Haunted Places in Clarke County, Mississippi

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Clarke County, Mississippi. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Mississippi.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Clarke County, Mississippi.

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    Stucky's Bridge

    Enterprise, Mississippi

    17.7 miles from Clarke County, MS

    This bridge is rumored to be haunted by a man who was hanged here for committing robbery and murder. According to legend, Stuckey was a local inn-keeper who would rob and murder those who stayed at his inn. When he was finally caught and hanged, his body was ...

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    Devil Worshiper Road

    Waynesboro, Mississippi

    19.6 miles from Clarke County, MS

    There's no one definite story or location. The entire road is haunted. All stories involve a satanic cult involving sacrifice, and other occult behaviors. Cars traveling the road at night report engines shutting off and an ominous feeling of being watched. Some instances also claim seeing shadows around the vehicle, ...

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    Grand Opera House - Riley Center

    Meridian, Mississippi

    22.3 miles from Clarke County, MS

    In the grand tradition of Phantom, no opera house is complete without an Opera Ghost and the Riley Center is no exception. Icy cold spots and the occasional hand felt on the shoulder when no one is around seem to be the main calling cards of this haunted hot spot. ...

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    Pigford Building

    Meridian, Mississippi

    22.4 miles from Clarke County, MS

    The 1914 building is haunted by the apparition of a woman in an old-fashioned white dress. The spirit seems to have sort of grievance against men, and has been known to throw objects around and slam doors when male employees enter the place. Her appearance is often heralded by ...

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    Meridian, Mississippi

    22.5 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Two separate entities reside at Merrehope after their deaths. One is called Eugenia after a former daughter of the master of the house, though she herself died long before he purchased the place. She is considered a benign and comforting spirit. The other ghost appears to occupy ...

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    Deason Home

    Ellisville, Mississippi

    42.2 miles from Clarke County, MS

    During the Civil War, a man who was in charge of hunting down deserters was killed on the front porch of the Deason Home and as he slowly expired his blood seeped into the wood flooring leaving a stain that could never be washed away. The floor was finally replaced, ...

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    Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge

    Livingston, Alabama

    48.2 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Although the Bridge has been moved from its original location, an outlaw was hanged either from it, or nearby. Does the outlaw's spirit remain, haunting the bridge forever?

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    White Lion Inn

    Thomasville, Alabama

    56.5 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Although this is no longer an operating inn, people claim it is haunted by ghostly apparitions, shadows and cold spots.

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    The White Lady of Wagarville

    Wagarville, Alabama

    56.7 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Yet another 'urban legend' type cautionary tale of a poor unfortunate woman who was raped and killed (though there appears to be no corroborating evidence to that effect) and therefore doomed to walk the earth and expressing her rage by shaking people's cars. It seems every state has one, and ...

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    387 Old Corinth Rd

    Petal, Mississippi

    57.9 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Its an old two story house that has been there for at least 20 to 30 years, unkept, and feels like you're being drawn towards it. Ever time I walk past it, its feels like danger, like something demonic is calling me to come with him or her somewhere. A ...

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    Piney Grove Baptist Church

    Morton, Mississippi

    58.5 miles from Clarke County, MS

    The graveyard at the church is said to be haunted. People have seen numerous apparitions there.

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    Gaineswood Plantation

    Demopolis, Alabama

    59.4 miles from Clarke County, MS

    No plantation is complete without stories of a ghostly haunting and this one is fairly tame by comparison. A young woman who died while visiting the plantation is said to haunt Gaineswood. angry that she was not promptly returned to her home state for burial. Her anger must not ...

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    Railroad Crossing

    Wagarville, Alabama

    60.6 miles from Clarke County, MS

    The ubiquitous haunting of a man who fell asleep on the railroad tracks and was killed who now haunts the tracks.

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    Death Masks of Mt. Nebo Cemetery

    Wagarville, Alabama

    68.1 miles from Clarke County, MS

    This place doesn't even need to be haunted, it's just freaking eerie.

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    Burnt Bridge

    Purvis, Mississippi

    71 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Although the old bridge has been replaced, legend has it that it used to be haunted by a girl in a prom dress who was killed there.

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    Brooklyn Cemetery

    Brooklyn, Mississippi

    74.1 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young boy who is often seen walking through the cemetery.

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    Grave of Red Eagle

    Little River, Alabama

    75.6 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Ghost websites will tell you that this gravesite is haunted by the ghost of Red Eagle and if you go out late at night you'll see the spirit doing an Indian dance on his own grave. Yes, because that makes perfect sense. I mean everyone knows them injun fellers ...

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    Whatley House

    Moundville, Alabama

    86.2 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Although the house no longer exists, the ground it stands on still does and the ground itself is the source of the haunting claims. Supposedly this house was built on old slave quarters and a cemetery (very busy stretch of land) and this made for some uneasy living.

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    Myrtle Grove Cemetery

    Lumberton, Mississippi

    87.3 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Ghostly shadows, full body apparitions and feelings of dread (could that be because you are in a cemetery and confronting your own mortality) are the meat that makeup this haunting report.

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    City Cemetery

    Kosciusko, Mississippi

    87.3 miles from Clarke County, MS

    Apparently a grave which is adorned with a statue of the deceased is said to cry. And it isn't condensation either, really.

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    Moundville Archaeological Park

    Moundville, Alabama

    90.8 miles from Clarke County, MS

    At these historic Native American mounds, reports say, ghostly drums may be heard at night and lights may be seen coming from one of the larger mounds that looks like a pyramid.