Haunted Places in Ashtabula County, Ohio

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    Kingsville Public Library

    Kingsville, Ohio

    In the older section of 1885 Kingsville Public Library, folks say the apparition of a man in a tall black hat wanders the stacks. Strange noises and events have been reported as well. Many believe the library is haunted by several spirits.

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    Cleveland Hotel

    Conneaut, Ohio

    This century-old building was purchased in 2012 and is slated to be renovated into condominiums. It was once a fashionable hotel, but fell into disrepair and was known as a hang-out for the homeless for several decades. There are rumors about a "ghost bride" that some believe to ...

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    The Step Above Lounge and Wine Bar

    Geneva, Ohio

    The Step Above is a bar housed over a restaurant that closes earlier, and bar patrons have seen shadowy figures moving about inside the locked restaurant after closing.

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    Chestnut Grove Cemetery

    Ashtabula, Ohio

    Chestnut Grove Cemetery was once an Erie burial ground and, since its establishment in 1819, has seen the burial of over 18,000 folks. Twenty-five of them were victims of a local train disaster in 1876. The Pacific Express fell into the river when the bridge collapsed, killing between 80 and ...

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    Regal Vineyards and Mansion

    Madison, Ohio

    This historic mansion and vineyard has now returned to its use after being boarded up for a long period of time. It was originally built by immigrants, but abandoned after a family tragedy. Staff immediately began to report a vortex in the building, and various cold spots. The tip of ...