Haunted Places in Adair County, Oklahoma

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Adair County, Oklahoma. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Oklahoma.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Adair County, Oklahoma.

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    Cherokee County Courthouse

    Tahlequah, Oklahoma

    17.7 miles from Adair County, OK

    Previously the city's hospital, the courthouse is believed to be haunted. Folks have reported the sound of the jail door closing when no one is there, and the sound of a hospital gurney being rolled across ceramic tile has been reported even though the areas have been carpeted or tiled ...

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    Inn at Carnall Hall

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    30.2 miles from Adair County, OK

    Originially built in 1905 as a women's dorm, the building now houses a 50-room hotel and Ella's French restaurant. Witnesses here have seen the floating apparition of a woman in a gown, without a head or feet, and indentations on the bed as if someone were sitting on it. Other ...

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    Tilly Willy Bridge

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    30.3 miles from Adair County, OK

    The bridge was demolished in 2010 or 2011; the map shows the location of theh former bridge. It is said that a woman in the 1970s drove off the bridge, killing herself and her children. Her phantom car was seen driving across the bridge, and her apparition has been spotted ...

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    Chester House Inn and Antiques

    Chester, Arkansas

    30.6 miles from Adair County, OK

    The 1887 hotel primarily served railroad passengers and workers until the late-twentieth century. Now a delightful bed and breakfast inn with an adjoining antiques store, employees and guests staying at the establishment have reported many strange instances of paranormal activity. The place is rumoured to have been a brothel ...

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    McBride House

    Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

    33.7 miles from Adair County, OK

    This private home is now abandoned but its former owner claims it was haunted by numerous ghosts. She's even written a book about it. She claims that the previous owner and original builder of the house still resides there and is prone to throwing ghostly parties at 2 am. ...

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    Fort Gibson

    Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

    33.9 miles from Adair County, OK

    The legend of Vivia Thomas is told around Fort Gibson. So it goes, one morning in 1870, a soldier was found dead atop a grave in the nearby cemetery. When the doctor examined the body, he found she was a woman. Vivia Thomas had been educated and elegant, and she ...

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    King Opera House

    Van Buren, Arkansas

    35.4 miles from Adair County, OK

    Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a young actor who was killed by an enraged father who objected to the actor's intentions to elope with his daughter.

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    Old Fort Smith Courthouse

    Fort Smith, Arkansas

    36.6 miles from Adair County, OK

    The old courthouse that still stands here was the sight of many a death sentence handed out in the late 19th century - the hangings occurred just outside.  It is said that the ghosts of the condemned men still roam this area.

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    Pink House Restauant

    Wagoner, Oklahoma

    40 miles from Adair County, OK

    The 1906 Pink House Restaurant was recently painted green amid local controversy, and is supposedly haunted by a frustrated female spirit who is very much against change. During the initial renovations, tools and furniture were constantly moved around by unseen hands, and doors slammed shut of their own accord. ...

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    James Parkinson House

    Wagoner, Oklahoma

    40.5 miles from Adair County, OK

    The 1892 Victorian mansion is rumoured to be haunted, according to the current residents. Orbs have been known to show up in photographs, and lamps have been known to flicker for no apparent reason. In an upstairs bedroom, strange noises and ghostly voices have been heard. The current owner ...

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    Peel Mansion

    Bentonville, Arkansas

    41.4 miles from Adair County, OK

    This historic mansion, built by Samuel Peel in 1875, is said to be haunted by Peel himself and by his daughter, Minnie Belle. Minnie Belle is known to play the piano when no one is in the room.

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    Thomas-Foreman Historic Home

    Muskogee, Oklahoma

    41.7 miles from Adair County, OK

    This 1898 home-turned-house-museum built in former "Indian Territory" is said to be haunted by the ghost of former resident Mrs. Foreman, who passed away in the home in 1968. Its caretaker said he often looked up while working outside to see the apparition of Mrs. Foreman in the doorway watching ...

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    Station Cafe

    Bentonville, Arkansas

    42.1 miles from Adair County, OK

    Once a theatre, this building is now home to a restaurant called "The Station Cafe". Items are moved in the main dining room and kitchen, sometimes violently.  A ghostly figure of a man has been seen roaming the hallway.

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    Fort Chaffee

    Fort Smith, Arkansas

    44.2 miles from Adair County, OK

    This historic site, now an Army National Guard station and training center, is reported to be haunted. The site, which experienced major fires in 2008, has also been used in several films, including A Soldier's Story in 1984, Biloxi Blues in 1988, and The Tuskegee Airmen in 1995. Elvis Presley ...

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    All Star Pizzeria

    Noel, Missouri

    46.7 miles from Adair County, OK

    This historic building was a former pizzeria, but is now boarded up. People who drive past late at night have seen a white apparition standing at the windows, and while it was in operation, staff would report all sorts of various paranormal activity. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Radar Road Phantom

    Rogers, Arkansas

    48.4 miles from Adair County, OK

    Locals have reported seeing a phantom horse and rider on the outskirts of the city of Rogers. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Pea Ridge National Military Park

    Garfield, Arkansas

    52.4 miles from Adair County, OK

    On the battlefield in the middle of the night, witnesses have heard musket fire and seen apparitions of soldiers from the Battle of Pea Ridge. Some guests to the site have reported a feeling of being followed by something unseen.

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    Hotel Vinita - Napoli's Italian Restaurant

    Vinita, Oklahoma

    58.9 miles from Adair County, OK

    Built in Spanish Revival-style, the 1927 hotel now features a quaint restaurant on the ground floor. The guest rooms have since been refurbished as apartments, but the original ballroom still retains its period features. This part of the building is haunted according to visitors, who have reported ghostly piano ...

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    Timber Ridge Cemetery

    Catoosa, Oklahoma

    59.3 miles from Adair County, OK

    Locals have nicknamed this place Haunted Hollow. Legend has it that a Native American boy who was hit by a car and killed while riding his bicycle in 1989 is buried here. Witnesses say that his spirit, along with his bicycle, can be seen along the roadside. Some say they ...

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    Belvidere Mansion

    Claremore, Oklahoma

    60.8 miles from Adair County, OK

    Belvidere Mansion, built by John M. Bayless around in 1902, is a gothic-style brick home. Its third floor is a ballroom. In 1907, six months before it was completed, Mr. Bayless died of complications from appendicitis surgery. Mary Bayless and their six surviving children finished the mansion and lived there ...

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    Rogers State University

    Claremore, Oklahoma

    62.5 miles from Adair County, OK

    At night, students say, an elderly Native American man's apparition can be seen walking on the grounds. Also, legend has it that when the school was a military academy, a cadet died in a hazing accident, and he now haunts the college TV station. The former radio station is rumored ...

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    Basin Park Hotel

    Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    62.7 miles from Adair County, OK

    A haunted tour is offered here, and the hotel even has its own ghosts, including a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes and a toddler-aged girl wearing pigtails and a yellow dress. Witnesses have also reported orbs and objects that move by themselves.

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    Opossum Walk Cemetery

    Hartman, Arkansas

    62.8 miles from Adair County, OK

    Opossum Walk Cemetery is reported to have gates that are hot to the touch, even in winter, and witnesses have heard footsteps walking behind them and seen apparitions out of the corner of their eye.

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    Crescent Hotel

    Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    62.9 miles from Adair County, OK

    One of the most well-known haunted hotels in America, the Crescent hotel has a history that just requires there to be ghosts and haunts associated with it. And the Crescent has plenty. The site of a former hospital run by a con artist who had previously been convicted of practicing ...

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    Concord Cemetery

    Exeter, Missouri

    67.5 miles from Adair County, OK

    Investigators claim to have captured orbs in photographs taken at this cemetery, and mysterious breathing noises appear on audio recordings.

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    Joplin Spook Light - Hornet Spooklight

    Seneca, Missouri

    73.3 miles from Adair County, OK

    Joplin Spook Light, aka Hollis Light or Hornet Spooklight, is a ball of light or group of lights that appear in an area called the Devil's Promenade. The lights have been seen as far back as the mid-1800s. Legend has it that the phenomena has to do with two deceased ...

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    Lick Skillet Lane

    Waldron, Arkansas

    80.7 miles from Adair County, OK

    There have been ghost sightings on this road hitchhiking. Do not stop or you may get hurt. Its not a real person and you will have a feeling that you are being watched. I traveled down that road didn't see anything but I felt a presence. The reason why it ...

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    John Walsh Mansion

    Monett, Missouri

    82.8 miles from Adair County, OK

    House has at least 3 paranormal residents. A man in formal dress is often glimpsed, especially in upper bedroom areas. A small child most likely female is also present and likes to play with the household dogs. A middle age woman visits the "music room' part of the ...