Haunted Places in Beaver County, Utah

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Beaver County, Utah. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Utah.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Beaver County, Utah.

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    Cove Fort Historic Site

    Beaver, Utah

    39.1 miles from Beaver County, UT

    The historic 1800s Cove Fort site is believed to be haunted by several ghosts, including spirits of folks who formerly lived here, fought in battles here, died of disease here, or are attached to some of the relics in the museum.

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    Godfather's Pizza

    Cedar City, Utah

    47.7 miles from Beaver County, UT

    This restaurant recently closed down, but there were many strange reports of paranormal activity when the place was still in business. Strange music, screams and moans were heard in the building, while objects moved around of their own accord. The ghost of a former worker haunted the basement area. (Submitted by ...

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    Old Cedar City Retirement Village

    Cedar City, Utah

    48.7 miles from Beaver County, UT

    The building closed down many years ago, but there are still reports of weird phenomena here. People driving past the building at night claim to see an old woman staring down at them from inside the retirement home, and see strange flashing lights that move around the building of their ...

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    Moore's Old Pine Inn

    Marysvale, Utah

    54.8 miles from Beaver County, UT

    Ghostly ladies have been seen on the porch swing at this inn, and a visiting psychic determined that spirits live in some of the rooms.

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    Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

    Veyo, Utah

    64.9 miles from Beaver County, UT

    The 1857 massacre occurred when a group of settlers was brutally murdered, reports say, by Mormon Militia. Visitors to the area report cries on the wind and a feeling of great sadness.

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    Silver Jack Inn

    Baker, Nevada

    65.8 miles from Beaver County, UT

    This quaint inn and café is believed to be haunted by two apparitions. Guests have reported sightings of an American Indian woman walking through the hallways as if she is looking for someone. The other report is of a tall man , who has been seen in guests rooms and ...