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    Smith Hall - University of New Hampshire

    Durham, New Hampshire
    Reportedly, a ghost woman roams the hallways and visits residents in the middle of the night. (Submitted by Victor...
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    Sise Inn - Hotel Portsmouth

    Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    This historic inn is under new ownership, but the ghosts here have blatantly refused to move out. Paranormal activity reported here includes cold spots, doors opening and closing of their own accord and a rocking chair that rocks by itself, as well as a playful male entity. (Submitted by Callum...
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    Benson Road Cemetery

    Richmond, New Hampshire
    This cemetery dates back to the 1700's mostly of the Ballou family. Strange light anomaly along with evps. Also captured a fully body apparition on trailcam placed in the open underground crypt. This road is off route 119 then onto fish hatchery road where benson road is on the right. VERY ROUGH...
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    Topstone Mill

    Claremont, New Hampshire
    Topstone Mill, a former shoe and furniture manufacturing plant, was empty for years until new residents turned the bottom floors into an eatery. But the new people have been bitten by invisible teeth, had objects thrown at them, heard footsteps and seen apparitions through the windows. The site has...
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    Star Island

    Rye, New Hampshire
    Rumor has it that on Star Island long ago, an old man committed suicide. Now, the ghost of an old man has been seen wandering the Star Island resort. He has white hair and a white beard. Apparitions of a little boy, a lady in white and a black dog also have been reported, as well as footsteps and...
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    Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

    New Castle, New Hampshire
    Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse is believed to be haunted. Witnesses describe dark figures, oily footprints, phantom voices and other...
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    Country Tavern

    Nashua, New Hampshire
    The historic Country Tavern restaurant is housed in a place that was built in 1741 and was once owned by English sea captain Ford and his young wife Elizabeth. Legend has it that when he was off to sea for an extended time, he came home to find Elizabeth had given birth, and it was not his. In a...
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    The Common Man Restaurant

    Merrimack, New Hampshire
    The Common Man Tavern was built by Matthew Thornton in 1797 as a wedding present for his son James. But a few years later, James committed suicide. Today, witnesses report ghostly footsteps and several apparitions, but not ones belonging to James. Folks have seen a Native American, a little girl,...
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    Kimball Castle

    Gilford, New Hampshire
    Benjamin Ames Kimball finished his castle in 1899 and died in 1919. In more recent times, the castle, now in disrepair, was put up for sale and Locke's Hill Nature Preserve was created on the land, with hiking and skiing trails. In the 1960s and 1970s vandals stole every piece of tapestry,...
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    Balsams Grand Resort Hotel

    Colebrook, New Hampshire
    The early 1900s Balsams Grand Resort Hotel became an active haunt hot spot after renovations were made. Ghostly residents who reside here include a beautiful woman who sits in a chair just beyond the landing, a translucent naked man who stood at the foot of the bed of a guest in Room 120, and a...