Haunted Places in Bergen County, New Jersey

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    Abandoned Factory on Herman Street

    East Rutherford, New Jersey

    Local legend has it that a ghost who haunts the abandoned factory will chase away curious passersby who peek into the factory's windows.

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    Old River Road

    Edgewater, New Jersey

    Ghostly Leni Lenapi Indians are said to walk along the Old River Road, perhaps coming from the nearby 1400s Native American burial ground.

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    Devil's Tower

    Alpine, New Jersey

    In the early 1900s, some say, plantation owner Manuel Rionda built this tower for his wife, so she could look out over the New York City skyline. Others say he built it as a mausoleum or for religious purposes. An underground tunnel connected the tower to his home. According to ...

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    Myers-Masker House - Van Iderstine House

    Midland Park, New Jersey

    This house dates back to 1795 and is known as either the "Myers-Masker House" or the "Van Iderstine House". It is commonly believed by locals that Hessian prisoners were held in this house during the Revolutionary War (which, confusingly, was won almost a decade before this home was built?) ...

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    Park Lane

    Carlstadt, New Jersey

    In the town of Calrstadt, NJ, a cobblestone road on Park Lane is believed to be a meeting place for Ku Klux Klan members a long time ago. A tunnel is buried between the trees and wells which led to the meeting spot of the members. This would be under ...

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    Easton Tower - Red Mill

    Fair Lawn, New Jersey

    Easton Tower is a stone and wood frame structure, once an irrigation pump, built in 1900 as part of a scenic park. It now abuts the Saddle River Bikeway. It was named after Edward D. Easton (1856-1915), founder and president of the Columbia Phonograph Company. It is sometimes mistakenly called ...

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    Steuben House

    River Edge, New Jersey

    Steuben House is a historic Revolutionary landmark. George Washington was headquartered here for 16 days in 1780. But it's also known for a ghost who visited in 1951. Former resident Gen. F.W.A. Von Steuben, according to legend, paid a visit to his former home, sitting in a chair and having ...

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    Blauvelt Cemetery - Old Burying Ground

    Harrington Park, New Jersey

    Blauvelt Cemetery, or the Old Burying Ground, has been in use since 1722 and is rumored to be full of ghostly presences. Visitors have found strange shadows, orbs or mists in the photos they've taken here, and reports say there is also the unexplained sound of a clock ticking on ...

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    229 Rock Road

    Glen Rock, New Jersey

    I used to work in an office on the 2nd story of 229 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ. We were an eclectic group of scientists and used to play practical jokes on each other. We also had a ghost we called the Phantom. Our front door was at the bottom ...