Haunted Places in grindstone island, Quebec

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    Scotch Fort Cemetery

    Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island

    86.8 miles from grindstone island, QC

    Scotch Fort Cemetery is said to be haunted by a ball of fire. As legend has it, Peter MacIntyre, a Scottishman who came to the area in 1773, was at a bar when the men there were discussing the ghostly ball of fire. MacIntyre declared he didn't believe spirits could ...

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    King's Playhouse

    Georgetown, Prince Edward Island

    88.7 miles from grindstone island, QC

    King's Playhouse is believed to be haunted by Major Temple William Faber McDonald, who died in 1918 and whose ghost has been seen onstage and backstage. He has a seat reserved for him for every show. The site has been featured on Creepy Canada.

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    Holland Cove

    Rocky Point, Prince Edward Island

    102.3 miles from grindstone island, QC

    It was in 1764 that the first European settlers came to Holland Cove. Dutch surveyor Captain Samuel Holland brought his bride, Racine, a tall French beauty. When Captain Holland was away on a surveying trip, Racine fell through some thin ice and died. Her apparition has been seen wandering the ...

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