Haunted Places in Lyons, Kansas

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    Wildmead Cemetery

    Nickerson, Kansas

    14.2 miles from Lyons, KS

    Legend has it that this cemetery has a guardian, one who may appear as a woman, a light, or even a demon. Those who visit the cemetery because they have family buried there will be protected by the guardian. But those who come only to cause trouble? Beware!

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    Hutchinson Public Library

    Hutchinson, Kansas

    24.4 miles from Lyons, KS

    Ida Day Holzapfel, according to local lore, is the ghost who haunts the library. The former librarian, who began working here in 1915, may never have left. She is said to reside in the basement, watching over her beloved library. She left in 1954 to become a catalog librarian for ...

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    Hutchinson Municipal Court

    Hutchinson, Kansas

    24.8 miles from Lyons, KS

    At this city courthouse, the fifth floor is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman. Her apparition in white has been spotted, and she is blamed for slamming doors and files that appear to have been moved or tampered with.

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    Fox Theater

    Hutchinson, Kansas

    24.9 miles from Lyons, KS

    Doors slam late at night, theater seats lift and lower as if someone unseen is using them, and in 2001, the glass from a fire extinguisher panel broke by itself when no one was around.

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    The Devil's Washboard - Donmyer Road

    Gypsum, Kansas

    48 miles from Lyons, KS

    The Devil's Washboard, a group of three steep hills along Donmyer Road, has a harrowing history. Reports say that in the 1950s, seven local teens were racing in a car when they slammed into the bank, killing some or all of them. The wrecked car was placed upon posts at ...

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    Central Plains Novelty Store

    Wichita, Kansas

    65.1 miles from Lyons, KS

    This original historic building is over one hundred years old, and the staff here have reported many instances of paranormal activity. Staff and customers have reported smelling perfume when there is no one around and hearing disembodied footsteps on the upper floor. Strange lights and figures in period clothing have ...

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    Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview

    Wichita, Kansas

    65.2 miles from Lyons, KS

    Some strange occurrences reported in this hotel include lights that flicker only in the guest rooms (not the hallways), and violently shaking doors. Also, the furniture is rearranged within seconds of a person leaving a room.

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    Old Abilene Town

    Abilene, Kansas

    66.1 miles from Lyons, KS

    This recreation of "Old Town Abilene" features mock gunfights, shopping at the "General Store," and if some people are to be believed, ghosts! In fact, the "Ghost Tours of Kansas" company listed Old Abilene Town as the most haunted spot in the state in 2012. We don't have ...

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    Rivendell Book Store

    Abilene, Kansas

    66.3 miles from Lyons, KS

    Bookstore owners have reported shadowy figures, the unexplained sound of jingle bells at Christmastime, and books that seemed to be pushed off of shelves by unseen hands. It is reported that, appropriately, one of the books that fell off the shelves was called "Living with Ghosts."

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    Wilbur's Grocery Store

    Potwin, Kansas

    70.1 miles from Lyons, KS

    This historic building is now a grocery store, but was a former orphanage and home for wayward women. People working here have reported objects moving around by themselves, feeling cold spots and smelling coffees when no one is around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Kansas Aviation Museum

    Wichita, Kansas

    70.6 miles from Lyons, KS

    Employees at the museum say they have heard slamming doors, old-fashioned music, and happily chatting voices, and they even have seen the apparition of a man in a 1940s hat. Among the 40 old planes here is said to be least one haunted one: A yellow crop duster is said ...

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    Fort Hays

    Lyons, Kansas

    71.2 miles from Lyons, KS

    Originally called Fort Fletcher, Fort Hays was a U.S. Army post active 1865-1889, used during the American Indian Wars. In 1929 it opened as a historical park. The ghost said to haunt the premises is known as the Blue Light Lady. According to her legend, she was Elizabeth Polly, who ...

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    Doctor W.B. Jones House

    Florence, Kansas

    73.4 miles from Lyons, KS

    This historic abandoned house was built in 1879, and was formerly the residence of a doctor and his family. People have reportedly seen the apparition of the doctor staring down at them from the upper floor of the house. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Flower Pot Mountain

    Medicine Lodge, Kansas

    81.6 miles from Lyons, KS

    There are many different tellings of the legend of Flower Pot Mountain, so the story will differ depending on whom you speak to. However, some versions involve a ghost with a hidden diary, a gnarled tree, and a Native American massacre of pioneer settlers who once thought the Indians to ...

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    Belle Vista Cemetery

    El Dorado, Kansas

    82.3 miles from Lyons, KS

    Ghost tourists who stop around the grave of Clara Wiley, a woman who was murdered in the 1900s, find that their cameras seem to malfunction. The cemetery also is said to be haunted by a ghost called Two Moons, whose bones were said to have been dug up during the ...

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    Ellis Railroad Museum

    Ellis, Kansas

    84 miles from Lyons, KS

    The jail cell in this railroad museum is believed to be haunted, although it is currently used only for storage. The ghost was a prisoner who drowned in the 1958 flood, unable to escape the rising water. Unexplained noises and an eerie figure that flits past the windows are signs ...

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    Brown Grand Theatre

    Concordia, Kansas

    89.5 miles from Lyons, KS

    At this theater and opera house you may see more than just a show. Locals say a ghost haunts this theater, and is especially active during the opening season.

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    Moon Lake

    Fort Riley, Kansas

    90.7 miles from Lyons, KS

    Near Moon Lake is reportedly a Chief's Circle. Witnesses describe what look like fireflies in sets of two that stay close to the ground, whoops and howls. The lights are rumored to be the eyes of braves' spirits protecting the area.

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    Fort Riley

    Milford, Kansas

    91.6 miles from Lyons, KS

    At this 1850s Civil War fort, visitors may see more than war relics. According to local legend, an apparition of a woman in chains can be seen walking across the fields, and a group of spectral riders appear on the Cavalry Parade Field. One dismounts, and the rest ride away. ...

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    Achenbach Memorial Hospital

    Hardtner, Kansas

    94.8 miles from Lyons, KS

    Reported occurrences that seem to speak for the hospital being haunted are many, including 1) The first-floor men's room is said to always be 15-20 degrees colder than the rest of the building; 2) Witnesses describe a feeling of being watched by something unseen; 3) Bloody footprints can be seen ...

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    Coon Creek Bridge

    Barnes, Kansas

    115.2 miles from Lyons, KS

    About five miles south of Barnes on the east side of Coon Creek Bridge, you may see the ghost of a young girl walking through the woods, especially just before sunrise. Her identity is unknown, as townspeople have no knowledge of any deaths ever occurring nearby.

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