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Van Cortlandt Park is thought to be haunted. Witnesses say dolls walk, doors close, whispers come from nowhere, and apparitions abound here in the Bronx’s oldest building, Van Cortlandt House. The park, back in 1778, was the site of the Stockbridge Indian Massacre, when British soldiers hunted and killed nearly 40 Native Americans. Their bodied were eventually buried in the northwest corner of the park.

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Geographic Information

Van Cortlandt Park
Bronx, NY
United States

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40.8979346, -73.88595140000001
Bronx County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Yonkers, NY (2.4 mi.)
Mount Vernon, NY (2.7 mi.)
Eastchester, NY (2.9 mi.)
Inwood, NY (3.1 mi.)
Borough of Bronx, NY (3.5 mi.)
Englewood Cliffs, NJ (3.6 mi.)
Bronxville, NY (4.0 mi.)
Pelham Manor, NY (4.1 mi.)
Pelham, NY (4.2 mi.)
Tenafly, NJ (4.4 mi.)


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  1. A good friend of mine has worked on the site for more than 15 years. He says the site actively discourages serious talks of haunting and such, except for the silly stuff around Halloween, but the site is unpleasant. He said several people have reported seeing a small boys face looking down from an upper level window when there was not supposed to be anyone in the house.

    Further my friend said he spent the night there once, sleeping on a 2nd floor landing and NOTHING will ever make him do that again. He flat out refused to discuss it but this is a man not easily rattled.

  2. The Indian massacre took place in the northeast section of the park, east of the Thruway and west of Van Cortlandt Park East roadway in the section north of E. 233rd Street. The monument memorial is right near Van Cortlandt Park East but the massacre took place a little further into the park area. So saying that the Indians were buried in the northwest area is likely not correct.

  3. My sister’s boyfriend and I were taking a walk one evening with my family. It was August of 2013, nice warm night. Out of no where, he and I both experienced a freezing cold wind sweep past us. No one else felt it but he and I. We were on our way out of the park, on the path that runs in front of the tennis courts and the old house, walking towards broadway. It was pretty weird and that wind was freezing!!!!!!!!! Abnormally freezing.

  4. There was a video on YouTube and spread widely throughout social media which was later taken down by the government it was about a girl who disappeared at the age of 7 in the woods and reappeared at the age of 13 walking out van cortlandt woods but she could not speak due to what has happened . Many do not believe this story but she told the story about how she was walking and all of a sudden a tree branch grabbed her back but she kept walk but all of a sudden it wrapped of her legs pulled her on the floor and fell on her face she said she felt it wrap around her body and pulled her . She couldn’t move or scream but she saw people throughout the day just walking and laughing like it was all normal and at night she saw white things/dots playing in a circle. She said she saw trees form itself together to look like a human made out of tree and start walking. Then she said all of a sudden 6 years later she woke up in the floor . The same spot the tree branch pulled her and the tree on her face. Her shirt was dirty and the bottoms I do not know about . If you find the story please let me know

    • that’s terrifying. I really would like to see the video u are talking about or at least read the story about the girl. Thanks for sharing this.

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