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The 1940s hospital closed around 1988, but apparently all of its patients haven’t moved out. Witnesses say they have been punched, slapped, kicked or scratched by something unseen, and shadow figures have been seen in the hallways. A man named T.J. who died of a heroin overdose here is said to be one of the spirits left behind, but there are many other legends and ghosts said to be associated to this spooky place. The hospital was featured on TV’s Ghost Adventures.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    728 West Main Street
    Yorktown, TX
    United States

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    28.978655829551844, -97.51373898987367
    DeWitt County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Yorktown, TX (0.7 mi.)
    Nordheim, TX (7.0 mi.)
    Runge, TX (13.7 mi.)
    Cuero, TX (15.7 mi.)
    Smiley, TX (21.3 mi.)
    Goliad, TX (22.7 mi.)
    Kenedy, TX (23.1 mi.)
    Karnes City, TX (24.3 mi.)
    Nixon, TX (25.0 mi.)
    Tulsita, TX (29.5 mi.)

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    1. I worked here several years before they closed it down. We used to hear whispers when no one was around,we would also feel a very strong sense of being watched. I never told anyone what I felt,but others felt the same thing as well as they would talk about being touched and hearing their names being called when no one was around. Twas eerie,then I can imagine how it must be now. I would go back to check it out,but not sure if they would allow me in to check things out. One of my coworkers wrote on the wall of the nursery “baby cry.” It should be on the left wall as you walk into the nursery,not sure if it is still there.Regardless, check it out.

    2. My mother worked here. I’ve had plenty of nights and days in this hospital as I have grown older. Some are optimistic but there are a lot of things that go on that are unexplainable. When you are with a group of people things don’t seem so bad but get alone and all kinds of things start to sound off and apparitions appear. If you sit in one place long enough you will see and hear all you want to see and hear for your visit to the hospital. Especially if you are around the back doors where the gentleman that died of a heroin overdose was just dropped off. What friends he had they left him at the back door and took off. There are several things that are still in the hospital from when it was open like the gurneys, beds, mirrors, chairs, utensils and lots more. Try laying in one of the drawers that are in the morgue part of the hospital. I don’t see many lasting long in that drawer its very creepy. As well as the basement were the couple was killed at. There is so much history to the hospital I could go on for days but whats even better is going yourself and experiencing it first hand. You for sure will not be let down and will be glad you went.

    3. This place is really haunted. My brother and several of our friends went there and spent the night roaming the hospital. You have to get permission first, don’t just show up and expect them to allow you to investigate. Anyway, the nursery is the creepiest place of them all. One of our friends ran out of the nursery screaming, all scared because of what she said saw. She claims a doll started talking as she walked by. According to her, the doll said,”Don’t you love me?, don’t go” SH e said that when she turned and looked at the doll, it winked at her. She really was very frightened, to the point of she insisted on leaving the building and staying in the truck.I walked into the nursery and began to talk to the same doll, but it did not move or speak. The person she was with, claimed the doll did speak as he heard it as well. I stared deep into the doll’s eyes and I could feel that something in that doll was staring back at me. I left the nursery and went down stairs to the basement. I spoke to the owner and he said that he hears the same doll talking all of the time. This is truly a haunted hospital, go see for yourself.

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