Haunted Places in Carbon County, Montana

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    Little People of the Pryor Mountains

    Carbon County, Montana

    The Crow Indians call these mountains sacred and attest that they are the home of "little people." These little people are rumored to be ferocious characters who protect the tribe, and have been known to tear the hearts out of enemies' horses. The story of the little people is strengthened ...

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    The Pollard Hotel

    Red Lodge, Montana

    Much of the reported activity revolves around the third floor with many of the claims taking place in rooms 309-312. There are a variety of claims that generally revolve around people "feeling" odd, dizzy or light-headed or oppressed. People have reported seeing a woman in a yellow dress haunting ...

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    Little Cowboy Bar

    Fromberg, Montana

    This quaint little bar and museum is haunted by a former owner, dressed in cowboy attire. Other paranormal activity reported here includes glasses breaking by themselves, objects disappearing and ghostly laughter. (Submitted by Callum Swift)