Haunted Places in crescent valley, British Columbia

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    Colburn Cemetery

    Sandpoint, Idaho

    85.1 miles from crescent valley, BC

    At this very overgrown cemetery, folks have reported seeing the apparition of an old woman since the 1920s. The cemetery is located off Highway 95 near mile marker 483.

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    Riverbank Family Restaurant

    Oldtown, Idaho

    89.4 miles from crescent valley, BC

    With its idyllic setting and classic western meals, not much more could spruce up this traditional diner; apart from a handful of ghost stories. The restaurant is allegedly haunted by a former owner, who loved it so much that when he passed away, he decided to stay behind and ...

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    Spirit Lake - Kaniskee

    Spirit Lake, Idaho

    107.1 miles from crescent valley, BC

    The Coeur d’Alénes Indians are said to have named Lake Kaniskee, which means Lake of the Spirit. There is a ghostly girl here with long black hair and wearing a white dress, who rides over the water here in her phantom canoe. Tales told in these parts say she was ...

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    Farragut State Park - The Brig

    Athol, Idaho

    110.6 miles from crescent valley, BC

    This camping site occupies a former naval training center and the old military jail building is all that remains from its previous history. People claim that the brig is haunted and numerous reports of full-body apparitions as well as objects moving by themselves in the cells have been reported. ...

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