Haunted Places in Smackover, Arkansas

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    Jones Cemetery

    Camden, Arkansas

    6.6 miles from Smackover, AR

    The late-1800s house across the street from the cemetery, according to local folklore, was long ago the home of a young girl who was beaten and starved to death by her parents. **The house is private property; please respect the current owners' privacy.** The girl is said to have been ...

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    Rialto Theatre Music Hall

    El Dorado, Arkansas

    11.2 miles from Smackover, AR

    The 1929 theater closed in 1980, then was restored and opened again in 1987 to show movies. It closed again in the early 2000s and now has been opened again, and presents musical performances. The historic building has its share of haunts. Employees say they've heard footsteps, seen apparitions, and ...

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    Ouachita River Factory

    Camden, Arkansas

    14.3 miles from Smackover, AR

    Little is known about the operation of this factory, but various paranormal events have been reported there. Various orbs have been reported, as well as apparitions that vanish when approached, doors opening and closing by themselves, and lights going on and off of their own accord. Voices and an old-fashioned ...

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    Southern Arkansas University

    Magnolia, Arkansas

    30 miles from Smackover, AR

    In Bussey Hall, the ghost of a female student who hanged herself in one of the rooms in the 1950s is said to appear. And in the Horton Theater, the ghost of a student actress who was killed by a train on her way to her starring performance has been ...

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    Cameo Trio Theatre

    Magnolia, Arkansas

    30.5 miles from Smackover, AR

    Theater number 3 is reportedly haunted. No real information on how it's haunted. But people say it's haunted, so that should be good enough.

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    Crossett Railroad Tracks

    Crossett, Arkansas

    45.9 miles from Smackover, AR

    A ghostly swinging light appears to be walking up and down the tracks here. Locals say it is the spirit of a man who was hit by the train and was decapitated. His ghost is searching for his head. It is said that folks who are standing on the tracks ...

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    Gurdon Light

    Gurdon, Arkansas

    48.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    The Gurdon Spook Light is a yellowish glowing orb that appears intermittently at night along the railroad tracks. Some say it is the ghost of a railroad worker who was struck by a train and decapitated; others maintain it is the ghost of a railroad foreman who was beaten to ...

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    Ouachita Baptist University

    Arkadelphia, Arkansas

    55.8 miles from Smackover, AR

    Many unexplained events have been reported here, including orbs that show up in the basement, phantom eyes in the room corners, blood on dorm walls, and dorm windows that break for no apparent reason.

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    Henderson State University

    Arkadelphia, Arkansas

    56 miles from Smackover, AR

    Henderson State University is said to be haunted by the ghost of a student who fell in love with a girl from a rival college. His friends made fun of him, and under pressure from them, he broke it off with her. The girl was heartbroken and committed suicide. As ...

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    The Allen House

    Monticello, Arkansas

    57 miles from Smackover, AR

    This Gothic mansion in Monticello was built in 1900 at the turn of the century, and has many recorded instances of hauntings reported. The main ghost, however, is that of a young woman who haunts the upper and lower floors of the mansion. The ghost roams around the house, often ...

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    Stow's Bar

    Ruston, Louisiana

    58 miles from Smackover, AR

    Although the bar is now closed, it's still open to the ghosts who are reported to haunt this former hospital site.

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    Howard Auditorium

    Ruston, Louisiana

    58.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    Supposedly this place is haunted by a ghost and you can tell because sometimes the seats, which are spring loaded will be down, as if someone is sitting in it when there is no one there. And this is not at all due to faulty springs or mechanisms. ...

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    Biomedical Engineering Building

    Ruston, Louisiana

    58.2 miles from Smackover, AR

    A former hospital this site is said to be haunted by the ghosts of patients who died.

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    Conway Cemetery

    Bradley, Arkansas

    58.3 miles from Smackover, AR

    Conway Cemetery Historic State Park, named after the first governor of Arkansas James S. Conway, is an 11.5-acre park that includes a half-acre family cemetery where Conway is buried. Witnesses say you can hear disembodied voices here around midnight at the full moon, perhaps stemming from a nearby tree where ...

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    Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Site

    Gibsland, Louisiana

    67.3 miles from Smackover, AR

    They say that on the night of the full moon, you can hear the sounds of gunfire. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense since Bonnie and Clyde died in the bright morning sunshine, but regardless, it's an interesting spot to visit, just a little pull out on the ...

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    Old Redfield Road

    Sheridan, Arkansas

    74.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    Old Redfield Road is said to be extremely active with the spirit set. Witnesses have reported apparitions wandering along the road and in the cemetery and electrical items such as flashlights and radios going dead. One visitor reported that as they drove past the cemetery, the hood of their car ...

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    Potter Road

    Doyline, Louisiana

    76.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    Although the exact location of the accident site is not known, it is reported that four teenagers died in a drunken accident on this road decades ago and every year on the anniversary of their deaths blood runs from the tree they hit.

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    Ghost Bridge

    Smackover, Louisiana

    78.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed in a car accident. She presumably roams the bridge looking for her boyfriend who survived the wreck. (I love how people ascribe motivations to ghosts and in the case of female ghost, it's always looking for their lost ...

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    Old Malco Theatre

    Hot Springs, Arkansas

    81.2 miles from Smackover, AR

    During a performance in the 1880's, a woman from the audience disappeared during a magic show production. Ever since then, there have been reports of the theatre being haunted. The ghost a glowing woman has been seen in the theatre basement, objects move around by themselves, and screams come out ...

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    The Poet's Loft

    Hot Springs, Arkansas

    81.5 miles from Smackover, AR

    A female employee reported being grabbed and held down on a couch by unseen female hands.

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    Park Hotel

    Hot Springs, Arkansas

    81.8 miles from Smackover, AR

    People often feel things brush past them that they can't see. There are reports of people being touched and poked in the hotel's corridors. (Submitted by Callum S.)

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    Railroad Tracks

    Bossier City, Louisiana

    82.2 miles from Smackover, AR

    Supposedly the cries of a family who was killed on the tracks can be heard late at night.

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    Bauxite Historical Association Museum

    Bauxite, Arkansas

    83.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    This historic 1927 building, now a museum of artifacts from the town's mining days, is reported to be haunted. Witnesses have heard disembodied footsteps, and one employee reported that one night when she was leaving work, she felt a ghost jump onto her back as if it didn't want her ...

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    Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium

    Shreveport, Louisiana

    84 miles from Smackover, AR

    The 1920s art deco auditorium is known for its musical program, the Louisiana Hayride, on which Elvis Presley performed in 1954. Other greats who performed here include Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Johnny Horton. It is said to be haunted by an apparition of a young man who sits in ...

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    Taylortown Tower

    Elm Grove, Louisiana

    84.4 miles from Smackover, AR

    It's an eerie looking tower standing all alone in a field. Of course people will say it's haunted. It pretty much has to be. Rumor has it that it is haunted by yet another jilted bride, who either died of a broken heart, hanged herself in grief, ...

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    Hitchhiker of Highway 365

    Woodson, Arkansas

    86 miles from Smackover, AR

    Why does a female hitchhiker appear here on stormy nights, asking passersby to drive her home? Legend has it that when the driver arrives at the address she gives, she simply disappears. When the driver goes to the door to ask about the missing girl, the resident will tell them ...

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    Woodson Lateral Road Ghost Lights

    Hensley, Arkansas

    86.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    Local legend has it that mysterious ghost lights appear at night and follow cars along Woodson Lateral Road.

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    Mayberry Hotel

    Royal, Arkansas

    86.2 miles from Smackover, AR

    This hotel is now abandoned and near total ruin. The ghost of 1800s owner David Mayberry is said to haunt the site. Seeing that he built the hotel for the area's prospectors and miners, gunfights broke out often here, leading to many deaths. David Mayberry himself was shot but not ...

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    Holly Ridge Railroad Tracks

    Rayville, Louisiana

    89 miles from Smackover, AR

    Nothing of any repute can be found regarding the alleged haunting of the Holly Ridge railroad tracks. Just a bunch of barely literate nonsense on other ghost sites. But supposedly it is haunted by " red light" that appears along the tracks.

  • Ellerbe Road School 1998

    Old Ellerbe School

    Shreveport, Louisiana

    89.6 miles from Smackover, AR

    Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of children who died in a fire at the school.

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    Old Jail - Pea Farm

    Shreveport, Louisiana

    93.7 miles from Smackover, AR

    The old jail is reported to be haunted by former inmates, especially in the women's section of the jail. Those wishing to view it for themselves should be aware that the jail is owned by the GE plant next door and they do call the cops and prosecute anyone ...

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    Old Greenwood Cemetery

    Greenwood, Louisiana

    96.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    It's a cemetery. Of course it's haunted.

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    Cathedral Park Apartments

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    98.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    Originally built as a cathedal and now an apartment complex, the Cathedral Park Apartments are rumored to be haunted. Witnesses have reported seeing a column of smoke that appeared out of nowhere.

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    Mount Holly Cemetery

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    98.3 miles from Smackover, AR

    The spirits of Confederate soldiers and native American Indians have been reported in the cemetery at night. Tombstones often move around the graveyard by themselves, and the ghostly noise of a flute playing has been heard in the early hours of morning. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Old Arsenal Building

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    98.5 miles from Smackover, AR

    Reported sightings of ghosts on the staircase and in the basement of this historic building. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Vino's Brewpub

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    98.6 miles from Smackover, AR

    Vino's Pizza and Brew Pub is an eatery rumored to be haunted by an unknown entity. Witnesses have heard strange voices and other noises and felt cold spots; chairs that were stacked at night have been unstacked when the employees returned the next morning.

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    Old State House

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    99.1 miles from Smackover, AR

    Although the museum denies the existence of a ghost here, rumor has it that it is haunted by the spirit of former Speaker of the House John Wilson. His ghost has been seen here by many, wearing a period frock-coat. Others have reported cold spots or the feeling of a ...

  • witherspoonplantation

    Buena Vista Plantation

    Smackover, Louisiana

    99.7 miles from Smackover, AR

    It's a plantation. In the south. It was used for a Civil War hospital. Of course it's haunted. The usual - civil war soldiers have been spotted. Currently a private home and not open to the public.

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    Wolf Bayou Bridge - Mama Lou's Bridge

    North Little Rock, Arkansas

    100 miles from Smackover, AR

    The bridge was replaced in 2005, but it was the old one from which local legends arose. Folks say that a woman and her newborn died here when she drove off the bridge. Rumor has it that those who go there at night and shout "Mama Lou, I've got your ...

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    Keachi Women's College

    Keachi, Louisiana

    106.4 miles from Smackover, AR

    Cold spots and ghostly moans are reported to happen on the second floor.

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  • Monroe_County_Courthouse,_Clarendon,_Arkansas

    Monroe County Courthouse

    Clarendon, Arkansas

    122.2 miles from Smackover, AR

    The 1911 courthouse is rumored to be haunted by Ernze Mabel Orr, aka “Mabel.” Mabel and her husband John Orr were a husband and wife comedy- and opera-performing duo and, so the stories tell, John had a bad temper and often would beat Mabel quite badly. Feeling sorry for Mabel, ...

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