Haunted Places in Gaylord, Kansas

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    Midland Railroad Hotel

    Wilson, Kansas

    60 miles from Gaylord, KS

    Built at the turn of the twentieth century, this historic hotel was the site of an inferno in 1902 that gutted the building, and it has been established that several guests perished in the blaze that took place. Guests staying on the third floor have reportedly smelt smoke and ...

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    Fort Hays

    Gaylord, Kansas

    60.2 miles from Gaylord, KS

    Originally called Fort Fletcher, Fort Hays was a U.S. Army post active 1865-1889, used during the American Indian Wars. In 1929 it opened as a historical park. The ghost said to haunt the premises is known as the Blue Light Lady. According to her legend, she was Elizabeth Polly, who ...

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    Haunted Bridge

    Gaylord, Nebraska

    61.6 miles from Gaylord, KS

    The 1885 story of the haunted bridge begins with Tom Jones and his widowed sister Elizabeth Taylor, who were fighting with their neighbors over their cattle getting into their neighbors' crops. Tom and Elizabeth felt unsafe over the turmoil and bought a shotgun. Soon after, some men were cutting trees ...

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    Ellis Railroad Museum

    Ellis, Kansas

    61.9 miles from Gaylord, KS

    The jail cell in this railroad museum is believed to be haunted, although it is currently used only for storage. The ghost was a prisoner who drowned in the 1958 flood, unable to escape the rising water. Unexplained noises and an eerie figure that flits past the windows are signs ...

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    Brown Grand Theatre

    Concordia, Kansas

    63.2 miles from Gaylord, KS

    At this theater and opera house you may see more than just a show. Locals say a ghost haunts this theater, and is especially active during the opening season.

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    Hastings College

    Hastings, Nebraska

    70.2 miles from Gaylord, KS

    The ghost of a music professor is said to show up in the music hall as an apparition or an orb. He also is said to turn lights on and off. Also, the Altman Hall is said to be haunted by namesake Clara Altman, who is said to act as ...

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    Kearney Area Children's Museum

    Kearney, Nebraska

    76.2 miles from Gaylord, KS

    At the Kearney Area Children's Museum, the basement is rumored to be haunted. Said to be full of "strange equipment" with unusual stains all over the walls, some witnesses say the temperature dropped suddenly, their hair stood on end and they got a very uneasy feeling.

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    Shirley K's Coffee Shop

    Cambridge, Nebraska

    82.6 miles from Gaylord, KS

    This quaint coffee shop and pharmacy store is haunted by two ghosts, according to employees. During the hours between dusk and dawn, the owner of the place has reportedly seen the apparition of an elderly man in an old-fashioned magenta suit, whilst another member of staff saw a woman ...

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    Witch's Grave

    Aurora, Nebraska

    96.7 miles from Gaylord, KS

    The ancient, isolated grave in the Aurora city cemetery, the "witch’s grave," has a mossy tombstone and a protruding marker, said to be a warning to deter others from witchcraft. So the story goes, the "witch" was eccentric, which was enough for the townsfolk to label her a witch and ...

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    The Devil's Washboard - Donmyer Road

    Gypsum, Kansas

    102.9 miles from Gaylord, KS

    The Devil's Washboard, a group of three steep hills along Donmyer Road, has a harrowing history. Reports say that in the 1950s, seven local teens were racing in a car when they slammed into the bank, killing some or all of them. The wrecked car was placed upon posts at ...

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    Wildmead Cemetery

    Nickerson, Kansas

    110.4 miles from Gaylord, KS

    Legend has it that this cemetery has a guardian, one who may appear as a woman, a light, or even a demon. Those who visit the cemetery because they have family buried there will be protected by the guardian. But those who come only to cause trouble? Beware!

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