Haunted Places in Bay County, Michigan

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Bay County, Michigan. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Michigan.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Bay County, Michigan.

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    Saginaw Valley State University

    Saginaw, Michigan

    14.4 miles from Bay County, MI

    Saginaw Valley State University, founded in 1963 as Saginaw Valley College, has been home to a wide array of paranormal happenings. Students in both Living Centers North and South, as well as residents in Pine Grove Apartments have reported a multitude of odd phenomena. From dark, looming figures, to ...

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    Castle Museum

    Saginaw, Michigan

    20.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    This historic museum was formerly a gothic mansion, and is allegedly haunted by a grey lady who has been known to manifest in the archives room and in the basement. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Saginaw Art Museum

    Saginaw, Michigan

    20.5 miles from Bay County, MI

    This historic building serves as the town art museum, but employees have reported odd occurrences during the night shift after the museum has closed down for the night. Claims vary from reports of heavy breathing, unseen figures brushing past staff in the corridor, ghostly voices and the eerie sensation ...

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    J B Meinberg / Woody O'Brien's

    Saginaw, Michigan

    21.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    J B Meinberg, aka Woody O'Brien's, is a pub that is haunted by a phantom barmaid. Her apparition has been seen, objects move on their own, and phantom footsteps have been heard.

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    Montague Inn

    Saginaw, Michigan

    21.2 miles from Bay County, MI

    People have reported seeing an apparition standing at the far end of the third floor corridor, which vanishes when approached. A ghostly presence is also believed to haunt the innkeeper's quarters, and is believed to be a former owner. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    St Lorenz Lutheran Church

    Frankenmuth, Michigan

    28.6 miles from Bay County, MI

    The church has a cemetery off to the left of the main doors. Many locals claim to have seen a woman without legs roaming the cemetery at night. She has been mostly spotted in the middle section of the cemetery. (Submitted by Chase S.)

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    Those Nature People Herb Haus

    Frankenmuth, Michigan

    28.9 miles from Bay County, MI

    The building itself is over 100 years old and has been the home to numerous businesses over the years. Many have not stayed long. Employees report that items fall from shelves at random. Customers report an extreme sense of peace upon entering the building. ...

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    Frankenmuth Historical Museum

    Frankenmuth, Michigan

    29 miles from Bay County, MI

    Housed in a building that was formerly a hotel and saloon and a newspaper, the museum is haunted by an unknown ghost. The apparition has appeared and stirred up local curiousity for years, usually in the front section of the museum.

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    Sweet Dreams Inn

    Bay Port, Michigan

    29.9 miles from Bay County, MI

    At this Victorian bed-and-breakfast inn, several ghosts are rumored to have the run of the place. They open and close the doors, move the furniture, throw objects, and walk up and down the stairs. They are said to be friendly spirits.

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    Doherty Hotel

    Clare, Michigan

    41.8 miles from Bay County, MI

    The hotel was a notorious hangout for gangsters in the 1920's and 1930's, and was also the scene of many murders, as well as front for an illegal gambling parlour. Loud knocking noises have been heard in the lobby when there is no one around, and the aroma of perfume ...

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    Dedic's Bar and Grill

    Henderson, Michigan

    45.4 miles from Bay County, MI

    At Dedic's, something ghostly is going on, witnesses say. They have reported furniture that moves by itself, bathroom doors that slam, cold spots in the women's restroom, and unexplained sounds.

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    Austin Arnold Road

    Snover, Michigan

    48.5 miles from Bay County, MI

    The legend of the ghost on Austin Arnold Road starts is about a hermit who was unhappy that the coal mine was moving too close to his home. He destroyed his house and burned his crops, then laid down a tarp on which he shot his dog and himself. Unexplained ...

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    Capitol Theatre

    Flint Township, Michigan

    50.4 miles from Bay County, MI

    The historic Capitol Theatre is said to be haunted, and witnesses have seen apparitions and shadows in the balcony area and heard unexplained screams, moans, and tapping on the walls. Reports say that bands setting up here have had their equipment suddenly go dead and heard eerie singing accompanied by ...

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    Baker College of Owosso

    Owosso, Michigan

    52.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    Legend has it that a young woman hanged herself long ago at Baker College of Owosso, and her ghost still lingers, creating cold spots, shadows and unexplained sounds.

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    Bruce Mansion

    Brown City, Michigan

    55.9 miles from Bay County, MI

    Bruce Mansion was built in 1876, and is now a costume shop, according to reports. The land on which it rests were the site of many tragedies that may have resulted in its hauntings. Fires, deaths and wartime casualties occurred on the property and after it was built, the mansion ...

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    Castaway's Restaurant

    Lapeer, Michigan

    56.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    Castaway's Restaurant on Lake Nepessing is housed in a building that was once a hotel and has ben several other businesses. Witnesses say the apparition of a man has been seen walking off of the dock into the lake, and a ghostly woman has been spotted near the lighthouse. Some ...

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    Pack House Inn and Restaurant

    Oscoda Township, Michigan

    57.3 miles from Bay County, MI

    The nineteenth-century inn and restaurant may have closed down, but the residence is still believed to be haunted by the daughter of the lumber baron who built the original house. Local folk claim that the spirit, known as 'Grace', still wanders the halls of the old mansion. (Submitted by Callum ...

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    Anchor Inn

    Houghton Lake, Michigan

    58.7 miles from Bay County, MI

    We are a 100 year old Family restaurant, lounge, old hotel. We have decades of witnesses to paranormal activity dating back to the 40's & 50's. We have everything from full body apparitions, shadow figures, orbs, mists, objects moving, foot steps, voices, doors slamming, faucets on/off, electrical disturbances, people being ...

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    White Horse Inn

    Metamora, Michigan

    63.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    The White Horse Inn is currently closed for business, and is scheduled to reopen in 2014. But whether its haunts will remain is uncertain. Folks say a fire here claimed the lives of several intoxicated men and one barmaid, and their moaning and screaming was often heard by guests at ...

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    Fenton Hotel

    Fenton, Michigan

    64.8 miles from Bay County, MI

    At this restuarant, formerly a historic hotel, the wait staff have been known to take phantom drink orders for patrons who suddenly aren't there. Glasses have been broken and shutters open and close by themselves. Footsteps and unexplained voices have been reported and the lights flicker as well.

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    Holly Hotel

    Holly, Michigan

    66.2 miles from Bay County, MI

    Now a restaurant only, this establishment has long been known to be haunted. One of the ghosts here is said to be Mr. Hirst, former owner and most-often-seen apparition. He doesn't like noise or renovations. He wears a frock coat and top hat and smokes cigars. He sometimes can be ...

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    Pere Cheney Cemetery

    Roscommon, Michigan

    68.2 miles from Bay County, MI

    Pere Cheney Cemetery, circa 1873, sits in a ghost town that has been the subject of lots of haunted tales. Locals tell about apparitions, orbs, witches, strange lights, and Native American curses. The cemetery has been a target for vandalism, and few headstones remain, according to reports. The townspeople are ...

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    Pere Cheney

    Roscommon, Michigan

    68.5 miles from Bay County, MI

    Pere Cheney is a ghost town in the heart of Michigan. At its peak, 1,500 lived here, but after a series of epidemics wiped out a majority of the population, the town was empty. Local legend says that the cause of this misfortune was the doing of a witch banished, ...

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    Rob’s Place

    Oxford Charter Township, Michigan

    70.7 miles from Bay County, MI

    Rob's Place has been the site of some weird occurrences, like glasses falling off shelves, bathroom stores banging open, jukebox volume quirks, strange orbs and squiggles that show in photos, and an apparition of a white-haired man in a Civil War uniform. Some say the activity comes from a basement ...

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    Michigan State University

    East Lansing, Michigan

    73.5 miles from Bay County, MI

    Michigan State University reportedly has an abundance of haunted sites, including the University Garden, the Physical Plant, Williams Hall, and Mayo Hall, where the ghost of namesake May Mayo plays a piano and the Red Room is rumored to have been the setting for past Satanist rituals. Also said to ...

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    Webberville Village Office

    Webberville, Michigan

    73.8 miles from Bay County, MI

    Employees here are puzzled by the way objects move around and rearrange themselves. A hooded figure has been seen roaming around in here, as well as hearing the sounds of giggling and crying. Other unaccounted people have been seen here and some have even heard the sound of bells ringing ...

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    Rayburn Lodge

    Grayling, Michigan

    74.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    According to local lore, while the mid-1900s building stood abandoned for several years, some teens broke in and held a seance. Afterward, they saw a lumberjack coming toward them from the river. He pointed at them and vanished, scaring the teens half to death. According to locals, the ghostly lumberjack ...

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    Lansing State Capitol

    Lansing, Michigan

    74.9 miles from Bay County, MI

    Finished in 1878, the Lansing State Capitol building is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a man who was killed while painting in the rotunda. His apparition has been on the rotunda walkway in painters' attire. Cold spots and cold winds also have been felt.

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    Scripps Road

    Orion charter Township, Michigan

    75.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    Scripps road is an old dirt road off the beaten path in Lake Orion. People claim to see dark figures around a gate leading to the scripps mansion and also in the surrounding woods. It is also said by some that you can see white figures chasing your car ...

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    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

    Harrisville, Michigan

    76.1 miles from Bay County, MI

    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, built in 1869, once had a ghost that carried its dim light up the stairs to the tower at night. However, the tower is now walled up, and the wall sports a painted mural of a lighthouse keeper.

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    John Dodge House

    Rochester, Michigan

    81.6 miles from Bay County, MI

    Auto magnate John Dodge's former weekend retreat in Oakland University's Meadow Brook Estate is rumored to have a ghost. Suspects include Dodge himself, who died in 1920, and his daughter, Anna Margaret, who died of measles at age 4. Witnesses have described the sounds of footsteps and disembodied voices as ...