Haunted Places in Lockwood, Montana

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    The Weeping Woman

    Billings, Montana

    The Weeping Woman is the name locals have for this ghost seen near Billings. She is said to walk along the banks of the Yellowstone River about 5 miles east of Billings. Those who have seen her say she is tall, has dark hair, and wears a white flowing gown.

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    Depot Antique Mall

    Billings, Montana

    4.7 miles from Lockwood, MT

    Back in the 1940s this was the site of a terrible plane crash. It is said that the nearby funeral home ran out of room to store the bodies, so some corpses had to be stored in the refrigerator at the grocery store, which is now the Depot Antique Mall. ...

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    Moss Mansion

    Billings, Montana

    5.6 miles from Lockwood, MT

    The Moss Mansion House Museum is said to be haunted by a young girl, a former resident here, and sometimes other members of her family. Witnesses report strange noises and doors that open by themselves at night.

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    Little People of the Pryor Mountains

    Lockwood, Montana

    44.8 miles from Lockwood, MT

    The Crow Indians call these mountains sacred and attest that they are the home of "little people." These little people are rumored to be ferocious characters who protect the tribe, and have been known to tear the hearts out of enemies' horses. The story of the little people is strengthened ...

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    Little Bighorn Battlefield

    Garryowen, Montana

    50.6 miles from Lockwood, MT

    At this monument to the historic battle also known as Custer's Last Stand, soldiers and Native Americans have been seen or heard in spirit form. Both visitors and employees have seen apparitions, experienced taps on the shoulder, and heard moans, screams, and Native American war cries. One of the phantoms ...

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    The Pollard Hotel

    Red Lodge, Montana

    59.4 miles from Lockwood, MT

    Much of the reported activity revolves around the third floor with many of the claims taking place in rooms 309-312. There are a variety of claims that generally revolve around people "feeling" odd, dizzy or light-headed or oppressed. People have reported seeing a woman in a yellow dress haunting ...

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    The Blue Lady of Kane Cemetery

    Lovell, Wyoming

    65.4 miles from Lockwood, MT

    Kane is a sort of ghost town about 10 miles west of Lovell. It has no residents, but a few building foundations remain. When the Yellowtail Reservoir water level is low, the old town's remains and the historic cemetery can be seen. The Blue Lady who haunts this cemetery is ...

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    Shoshone Bar & Grill

    Lovell, Wyoming

    67.8 miles from Lockwood, MT

    The haunt here is said to be Ted Louie, a candy salesman who disappeared nearby in the 1940s. Electrical appliances run themselves, strange sounds and voices can be heard, and money floats through the air. Apparitions also have been seen; reports say he most often lingers in the basement.

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    Bighorn Medicine Wheel

    Lovell, Wyoming

    72.7 miles from Lockwood, MT

    This mysterious structure has been used as a worship site for hundreds of years. Not even the local Native Americans know who built it. Some researchers say it is at least 12,000 years old. Legend has it that if you fast for four days within the circle, the ancient spirits ...

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    Northwest College

    Powell, Wyoming

    75.1 miles from Lockwood, MT

    Residents have heard footsteps in the showers, scraping chairs, and cabinets opening and closing inside locked, unused rooms. Reports have said that at 2 a.m. the oven and all the stove burners have been turned on at full heat. There has also been unexplained cold in a wing where a ...

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    Karen Stevens
  • 800px-GravesHotelHarlowtonMT2011

    Graves Hotel - Harlowtown Hotel

    Harlowton, Montana

    80.1 miles from Lockwood, MT

    It is said that the former owner, an elderly man, used to sit in his rocking chair on the top floors and look out the window at the river. After he passed away, his chair was stored in the closet, but the chair mysteriously appears at the window, even when ...

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    Heart Mountain Relocation Center

    Powell, Wyoming

    83.4 miles from Lockwood, MT

    This World War II center for relocation of the Japanese has seen its share of spiritual activity. Daytimes here are quiet, although a friendly spirit may follow you around. But at night, it is reported that Shadow People are active. Witnesses have heard footsteps and noises, and had a feeling ...

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    The Devil's Dancing Ground

    Forsyth, Montana

    91.9 miles from Lockwood, MT

    This spot gets its colorful name from the fact that nearby Native Americans believed this to be a hotspot for spirits. Not only have ghostly Native Americans been seen dancing here, but also UFOs have been sighted; this is thought to be a favorite alien landing zone. Uneasy feelings and ...

  • Irma_Hotel,_Cody_WY

    Irma Hotel

    Cody, Wyoming

    94.8 miles from Lockwood, MT

    This tribute to the old West hotel, built by Buffalo Bill is reported to be haunted. Guests report the usual haunting activity, ghostly footsteps, strange noises and allegedly the ghost of a man without a bottom half is seen gliding through the halls.

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    Cedar Mountain - Spirit Mountain

    Cody, Wyoming

    98.7 miles from Lockwood, MT

    Cedar Mountain was once called Spirit Mountain in reference to the many people who have been lost in the area's many caves. The caves and canyon are said to be haunted, and ghostly footsteps have been heard by visitors. Longtime residents say "little people" occupy this site. The caves are ...

  • 800px-Trail_End_State_Historic_Site_aka_Kendrick_Mansion-Sheridan_WY-06-28-2011

    Kendrick Mansion - Trail End

    Sheridan, Wyoming

    99.5 miles from Lockwood, MT

    Now a museum, this 1913 house used to be the residence of John B. Kendrick and family. Surveillance cameras are said to pick up ghostly images in the rooms. But when the police investigate in person, no one is ever found. The apparitions seem only to show up on camera.

  • SheridanInn

    The Historic Sheridan Inn

    Sheridan, Wyoming

    99.7 miles from Lockwood, MT

    This inn unfortunately closed in October 2012. At this time, they are seeking sufficient money to pay off loans incurred when they attempted to do an historic renovation. When it was in operation, people claimed it was haunted by a variety of spirits who manifested themselves in typical haunting fashion. ...

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