Haunted Places in Burlington County, New Jersey

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    Olde Columbus Inne

    Columbus, New Jersey

    The historic inn no longer is in operation but still stands, and is considered one of the most haunted places in New Jersey. Spirits seen here include a 19th-century orphan girl who used to work at this location and unexplained noises occurred near the jail cell.

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    Burlington County Prison

    Mount Holly, New Jersey

    Haunts at this 1811 prison building, now a museum, include a legless floating spirit that floats from the entrance out to the yard and a tall man in the basement. The third floor is also said to be rich with eerie occurrences.

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    Lakeview Memorial Park

    Cinnaminson, New Jersey

    There is an area in this cemetery especially for the graves of children, and it is here that folks have seen ghostly boys and girls that may even leave footprints in the ground. The tower is also said to be visited by something supernatural.

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    Columbus Inn

    Mansfield, New Jersey

    The Columbus Inn restaurant is no longer open for business, but locals will tell you that it was haunted. Newspaper articles and TV shows have featured the place, which some say was the birthplace of the Jersey Devil.

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    Nellie's Pond

    Delanco, New Jersey

    Legend has it that Nellie's Pond was named after the horse of a Revolutionary War messenger who drowned here long ago. The pond is pretty much dried up today, but folks say you can still hear the ghostly sounds of the horse's drowning cries.

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    Red Feather Trail

    Pemberton Township, New Jersey

    There are stories told by the local residents of Country Lake Estates of a strange, ghostly figure of a man that is often spotted walking Red Feather Trail late at night. He's often humming or singing a song to himself. You'll catch him out of the corner of ...

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    Philadelphia Watch Case Company Building

    Riverside, New Jersey

    The 1908 Philadelphia Watch Case Company Building has an 8-story clock tower and a great many sculptured friezes--but that's not all. The place is rumored to be haunted by apparitions and spirit orbs.

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    White Hill Mansion

    Fieldsboro, New Jersey

    The Revolutionary War created massive devastation in the colonies. Nowhere was this more evident than in New Jersey. Robert Field, a local business man and patriot, headed the Committee of Correspondence in an attempt to gain representation in British Parliament. In 1775 Robert drowned in the ...