Haunted Places in Calhoun County, Texas

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Calhoun County, Texas. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Texas.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Calhoun County, Texas.

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    Angel Rose Bed and Breakfast Inn

    Rockport, Texas

    39.1 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    The 1881 bed and breakfast is one of only a few historic buildings left on the southern coast of this small township, as many have been destroyed by hurricanes, neglect and fire over the course of a century. Paranormal activity reported at this location includes lights turning on and ...

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    Presidio La Bahía

    Goliad, Texas

    48.8 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    This fort, originally founded in 1721, was the site of many Texas Revolution conflicts including the Battle of Goliad and the Goliad Massacre. Folks have reported seeing ghostly massacred soldiers and hearing their cries of pain.

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    Tarpon Inn

    Port Aransas, Texas

    49.6 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    At this 1886 hotel, reports from a guest say that at 3 a.m. their bathroom glowed pink, voices were heard above them and in the shower, and cold spots seemed to be everywhere.

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    Berclair Mansion

    Goliad, Texas

    59.6 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    Built in 1936, this grand old mansion almost seems out of place in this rural town. Furnished with rare antiques, the building is haunted by the apparition of an eccentric elderly woman who lived there alone for years prior to her death. The story goes that workmen restoring the ...

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    Blackbeard's On the Beach

    Corpus Christi, Texas

    63.8 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    It's unsure exactly who haunts this beachside restaurant, but witnesses say he opens doors, makes salt shakers jump and chairs move, and plays other harmless pranks. An apparition was recorded walking in the back dining area after hours. Some believe the ghost is a man who was killed long ago ...

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    USS Lexington

    Corpus Christi, Texas

    63.9 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    Known as the Blue Ghost, the USS Lexington is rumored to be haunted by an engine room operator who was killed in battle and several crew members who were killed in a WWII attack. Besides apparitions, witnesses have heard doors slam, seen lights go off on their own, and felt ...

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    Wilson Plaza

    Corpus Christi, Texas

    65.2 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    Originally called the Nixon Building, the 1927 building is said to be a hot spot for paranormal activity. Witnesses have had a feeling of being watched, seen shadow figures and heard unexplained noises in their offices here, in the early mornings or late at night. The elevators are said to ...

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    Yorktown Memorial Hospital

    Yorktown, Texas

    66 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    The 1940s hospital closed around 1988, but apparently all of its patients haven't moved out. Witnesses say they have been punched, slapped, kicked or scratched by something unseen, and shadow figures have been seen in the hallways. A man named T.J. who died of a heroin overdose here is said ...

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    Old Yoakum Community Hospital

    Yoakum, Texas

    66.8 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    A murdered nurse and a priest who had polio are the two main haunts here. EVPs are picked up, full-bodied apparitions are seen, and EMF meters spike. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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    Days Inn Hotel

    Corpus Christi, Texas

    67.5 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    The ghost of the famous Tejano singer Selena is said to wander about the room in which she was shot here. Though her apparition has not been seen, folks have reported the faint sound of singing and the smell of roses, along with an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

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    Saint James Inn

    Gonzales, Texas

    89.4 miles from Calhoun County, TX

    The 1914 historic inn was built by a merchant seaman, and is allegedly haunted by the former owner, his daughter and three other separate entities. Guest reports range from being awoken by a ghostly man in a dinner suit to seeing a female spirit in old-fashioned clothing roaming the ...