Haunted Places in Cass County, Nebraska

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    Oakwood Cemetery

    Weeping Water, Nebraska

    One witness warns that the spirits may rise from the graves and attack visitors at night.

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    Hannah's Grave

    Plattsmouth, Nebraska

    According to local legend, Hannah was a 16-year-old girl in the 1800s who became pregnant. Her parents, displeased, delivered the baby at home and promptly drowned it in the Missouri River, telling Hannah the baby had been stillborn. Poor Hannah died of a broken heart shortly thereafter and was buried ...

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    Oxbow Cemetery - Callahan Cemetery

    Murdock, Nebraska

    Ghostly children are said to be heard playing at this cemetery, known as Oxbow Cemetery, North Callahan Cemetery, Carter Cemetery and North Elmwood Cemetery. So the story goes, a nearby school collapsed in a big windstorm, pinning and killing a little girl named May Carter. Her father gave this land ...

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    Museum of Shadows

    Elmwood, Nebraska

    We have captured some amazing evidence that links back to Harry Green and the Blackbird Store. We have even interacted with the souls who are attached to the very items in the museum. You may feel a soft touch on your arm or shoulder to smelling a very strong perfume ...