by apparitions, eerie lights and a disappearing old man. Phantom crowds and horses also have been seen and heard around the area. Rumors of sinister cult activity surround this place as well, and one report tells of a 3-year-old girl ...

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    Fife Opera House

    Palestine, Illinois

    50.2 miles from Clay County, IL

    David Fife built the opera house around 1900 and is rumored to be haunted. The building was also used for two other business of his: a hardware store downstairs and, as Fife was also a licensed embalmer, a funeral home on the second floor behind the auditorium. In 1935, Fife's ...

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    Pemberton Hall - Eastern Illinois University

    Charleston, Illinois

    53.1 miles from Clay County, IL

    The ghost of Mary Hawkins, a former dorm mother, is said to be the head haunt here.

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    Ashmore Estates

    Ashmore, Illinois

    58.5 miles from Clay County, IL

    Reportedly a former almshouse, this building was purchased for use as a haunted attraction. It was reportedly haunted by many ghosts, including Elva SKinner, a woman who died in a fire in the former almshouse. The house has been featured in several books and TV shows including Ghost Hunters and ...

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    The Harrison Street Inn

    Sullivan, Illinois

    58.7 miles from Clay County, IL

    Eyewitnesses report apparitions, footsteps, diesmbodied voices, showers and toilets that work by themselves, and many other strange phenomena at this historic inn.

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    Original Springs Mineral Spa and Hotel

    Okawville, Illinois

    61.3 miles from Clay County, IL

    This historic hotel is said to have a great many haunts in residence. Included are a man named Meier, who died in an explosion in the 1880s, and J.W. Schreiner, an owner during the 1890s. At least 7 other spirits of folks who have perished during this hotel's long history ...

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    Saint Omer Cemetery

    Ashmore, Illinois

    61.4 miles from Clay County, IL

    At Saint Omer Cemetery, legend has it that there is a witch's grave. According to the story, Caroline Barnes was hanged by the townspeople for witchcraft. As she went, she cursed the town and vowed to come back for revenge on the anniversary of her death. To trick her, the ...

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    Robin Hill

    Mount Vernon, Indiana

    64.9 miles from Clay County, IL

    This historic house, reported to have been part of the Underground Railroad, stands empty and for sale. Since it has stood empty for a period, it is not surprising that it has developed a reputation for being haunted. Witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing toilets flushing and other ...

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    Anderson Cemetery - Cemetery X

    Taylorville, Illinois

    68 miles from Clay County, IL

    According to tales told about this cemetery, there is a secret passage that opens up at night, when trees part and a path appears to an ancient graveyard. It's said to be protected by a phantom wolf who chases trespassers. (The cemetery is not to be confused with another Anderson ...

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    The Old Slave House - Crenshaw Mansion

    Junction, Illinois

    71.5 miles from Clay County, IL

    Note: This house is no longer a tourist attraction; tours are not operated here now as they have been in the past. Trespassers have been known to be arrested. This residence was once a place where slaves were bred illegally. The attic was made over with stalls to house the ...

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    Crenshaw House

    Junction, Illinois

    71.6 miles from Clay County, IL

    This place is closed to the public. It is owned by the state of Illinois and there are numerous No Trespassing signs. You are cautioned not to attempt to visit this place. Crenshaw house was a major player in kidnapping freed and escaped slaves and returning them to ...

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    Willard Library

    Evansville, Indiana

    73 miles from Clay County, IL

    The Grey Lady is said to haunt this historic late-1800s library building, and she brings apparitions, the scent of perfume, cold spots, strange noises, and more. The water and electricity are also known to turn on and off, and furniture and objects move by themselves. Ghost tours are held in ...

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    Vigo County Historical Museum

    Terre Haute, Indiana

    75.4 miles from Clay County, IL

    Formerly the Sage Mansion and once used as a halfway house, the Vigo County Historical Museum is home to some strange phenomena. The front staircase is a hot spot for orbs, and a small mist has been seen as well. Furthermore, a crib upstairs in an area that's closed to ...

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    Indiana State University

    Terre Haute, Indiana

    76.2 miles from Clay County, IL

    At Indiana State University's Burford Hall, a ghost named Barb is the spirit of a student who died of alcohol poisoning. Witnesses have heard her vomiting or crying in the bathroom. And in Cromwell Hall is a white cross under a 12th-floor window where a man jumped to his death, ...

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    Greenwood Cemetery

    Decatur, Illinois

    78.7 miles from Clay County, IL

    This large and very actively haunted cemetery is known for the ghostly weeping Greenwood Bride, and it's also home to many Confederate soldiers' spirits. The soldiers were prisoners in the Civil War, and died of yellow fever only to be cast into unmarked graves. The soldiers have been known to ...

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    Lincoln Square Theatre

    Decatur, Illinois

    79.2 miles from Clay County, IL

    This historic 1916 theater building was built atop the fire-ravaged Priest Hotel that once stood here. It is said that the ghosts of the fire victims still linger in the theater. Red, a former theater worker, is a friendly ghost here. Witnesses have heard his whispers, seen his shadowy form, ...

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    Avon Theater

    Decatur, Illinois

    79.3 miles from Clay County, IL

    Staff members at this theater report disembodied laughter, footsteps, missing objects, and voices and applause that come from the auditorium when it is empty. The apparition of a man in his 50s or 60s also has been seen.

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    Millikin University

    Decatur, Illinois

    79.5 miles from Clay County, IL

    Many ghosts are said to haunt the historic Millikin University, including Rail Girl, who haunts the Albert Taylor Theater. Her ghost appears, as her name suggests, along a rail in the upper part of the theater. Students have a tradition of leaving her three pieces of candy before a show ...

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    Hundley House Bed and Breakfast

    Carbondale, Illinois

    81.4 miles from Clay County, IL

    Although Hundley House has not operated as a B & B since 2011, former guests claim that double homicide that took place there in the 1928's has left its mark, both literally and spiritually. A bullet hole from the murders can still be seen in the back staircase and people ...

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    Southern Illinois University

    Carbondale, Illinois

    81.9 miles from Clay County, IL

    Southern Illinois University is reputed to have many haunted buildings; among them are Wheeler Hall, Faner Hall, Anthony Hall, Shryock Auditorium, and Mae Smith Residence Hall. One of the most famous ghosts here is Henry, who haunts the 1918 Shryock Auditorium. Henry, aka former university President Henry William Shryock, died ...