Haunted Places in Masury, Ohio

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    Hell's Corners

    Hubbard, Ohio

    4.8 miles from Masury, OH

    In Hubbard, Ohio, the area where Pathour Wheeler Road and John White Road intersect is known to locals as "Hell's Corners." It is said that a young native American boy was shot on this spot many years ago, and that a jail once stood here where many hangings took ...

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    Pauni Apartments

    Cortland, Ohio

    13.4 miles from Masury, OH

    These recently constructed apartments were built over the top of an ancient burial ground, and residents have reported paranormal occurrences in the building ever since. Doors open and close by themselves, objects move around by themselves and the apparition of a man in a sombrero has been seen in the ...

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    Austintown Log House

    Canfield, Ohio

    14.5 miles from Masury, OH

    There have been reported sightings of the apparition of a headless soldier in the historic log cabin. He is seen in various rooms of the house, as well as by motorists driving past the house in an upstairs window. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Hill View Manor

    New Castle, Pennsylvania

    21 miles from Masury, OH

    The historic manor was once a nursing home, and folks claimed the spirit of a little boy would pay a visit now and then. It was said that those who saw him would pass away shortly. Witnesses also have reported full-body manifestations that float through walls.

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    Grove City College

    Grove City, Pennsylvania

    24.2 miles from Masury, OH

    Grove City College's Lily Room is the stuff of legend. Campus lore says it's a locked-up room in a girls' dorm in which a girl hanged herself. Rumor has it the room was locked for 15 years and when it was opened again, her lily perfume was still heavy in ...

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    Egypt Road Bridge

    Salem, Ohio

    24.7 miles from Masury, OH

    The closed Egypt Road Bridge, or Crybaby Bridge, is haunted day and night by the sound of a crying baby. Legend has it that a baby went missing while its parents were fighting, and it fell over the side of the bridge. The scream of its mother and the crying ...

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    133 Kiester Road

    Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

    27.5 miles from Masury, OH

    The house at this address is apparently haunted by a malevolent spirit that many people believe to be Sam Mohawk a Native American mass murderer who was hanged for murdering a woman and her five children near the place this house stands.

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    Summit Cut Bridge

    Darlington, Pennsylvania

    28.6 miles from Masury, OH

    On Shenango Road, just before it meets Ashwood Road, is Summit Cut Bridge (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Summer Cut Bridge). The bridge, locals say, has a ghostly white lady. Legend has it that she fell off the bridge onto the railroad tracks in 1894. Her spirit is said to ...

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    Knickerbocker Hotel

    Linesville, Pennsylvania

    31.3 miles from Masury, OH

    This historic hotel is not your average lodging place. Yes, you can spend the night for a fee, but as they will tell you, you won't sleep. The paranormal activity is said to be rich here, because some guests checked in but did not check out.

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    Hotel Conneaut

    Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

    31.4 miles from Masury, OH

    Several ghosts are said to haunt this hotel including a ghost bride who allegedly died in a fire, a young child who died after falling down the stairs, and even a mad butcher who was dismembered in the kitchen. If you are looking for a haunted room, the Elizabeth's ...

  • Haunting Tales from the Tree City
    Kent Historical Society

    Haunted Akron, Ohio
    Jeri Holland
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    Days Inn Meadville

    Meadville, Pennsylvania

    34.2 miles from Masury, OH

    Witnesses at this Days Inn have been startled to see apparitions in the main building's kitchen and second-floor hallway. Spirits are said to tamper with the radio and lights, and unexplained footsteps and thumps have been heard from vacant rooms and in the hallways. Doors also have been known to ...

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    Harmony Inn

    Harmony, Pennsylvania

    35.4 miles from Masury, OH

    Local legend has it that this restaurant is haunted by two spirits: a ghost named Louie and the apparition of a woman. Louie was allegedly killed right outside on the inn's front steps. The ghostly woman is seen near the entranceway, between the bar and the dining room.

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    Glamorgan Castle

    Alliance, Ohio

    36.2 miles from Masury, OH

    The 1905 Glamorgan Castle, according to legend, is haunted by former owner Colonel Morgan of Morgan Engineering Company fame, who died in 1928. Guided tours are offered here throughout the year.

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    Kelly Road

    Industry, Pennsylvania

    38.6 miles from Masury, OH

    This road, also called the Mystery Mile by residents, is said to be haunted. What else could the explanation be for strange white apparitions and the tendency for animals here to turn from tame to fierce and bloodthirsty? Strange sounds are also heard along this road and in the forest ...

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    Punderson Manor

    Masury, Ohio

    39.2 miles from Masury, OH

    It is alleged that the original owner of Punderson manor committed suicide by drifting out on the lake in a bathtub, and then, when he reached the middle, he pulled the plug and drowned. Why precisely he would have chosen this method is not known, whether it actually occurred ...

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    Brush Creek Inn

    Warrendale, Pennsylvania

    45.2 miles from Masury, OH

    Keep watch for airborne bottles if you visit Brush Creek Inn! It is said that the spirits at the restaurant will shatter bottles at the bar or hurl them across the room. Witnesses also have reported that the windows open and close by themselves and furniture flips over.

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    Chestnut Grove Cemetery

    Ashtabula, Ohio

    46.2 miles from Masury, OH

    Chestnut Grove Cemetery was once an Erie burial ground and, since its establishment in 1819, has seen the burial of over 18,000 folks. Twenty-five of them were victims of a local train disaster in 1876. The Pacific Express fell into the river when the bridge collapsed, killing between 80 and ...

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    Kingsville Public Library

    Kingsville, Ohio

    47.5 miles from Masury, OH

    In the older section of 1885 Kingsville Public Library, folks say the apparition of a man in a tall black hat wanders the stacks. Strange noises and events have been reported as well. Many believe the library is haunted by several spirits.

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    Riverside Inn

    Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

    48.1 miles from Masury, OH

    At this historic 1880s inn, the spirits have been known to crawl into bed with guests, dance in the ballroom to ghostly music, and open and close the doors.

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    The Step Above Lounge and Wine Bar

    Geneva, Ohio

    49.3 miles from Masury, OH

    The Step Above is a bar housed over a restaurant that closes earlier, and bar patrons have seen shadowy figures moving about inside the locked restaurant after closing.

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    Guggenheim Air Institute

    Akron, Ohio

    50.4 miles from Masury, OH

    This building has been abandoned for over fifty years, but people driving past still report seeing ghostly lights moving around the upper levels of the building, and hearing strange noises when no one is around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Cleveland Hotel

    Conneaut, Ohio

    50.6 miles from Masury, OH

    This century-old building was purchased in 2012 and is slated to be renovated into condominiums. It was once a fashionable hotel, but fell into disrepair and was known as a hang-out for the homeless for several decades. There are rumors about a "ghost bride" that some believe to ...

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    Rider's Inn

    Painesville, Ohio

    51 miles from Masury, OH

    A Civil War soldier's ghost is said to stand near the windows and wave. Also, the spirit of a former innkeeper's wife named Suzanne is said to reside here as well. Suzanne is said to have come to the door in her nightgown to let guests in when the owners ...

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    University of Akron

    Akron, Ohio

    51.4 miles from Masury, OH

    The University of Akron, founded in 1870 by the Universalist Church, has a few buildings rumored ot be haunted. One of them is the Sigma Nu House. Campus legend has it that a sorority girl hanged herself in the boiler room and her spirit lingers here to this day. Another ...

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    Akron Civic Theatre

    Akron, Ohio

    51.9 miles from Masury, OH

    One of Akron Civic Theatre's ghosts is Fred the Janitor, who died during his shift and now returns to finish his work. He is said to get angry at people who mess up the restrooms. Another apparition of a well-dressed man appears sitting up in the balcony from time to ...

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    Squire's Castle

    Willoughby Hills, Ohio

    52.3 miles from Masury, OH

    Squire's Castle is only a shell of a castle built in the 1890s by Feargus B. Squire. It was meant to be the gatekeeper's house for his future country estate, never built. Now Squire's Castle is open to the public, and it is said to be haunted by Squire's wife ...

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    Squire's Castle

    Willoughby Hills, Ohio

    52.3 miles from Masury, OH

    Squire's Castle is actually a 3-story stone caretaker's cottage for a never-built mansion, and legend has it that it's home to an unhappy female ghost. Feargus B. Squire planned to built a mansion as well, but until then, his family took up residence in the cottage. His wife hated the ...

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    James A. Garfield National Historical Site

    Mentor, Ohio

    52.5 miles from Masury, OH

    James A. Garfield National Historical Site, former residence of president James A. Garfield, is believed to be haunted by Garfield's wife Lucretia. Security personnel have heard Lucretia walking upstairs at night and she has been known to turn lights on after the guards turn them off. She also is said ...

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    Old Hercules Engine Factory

    Canton, Ohio

    52.5 miles from Masury, OH

    This historic abandoned building is haunted by several terrifying entities. In the section of the building that was previously an army training unit, an aggressive entity pushes visitors around, and has been known to swear or threaten those present during visits. Factory appliances move around by themselves, and cold spots ...

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    Culmerville Hotel - Zottola's Pub and Eatery

    Tarentum, Pennsylvania

    52.9 miles from Masury, OH

    A spirit is said to reside in the former Culmervilel Hotel, now Zottola's Pub and Eatery.

  • Dixmont_State_Hospital

    Dixmont State Hospital

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    52.9 miles from Masury, OH

    The 1862 hospital was haunted by many entities, notably a male spirit who was said to guard the morgue area and frighten away intruders. The hospital building was closed in 1984 and was demolished in 2006.

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    Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse

    Fairport Harbor, Ohio

    53.7 miles from Masury, OH

    Legend has it that an 1870s lighthouse keeper, Captain Joseph Babcock, gave his wife many cats to keep her company when she was bedridden. Today, one of those cats remains behind, a ghostly gray cat that does that playful cat-skitter across the kitchen floor in the second-floor living quarters. The ...

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    Hamlin Hall

    University Heights, Ohio

    54.8 miles from Masury, OH

    Hamlin Hall has a haunt. Who is he? The apparition and cold spots that appear and disappear around a stairwell are said to belong to a young man who passed away inside the building.

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    Rose Hill Burial Park

    Fairlawn, Ohio

    56.8 miles from Masury, OH

    Rose Hill Burial Park, founded in the 1920s, is haunted by a ghostly lady in white and ghost lights that witnesses say appear toward the back of the graveyard, possibly near the Jewish section.

  • 300px-Eagle_Hotel,_Waterford,_Pennsylvania

    Eagle Hotel

    Waterford, Pennsylvania

    57.9 miles from Masury, OH

    At this 1826 former hotel building, a restuarant called Sugar 'n Spice occupies the first floor and the second and third floors are a history museum. Mysterious sounds have been reported here, such as voices calling your name when no one is there, and a baby crying. Items are moved ...

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    Loyal Oak Tavern

    Norton, Ohio

    58.3 miles from Masury, OH

    The old tavern building was built in the 1840s, and was a cabinet shop in its early years. There are remnants of its older days as a tavern, such as a half-log bar in the basement as well as a 1930s keg. But locals here say that's not all that ...

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    Warehouse on the Canal

    Canal Fulton, Ohio

    59.6 miles from Masury, OH

    This 1906 building previously housed the old Finnerock Furniture building and now houses an arcade of quaint shops and restaurants. There have been reported sightings of many ghosts, including numerous apparitions in period clothing wandering around the building. The ghost of a little girl has been seen near the old ...

  • 240px-William.Penn.Hotel

    Omni William Penn Hotel

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    60.3 miles from Masury, OH

    At this famous 1915-16 hotel where among other luminaries JFK has stayed, and Bob Hope proposed marriage in 1934, there are said to be two haunted floors. Floors 22 and 23, both unused, are visited by strange sounds, cold wind gusts, and ghosts that hide and watch folks, giving them ...

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    Darrow Family Cemetery

    Seven Hills, Ohio

    61 miles from Masury, OH

    Rumor has it that at night at the Darrow Family Cemetery, which only has 7 gravesites, tombstones that are whole in daylight appear broken, and strange things can be seen and heard: Unexplained bright lights, running water, screams and howls.

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    University of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    61.2 miles from Masury, OH

    Four ghosts are said to haunt the University of Pittsburgh campus: a prima ballerina in the Tansky Family Lounge of the William Pitt Union; Harriet, who committed suicide in 1201 Bruce Hall; a grandmother who rumples the quilts and bakes phantom bread in the Early American Room of the Cathedral ...

  • Cleveland Ghosts
    Charles, Jr. Cassady
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    Agora Theatre and Ballroom

    Cleveland, Ohio

    61.3 miles from Masury, OH

    Elvis and the Beatles are among the acts who have performed at Agora Theatre and Ballroom, and the place is said to be home to some spirits who never left. Apparitions have been seen here, especially one of a man wearing a yellow raincoat. During an investigation, a psychic declared ...

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    The Cobbler Shop Bed and Breakfast

    Dover, Ohio

    62 miles from Masury, OH

    Guests at this 1800s inn, which was once a cobbler shop, have heard knocking on their doors when no one was there, and disembodied footsteps in the hallway. Those who have seen the ghost here say he is a man wearing a long dark coat.

  • 3200_86979828336_6483357_a

    The Cobbler Shop Bed and Breakfast

    Dover, Ohio

    62 miles from Masury, OH

    Guests at this 1800s inn, which was once a cobbler shop, have heard knocking on their doors when no one was there, and disembodied footsteps in the hallway. Those who have seen the ghost here say he is a man wearing a long dark coat.

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    Rogue's Hollow Bridge

    Doylestown, Ohio

    62.1 miles from Masury, OH

    Rogue's Hollow Bridge, or Crybaby Bridge, has a couple of legends attached to it that may explain the ghostly crying sound heard here. One says that long ago a woman tossed her unwanted newborn over the bridge, and now the phantom scene replays here along with the sound of a ...

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    Frick Mansion - Clayton

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    62.3 miles from Masury, OH

    The Frick Mansion was home to industrial magnate Henry Clay Frick and his wife Adelaide Howard Childs, who began living there in 1883 and the family moved to New York in 1900. Their youngest daughter, Helen Clay Frick, kept up the mansion all those years and then moved back in ...

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    Johnny Mango

    Cleveland, Ohio

    63.6 miles from Masury, OH

    Johnny Mango World Cafe & Bar is reportedly haunted by several ghosts, the oldest being a woman named Margaret who died in 1895 when her trolley car ran into the Cuyahoga River.

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    Franklin Castle

    Cleveland, Ohio

    64 miles from Masury, OH

    Franklin Castle was built in the mid 1800s by Hans Tiedemann, a wealthy German immigrant. Since then, it has been a clubhouse for a German singing society, headquarters for a German Socialist organization, a doctor's office, apartments, and a hideout for bootleggers. Many ghost stories surround the place, and here ...

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    Old Homestead Police Department

    Homestead, Pennsylvania

    64.6 miles from Masury, OH

    The former Homestead Police Department building is said to be haunted by something that taps folks on the shoulder, slams doors, turns on appliances and created unexplained footsteps. Ghost investigators caught slams and screams and video of ghostly activity.

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    Carnegie Library of Homestead

    Munhall, Pennsylvania

    64.7 miles from Masury, OH

    Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1896, the library was built with a music hall and an athletic center with a heated swimming pool. It is believed to be haunted. Witnesses have reported apparitions of steel workers, books that fly off of shelves, shadowy figures and unexplained male and female voices.

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    3406 Brownsville Road

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    64.7 miles from Masury, OH

    3406 Brownsville Road is said to be haunted by a demon, known as "The Demon of Brownsville Road" in the book by Bob Cranmer. According to Cranmer, the demon manifested in many ways, including a black fog, a bad smell, or an unseen attacker. Cranmer also described blood-dripping walls, bent ...

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    Variety Theater

    Cleveland, Ohio

    66.2 miles from Masury, OH

    1927 building The Variety Theater was a vaudeville house, then a movie theater until the early 1980s. After that, it was a rock concert venue until it closed in 1986. Now, locals say, it's haunted by a white figure who hangs out on first floor by the water fountain. A ...

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    Baldwin-Wallace College

    Berea, Ohio

    68.9 miles from Masury, OH

    Baldwin-Wallace College's Kohler Hall, built in the 1870s as a Methodist Children's Home, is said to be home to a spirit that manifests as a blue haze. Something reportedly presses down on students in bed and throws off their blankets. And Lang Hall is allegedly haunted by namesake Emma Lang, ...

  • spitzer-house

    Spitzer House Bed and Breakfast

    Medina, Ohio

    69.5 miles from Masury, OH

    At this 19th-century Victorian home-turned-inn, people have witnessed unexplained voices and music, and the piano in the parlor plays songs by itself. The ghost of a stern-looking man is said to appear in Ceilan's Room, and Anna's Room is haunted by a servant girl's spirit. The servant girl also has ...

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    Candlewood Suites

    North Olmsted, Ohio

    71.9 miles from Masury, OH

    According to reports, when the area was being cleared for building this hotel, the body of a woman was found. She had committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. Her ghost is said to remain at the hotel and may manifest as a shadowy form. She also turns the ...

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    Jaquins Pond

    Clymer, New York

    73.7 miles from Masury, OH

    Jaquin's Pond is legendary in local ghost stories. The area is basically a swampy woodland with some narrow dirt roads through it and three bridges. All three bridges are said to be haunted by George, a former school bus driver who killed himself in despair when a little boy died ...

  • the-century-inn

    Century Inn

    Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania

    81.5 miles from Masury, OH

    Reported to be the oldest inn along Route 40, this inn is said to have a mysterious presence. There is one unexplained very cold room, and an innkeeper there has described a mysterious figure that appeared near its door. As well, strange footsteps have appeared in the snow outside the ...

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    The Village Casino

    Bemus Point, New York

    88 miles from Masury, OH

    The Village Casino is a teen dance hall rumored to be haunted by the ghost of former teenaged chef Jordan Basile, who died in an explosion due to a malfunctioning oven. The ghost makes himself known by causing food to disappear and dancers to trip over nothing on the dance ...

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    Hotel Lenhart

    Bemus Point, New York

    88.1 miles from Masury, OH

    Hotel Lenhart, which dates back to 1880s, was rebuilt in 1890 after a fire and partially restored again in 1941, after another fire. An unknown haunt is said to reside in the building, opening and closing doors and tugging at the hair of visitors.

  • 800px-West_Virginia_State_Penitentiary

    West Virginia State Penitentiary

    Moundsville, West Virginia

    90.1 miles from Masury, OH

    Once considered one of the most violent prisons in the US people believe that this prison's violent past has left an indelible mark on the building. People believe it is haunted by both active ghosts, possibly men who were murdered there, and also residual hauntings that take the form ...

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    Lucille Ball Little Theatre

    Jamestown, New York

    90.7 miles from Masury, OH

    According to rumors, the historic Lucille Ball Little Theatre has been the setting for many reports of ghostly apparitions and other paranormal phenomena.

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    Dewittville Cemetery - Poor House Cemetery

    Dewittville, New York

    91.1 miles from Masury, OH

    Dewittville Cemetery, aka Poor House Cemetery, was a place to bury the poor folks who were housed here and passed away. The cemetery was in use between 1833 and 1918, although grave markers weren't used until 1869. The cemetery, barn and woods are said to be full of spirits who ...

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    McClurg Museum

    Westfield, New York

    91.3 miles from Masury, OH

    The 1818 mansion that's now the McClurg Museum was originally built by James McClurg, son of a wealthy industrialist, as his stately private residence. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a maid. Children on a fourth-grade field trip encountered the ghost, whom they described as a ...

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    The Mather Miners

    Mather, Pennsylvania

    91.5 miles from Masury, OH

    In the center of the town there is a small church, the post office, an apartment building(which used to be a general store) and a baseball field. Up a small connecting road is the old schoolhouse ( now converted into a persons home). Right before dawn when walking ...

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    Hollenbeck Cemetery

    Jamestown, New York

    92.5 miles from Masury, OH

    Tiny Hollenbeck Cemetery, with about 25 graves, hasn't been used since before the turn of the century. But legends abound about the place; folks have witnessed a headless horseman, a woman in white, ghostly babies crying, screams for help, knocking sounds, orbs, and tombstones that are said to have disappeared. ...

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    Cambridge Northwood Cemetery

    Cambridge, Ohio

    97.7 miles from Masury, OH

    Cambridge Northwood Cemetery, burial place of congressmen John Earl Henderson, James Joyce and Charles Ellis Moore, is said to be home to a ghostly woman in a white formal dress from circa 1920. She has been seen for a short time before fading away, usually on clear summer nights.

  • colonel-taylor-inn-bed

    Colonel Taylor Inn Bed and Breakfast

    Cambridge, Ohio

    98.4 miles from Masury, OH

    The people here say that Colonel Taylor and his lady still haunt this 1878 Victorian mansion. Guests have seen both of their apparitions on the stairway, and they may shake the beds from time to time. The ghosts are said to be friendly and angelic, watching over the guests.

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    Maplewood Hotel

    Cassadaga, New York

    100.6 miles from Masury, OH

    Located in Lily Dale, NY the heart of the spiritualist movement, Maplewood Hotel is allegedly haunted by numerous spirits. An old hotel, it lacks some of the modern amenities travelers are used to, but it's apparently a good fit for the spook crowd.

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    Lily Dale Assembly

    Cassadaga, New York

    100.6 miles from Masury, OH

    Lily Dale Assembly is advertised to be the world’s largest center for spiritualism, offering lectures and other events and experiences. There are two places here that are believed to be haunted. One is the circa-1880s Assembly Hall, where there is an apparition of a bearded man with spectacles and Victorian ...

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    SUNY Fredonia - Igoe Hall

    Fredonia, New York

    105.5 miles from Masury, OH

    SUNY Fredonia State College's Igoe Hall is said to be haunted by a former student named Jimmy Igoe, the hall's namesake, who drowned in Lake Erie on a fishing trip. He is said to slam doors, change TV channels, and tinker with lights, water faucets, and the elevators. The hall ...

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    Holy Cross Seminary Site

    Dunkirk, New York

    105.9 miles from Masury, OH

    The Holy Cross Seminary Site was built by the Catholic Church's Passionist Movement in the early 1920s as a preparatory school. It closed in 1968 and by the mid-1980s it had been demolished. Ruins of the building and chapel and the driveway are all that remain. The ghost of a ...

  • Ghosthunting Ohio
    John B. Kachuba
  • 800px-Prospect_Place

    Prospect Place

    Trinway, Ohio

    107.2 miles from Masury, OH

    The 29-room mansion built in 1856 by abolitionist G.W. Adams is said to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. The house is said to be haunted by ghosts from its past, and has been featured on TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

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    Siesta Motel

    Norwich, Ohio

    107.6 miles from Masury, OH

    This motel is said to be haunted by the spirit of an angry man who had been staying at the night there after a fight with his mother. And as it so happened, that night he was the victim of a burglary. The still-enraged man attacked the burglar upon finding ...

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    Pigman Road

    Angola, New York

    124 miles from Masury, OH

    Holland Road is nicknamed Pigman Road because of legends of the ghost of a deranged butcher that date back to the 1950s and '60s. Folks said when he was alive, he would put pigs' heads on stakes outside the shop, which was thought to have been located on Holland Road. ...

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