Haunted Places in aspen grove, British Columbia

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    McGill Residence - Thompson Rivers University

    Kamloops, British Columbia

    55.5 miles from aspen grove, BC

    The McGill Residence is a student dorm. The buildings are not so old, but while I was TRU student I had creepy experience at one of the dorm buildings. It happened probably in 2007, Winter semester reading break. The property has 3 dorm buildings, I was lived in the center ...

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    Tranquille Sanatorium

    Savona, British Columbia

    58.1 miles from aspen grove, BC

    The 1907 Tranquille Sanatorium was a tuberculosis hospital until it became a mental institution in 1959. It closed 1983; plans are for the building to be razed and the site turned into a resort area. The building and grounds are said to be haunted by former patients.

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    Mount Baker Hotel

    Concrete, Washington

    105.6 miles from aspen grove, BC

    Witnesses describe the haunt at this hotel as 4-year-old little girl, who was said to be beaten to death by her mother. The apparition has red hair, a pink shirt and denim shorts, and she is said to (unsuccessfully) try to push guests down the stairs. At times, folks have ...

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