Haunted Places in Asotin County, Washington

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Asotin County, Washington. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Washington.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Asotin County, Washington.

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    Lake Waha

    Lewiston, Idaho

    17.5 miles from Asotin County, WA

    Locals report seeing a Native American woman walk around the lake's shore. She is said to disappear into the lake, creating a whirlpool as she goes.

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    Lewiston Civic Theatre

    Lewiston, Idaho

    17.7 miles from Asotin County, WA

    If you research this on most internet sites you will find a story something along the lines of "two young girls were murdered here and the younger one's ghost is often seen around the premises". This is not accurate. In the 80's, two young women who would have been ...

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    Lewiston, Idaho

    17.9 miles from Asotin County, WA

    Early 2015 I had received a job as a dishwasher at Brava's and Brock's in downtown Lewiston. While working my shifts I'd often hear my name being said or feel cold spots randomly throughout the back of the kitchen. On one occasion I witnessed an apparition of a woman ...

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    Joyce Building

    Genesee, Idaho

    28.1 miles from Asotin County, WA

    The Joyce building is nothing remotely special and it is called that allegedly because of a woman who moved there in the 1970's. It is from her, and her family alone that rumors of this building being haunted have arisen. She claims to have experienced a variety of haunted ...

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    Clover Club Hotel

    Nezperce, Idaho

    46.1 miles from Asotin County, WA

    This hotel is still in operation, and has a restaurant on the ground floor that is also believed to be haunted. In Room #6 of the hotel, people have reported seeing ghostly children playing and laughing who disappear suddenly. The blinds in this room go up and down by themselves, ...

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    St. Ignatius Hospital

    Colfax, Washington

    47.5 miles from Asotin County, WA

    St. Ignatius was the first hospital in Whitman County built in 1983. The building was sold in 1968 when a new hospital was built. The building then became St. Ignatius Manor and housed developmentally disabled adults until 2003. It was sold and was in disrepair, a week ...

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    The Helgeson

    Orofino, Idaho

    49.4 miles from Asotin County, WA

    Not much is known but sometimes at night you can here loud bangs coming from the building. There have been reports of a Woman standing outside of the hotel late at night. (Submitted by Preston)

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    Old Woman of Potlatch

    Potlatch, Idaho

    52.4 miles from Asotin County, WA

    According to legend, the ghostly older woman seen walking around the town park is looking for her home. Folks say the woman was reported missing several years ago, and her body was discovered outside town. Now she is destined to walk about, looking for her former residence.

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    Elgin Opera House

    Elgin, Oregon

    55.3 miles from Asotin County, WA

    The ghostly pair who reside here are seemingly bound in their duel for eternity. As legend has it, a gunfight occurred in the late 1800s over the hand of a local young woman. On the front steps, the two men's apparitions plug each other with six-shooters, clutch their chests, and ...

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    Grand Brick Guesthouse

    Grangeville, Idaho

    55.4 miles from Asotin County, WA

    It is unclear whether this historic inn is still in operation, but guests staying in various rooms have reported showers and faucets that turn on by themselves and quarters which appear out of no where. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Candy Cane Park - Hatchet Park

    La Grande, Oregon

    73.7 miles from Asotin County, WA

    As local legend has it, this festively named park is haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed in the park several years ago. Reports say she used to haunt a merry-go-round situated in the park, pushing folks off and causing it to spin out of control. Since ...

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    Hot Lake Hotel

    La Grande, Oregon

    74.9 miles from Asotin County, WA

    This building has an extended history as a former resort and a former asylum and is reportedly haunted by numerous ghosts including former patients and people who are claimed to have killed themselves on the property. People report numerous sightings of various ghosts, including a gardener who is alleged ...

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    Union Carnegie Library

    Union, Oregon

    75 miles from Asotin County, WA

    In an unfinished basement storage room, folks say strange noises and feelings can be experienced. And in the upstairs main library, some have felt an eerie feeling behind them, perhaps having to do with the giant portrait near the front desk.