Haunted Places in Poseyville, Indiana

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    Robin Hill

    Mount Vernon, Indiana

    17.3 miles from Poseyville, IN

    This historic house, reported to have been part of the Underground Railroad, stands empty and for sale. Since it has stood empty for a period, it is not surprising that it has developed a reputation for being haunted. Witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing toilets flushing and other ...

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    Willard Library

    Evansville, Indiana

    17.4 miles from Poseyville, IN

    The Grey Lady is said to haunt this historic late-1800s library building, and she brings apparitions, the scent of perfume, cold spots, strange noises, and more. The water and electricity are also known to turn on and off, and furniture and objects move by themselves. Ghost tours are held in ...

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    The Old Slave House - Crenshaw Mansion

    Junction, Illinois

    41.2 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Note: This house is no longer a tourist attraction; tours are not operated here now as they have been in the past. Trespassers have been known to be arrested. This residence was once a place where slaves were bred illegally. The attic was made over with stalls to house the ...

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    Crenshaw House

    Junction, Illinois

    41.2 miles from Poseyville, IN

    This place is closed to the public. It is owned by the state of Illinois and there are numerous No Trespassing signs. You are cautioned not to attempt to visit this place. Crenshaw house was a major player in kidnapping freed and escaped slaves and returning them to ...

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    Rockport Inn

    Rockport, Indiana

    44.7 miles from Poseyville, IN

    This inn was built in the 1850s as a private home, and was one of the first buildings in the area to have glass windows. It is rumored to have been part of the Underground Railroad; it is also rumored to have a ghost. An apparition of the wife of ...

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    Baker Hollow Road Cemetery

    Marion, Kentucky

    51.6 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Witnesses say Baker Hollow Road Cemetery disappears and reappears in different locations, so it is hard to find. They also describe overwhelming feelings of grief, music playing, laughter, screams, and the sound of something unseen trying to get into your car. Apparitions of soldiers, a ghost dog, and men hanging ...

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    Cave-in-Rock State Park

    Cave-In-Rock, Illinois

    52.6 miles from Poseyville, IN

    The ghost story here starts with Samuel Mason, a robber who established a gambling tavern here around 1800. He attracted customers with alchohol, prostitutes and gambling, then robbed and sometimes killed them. Although now the site is known for its natural features, some witnesses have reported hearing moans and cries ...

  • the-grand-rose-hotel

    The Grand Rose Hotel

    Elizabethtown, Illinois

    57.6 miles from Poseyville, IN

    At this 1812 establishment with a view of the Ohio River, former owner Sarah Rose is said to linger beyond the grave. Her apparition has been seen walking in the second-floor hallways as well as climbing the stairs. Folks also have reported hearing a disembodied female voice and finding that ...

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    Fife Opera House

    Palestine, Illinois

    58.2 miles from Poseyville, IN

    David Fife built the opera house around 1900 and is rumored to be haunted. The building was also used for two other business of his: a hardware store downstairs and, as Fife was also a licensed embalmer, a funeral home on the second floor behind the auditorium. In 1935, Fife's ...

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    Grapevine Cemetery

    Madisonville, Kentucky

    62.5 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Grapevine Cemetery reportedly has a statue of an angel that cries blood and a ghost of a young man who committed suicide in after his girlfriend left. Witnesses say if he hears a love song playing from your car, he will scream.

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    French Lick Springs Hotel

    French Lick, Indiana

    68.3 miles from Poseyville, IN

    This historic resort hotel complex is said to be haunted by former owner Thomas Taggart, who lingers around the service elevator as musts and phantom tobacco smells. He is said to expertly operate the elevator from beyond when the place gets busy. He also is said to appear riding a ...

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    107-1/2 East Main Cross

    Greenville, Kentucky

    74.7 miles from Poseyville, IN

    The location is believed to have been a hospital in the 1800's. Currently it is a restaurant with apartments above. Before that it was a law office. Family just moved there and have seen a man on many occasions walking through the apartment. Strange noises, etc. ...

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    Bethel Cemetery - Nathan Hinkle Grave

    Shelburn, Indiana

    74.8 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Local legend has it that those who visit the monument and grave of Nathan Hinkle, local Revolutionary War soldier, walk around it and say his name three times, he'll speak to you.

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    Violin Annie - Elmwood Cemetery

    Centralia, Illinois

    77 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Local legend says that Harriet Anne Marshall (Annie) was an accomplished violinist, and the daughter of a wealthy doctor. She became ill and died of diptheria, and at her grave her parents placed a statue of her playing the violin. It is said that cemetery visitors can hear the violin ...

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    Whispers Estate

    Mitchell, Indiana

    80.8 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Featured on some TV shows, the estate is said to be the site of many paranormal occurrences including apparitions, voice phenomena, jiggling doorknobs, tremors, unexplained smells, shaking furniture, and a vortex in the heart of the house.

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    Hundley House Bed and Breakfast

    Carbondale, Illinois

    84.3 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Although Hundley House has not operated as a B & B since 2011, former guests claim that double homicide that took place there in the 1928's has left its mark, both literally and spiritually. A bullet hole from the murders can still be seen in the back staircase and people ...

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    C. C. Cohen Building

    Paducah, Kentucky

    87 miles from Poseyville, IN

    C.C. Cohen's restaurant closed around 2010, and is now reported to be called Shandies. The place is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Stella Cohen Peine, the last member of the Cohen family, who died in her apartment upstairs. Chairs move by themselves, salt and pepper shakers fall ...

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    Tunnelton Tunnel

    Bedford, Indiana

    89.9 miles from Poseyville, IN

    The apparition of a man who was decapitated during the tunnel's construction has been reported; many folks say he appears to be searching for his head. One rumor states that there is a graveyard atop the tunnel, and during its construction, some of the bodies fell through into the tunnel. ...

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    Indiana State University

    Terre Haute, Indiana

    92 miles from Poseyville, IN

    At Indiana State University's Burford Hall, a ghost named Barb is the spirit of a student who died of alcohol poisoning. Witnesses have heard her vomiting or crying in the bathroom. And in Cromwell Hall is a white cross under a 12th-floor window where a man jumped to his death, ...

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    Pemberton Hall - Eastern Illinois University

    Charleston, Illinois

    93.2 miles from Poseyville, IN

    The ghost of Mary Hawkins, a former dorm mother, is said to be the head haunt here.

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  • 800px-Ashmore_Estates_Exterior

    Ashmore Estates

    Ashmore, Illinois

    95 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Reportedly a former almshouse, this building was purchased for use as a haunted attraction. It was reportedly haunted by many ghosts, including Elva SKinner, a woman who died in a fire in the former almshouse. The house has been featured in several books and TV shows including Ghost Hunters and ...

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    Boone-Hutcheson Cemetery

    Greencastle, Indiana

    108.1 miles from Poseyville, IN

    An apparition of a 1950s policeman is said to sit inside the graveyard with a blue light. Other apparitions and phantom dogs with glowing red eyes also have been seen, and a cave said to be on the cemetery premises has many spooky stories attached to it.

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    The Harrison Street Inn

    Sullivan, Illinois

    108.2 miles from Poseyville, IN

    Eyewitnesses report apparitions, footsteps, diesmbodied voices, showers and toilets that work by themselves, and many other strange phenomena at this historic inn.

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    Octagon Hall

    Franklin, Kentucky

    115.7 miles from Poseyville, IN

    The historic Octagon Hall was completed in 1859, and is rumored to be haunted. In the 1860s it is said that a young girl burned to death in the basement kitchen, and local stories tell that during a 2003 Halloween ghost tour, the fireplace kettle, which hangs from a moveable ...

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