Haunted Places in Newkirk, Oklahoma

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    101 Ranch

    Ponca City, Oklahoma

    19.2 miles from Newkirk, OK

    The 101 Ranch was a cowboy hangout in the early 1900s, and legend has it that ghosts remain here from that time. Will Rogers was among its guests. Witnesses say melancholy cowboy melodies and residual phantom voices can be heard around the site.

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    Student Union - Atherton Hotel

    Stillwater, Oklahoma

    52.6 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Folks have reported seeing shadows or mysterious glows, and lights will turn on by themselves. Doors lock or unlock by themselves, and cold breezes may be felt.

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    Kansas Aviation Museum

    Wichita, Kansas

    53.2 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Employees at the museum say they have heard slamming doors, old-fashioned music, and happily chatting voices, and they even have seen the apparition of a man in a 1940s hat. Among the 40 old planes here is said to be least one haunted one: A yellow crop duster is said ...

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    Elcado Cemetery

    Peru, Kansas

    54.8 miles from Newkirk, OK

    A reported misty white figure that flits through the trees as well as unexplained voices, laughter, and chain-rattling make this an eerie spot, and a hangout for town teens.

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    Labadie Mansion

    Copan, Oklahoma

    57.1 miles from Newkirk, OK

    The rumor mill tells of a man who murdered his wife here in 1935, which may be the spark for the odd happenings. Only a wall and the foundation still exist, as the once beautiful mansion has been ravaged by time and 2 fires. Some witnesses say their flashlights suddenly ...

  • drury-plaza-hotel-broadview

    Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview

    Wichita, Kansas

    57.8 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Some strange occurrences reported in this hotel include lights that flicker only in the guest rooms (not the hallways), and violently shaking doors. Also, the furniture is rearranged within seconds of a person leaving a room.

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    Jesse Creek Cemetery

    Bartlesville, Oklahoma

    59.5 miles from Newkirk, OK

    This abandoned and overgrown cemetery is reported to be near Haunted Hill and Circle Mountain off CR 2700, and lies in an open field near an abandoned landscape business. Folks report that those who try to use digital cameras to take pictures here find that their cameras are not working ...

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    Beaumont Hotel

    Beaumont, Kansas

    60.6 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Allegedly haunted by a cowboy called Zeke who was shot and killed by the innkeeper in its stagecoach heyday. People claim to see the apparition of a cowboy, hear the jangle of spurs and also claim that objects move on their own.

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    Belle Vista Cemetery

    El Dorado, Kansas

    66.1 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Ghost tourists who stop around the grave of Clara Wiley, a woman who was murdered in the 1900s, find that their cameras seem to malfunction. The cemetery also is said to be haunted by a ghost called Two Moons, whose bones were said to have been dug up during the ...

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    Stone Lion Inn

    Guthrie, Oklahoma

    72.4 miles from Newkirk, OK

    One ghost who haunts this inn is said to be a little girl named Augusta. She is around 8 years old and frequents the third floor. She moves objects and touches guests on the cheek while they are asleep. Another haunt who resides here is that of a man who ...

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    Beth Cooper
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    Old Santa Fe Depot of Guthrie

    Guthrie, Oklahoma

    72.5 miles from Newkirk, OK

    As of January 2013, this 1900s train depot is no longer in operation, and stands empty and for sale. The old Harvey House restaurant was here, and the Harvey family lived upstairs for years. Legend has it that Mrs. Harvey's ghost still lingers here, and has been seen peeking out ...

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    Gilcrease Museum

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    75.3 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Nighttime security guards and other employees reportedly have witnessed a ghost that roams the halls in the museum.

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    Tulsa Spotlight Theatre

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    77.8 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Some say those who visit the second floor alone or with only one other person may hear footsteps in the costume room. The basement is also said to be a bit eerie, with strange scratch marks on the walls and, as some witnesses have reported, a faint sound of phantom ...

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    Mohawk Park and Golf Course

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    78 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Mohawk Park is reported to be full of "little people" who can be heard talking and moving throughout the area, although they are invisible. The park is also said to be home to an 8-foot-tall Deer Lady--half woman, half deer--who may appear standing on her hind legs. On the golf ...

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    Philbrook Museum of Art

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    79.8 miles from Newkirk, OK

    At this art museum, some say the statues' eyes follow you, and if you look closely, you may notice their heads actually turn! Reports also mention lights that turn on by themselves up and down the hallways when no one is there.

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    Brown Mansion

    Coffeyville, Kansas

    80 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Completed in 1904, the grand Brown Mansion is said to be haunted. Although the staff complain to have no evidence of the haunting, local tales tell that when the building spent several years vacant, with the power turned off, glowing green lights could be seen coming from the mansion grounds.

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    Sapulpa Historical Museum

    Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    80.4 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Three floors of exhibits detail the town's past, but visitors may see more than museum artifacts here. Phantom voices and strange flitting forms have been noticed here, and ghost investigators have captured electronic voice phenomena.

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    Timber Ridge Cemetery

    Catoosa, Oklahoma

    91.7 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Locals have nicknamed this place Haunted Hollow. Legend has it that a Native American boy who was hit by a car and killed while riding his bicycle in 1989 is buried here. Witnesses say that his spirit, along with his bicycle, can be seen along the roadside. Some say they ...

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    Fox Theater

    Hutchinson, Kansas

    94.2 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Doors slam late at night, theater seats lift and lower as if someone unseen is using them, and in 2001, the glass from a fire extinguisher panel broke by itself when no one was around.

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    Hutchinson Municipal Court

    Hutchinson, Kansas

    94.3 miles from Newkirk, OK

    At this city courthouse, the fifth floor is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman. Her apparition in white has been spotted, and she is blamed for slamming doors and files that appear to have been moved or tampered with.

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    Hutchinson Public Library

    Hutchinson, Kansas

    94.8 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Ida Day Holzapfel, according to local lore, is the ghost who haunts the library. The former librarian, who began working here in 1915, may never have left. She is said to reside in the basement, watching over her beloved library. She left in 1954 to become a catalog librarian for ...

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    The County Line - Gabriella's Italian Grill

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    96.1 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Gabriella's Italian Grill, formerly The County Line barbecue restaurant, is housed in a building that has been a Prohibition-era dance hall, a gambling establishment and a bordello. Legend has it that the joint was a favorite hangout of famed gangster Pretty Boy Floyd. One ghost known to reside here is ...

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    Henry Overholser Mansion

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    100 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Built in 1903, the 20-room Victorian mansion is home to some eerie occurrences. During tours, some visitors have had their hair pulled or had something unseen jostle them. At least one young boy has seen the apparition of a woman believed to be Mrs. Overholser.

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    The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    101 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Rumor has it that a former maid killed herself and her illegitimate daughter by jumping out the window here. It is these deaths that folks say spurred the hauntings. Female guests have reported hearing infants' cries during the night, and male guests have been propositioned by a female voice, or ...

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    Wildmead Cemetery

    Nickerson, Kansas

    105 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Legend has it that this cemetery has a guardian, one who may appear as a woman, a light, or even a demon. Those who visit the cemetery because they have family buried there will be protected by the guardian. But those who come only to cause trouble? Beware!

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    Lorenz Schlichter Memorial Cemetery - Child's Play Cemetery

    Le Roy, Kansas

    113.5 miles from Newkirk, OK

    Legend has it that if you drive your clean car to this cemetery and sit for about 5 minutes (during which you may hear a loud thud on the vehicle), and then drive away, you will find a large handprint on your back window and several child-size handprints all over ...

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