Haunted Places in Edgeley, North Dakota

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    University of Jamestown

    Jamestown, North Dakota

    38.3 miles from Edgeley, ND

    Ghosts are said to frequent two spots at the University of Jamestown: At the Kroeze Hall, students claim to hear the clicks of the spirit of a former student (and suicide victim) playing with his beloved Rubik's Cube. And in Watson Hall, the apparition of a girl around age 6 ...

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    Northern State University

    Aberdeen, South Dakota

    63.7 miles from Edgeley, ND

    Two buildings at the university are rumored to be haunted. The Jerde Hall dormitory is home to a ghostly little girl who has been seen and heard in rooms and hallways. The Johnson Fine Arts Center has a ghost who whistles a tune from the empty men's restroom and occasionally ...

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    Fort Sisseton State Park

    Eden, South Dakota

    74.7 miles from Edgeley, ND

    Fort Sisseton State Park is said to be haunted. Witnesses here have described strange lights and a feeling of uneasiness.

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    Harvey Public Library

    Harvey, North Dakota

    113 miles from Edgeley, ND

    Harvey Public Library, witnesses say, is home to mysterious flickering lights, missing objects, and strange computer glitches. The ghost, they say, is Sophie. Sophia Eberlein-Bentz lived on the site of the library when she was killed by her husband Jacob Bentz with a hammer on Oct. 2, 1931. And coincidentally, ...

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