Haunted Places in Baldwin County, Alabama

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    Woodhaven Dairy

    Silverhill, Alabama

    This is another haunting story that needs to be taken with a shaker of salt. Legend has it you can smell blood in the old dairy barn, which is a neat trick since the exact location of the structure is not known (the structure itself is long gone). ...

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    USS Alabama Battleship

    Mobile, Alabama

    Ghostly footsteps, strange voices and hatches slamming shut comprise the majority of the ghostly activity on board this retired Battleship. Haunted or not, we hope the sailors rest in peace.

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    Old Public Library

    Bay Minette, Alabama

    People claim to feel unseen presences watching and hovering over them in the library.

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    Grave of Red Eagle

    Little River, Alabama

    Ghost websites will tell you that this gravesite is haunted by the ghost of Red Eagle and if you go out late at night you'll see the spirit doing an Indian dance on his own grave. Yes, because that makes perfect sense. I mean everyone knows them injun fellers ...

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    Fort Morgan

    Gulf Shores, Alabama

    Reports of shadowy people, strange mists and noises and an oppressive feeling of dread that descends, often right before the appearance of a male apparition. Fort Morgan has seen its share of death and war, did some soldiers linger on here?

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    Old Daphne Masonic Hall

    Daphne, Alabama

    The 1920's masonic building is haunted by a ghostly soldier who perished during combat in the woods adjacent to the hall. His body was never found, and it has been speculated that his spirit is responsible for a pair of strange lights seen roaming the nearby forest and the ...