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There isn’t an American alive who doesn’t know the story of Valley Forge and the deprivations and hardships the Continental army suffered there. Although no physical battle was fought here, the battle against low morale, the elements, and hunger was a fierce one and many believe that those who lost that fight still remain. Visitors to the park claim to have seen men in army dress and some have reported what appears to be a man hanging from a tree.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Valley Forge, PA
    United States
    40.0999376970109, -75.44577598728029
    Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
    Nearest Towns:
    Chesterbrook, PA (1.8 mi.)
    Audubon, PA (2.1 mi.)
    King of Prussia, PA (2.7 mi.)
    Devon, PA (3.6 mi.)
    Berwyn, PA (3.8 mi.)
    West Norriton, PA (4.1 mi.)
    Trooper, PA (4.2 mi.)
    Phoenixville, PA (4.2 mi.)
    Paoli, PA (4.3 mi.)
    Eagleville, PA (4.6 mi.)


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    1. it’s really hard to get permission to spend the night at the park but I’m friends with several rangers who’ve said there have been some very weird things that happened here. Officially only 1 man is buried at the site but

    2. to finish nmy thought, unofficially there are several peopel burried in unknown spots, revolutionary soldiers who didn’t want to leave their comrades for the hospitals and so died and were burried quietly, their unmarked bodies later fonud and reburried when farmers returned. so even without centuries of peoplel iving there, there is certainly cause for hauntings with bodies in unhallowed ground.

    3. I always loved visiting valley forge I always thought It was a fansnating place to visit but one day in the middle of a fall day we decided to go to the park to visit and see the sites. The tour was fine we gotten there fine and we toured the battle field but the tour turned scary at the end. What I mean is this the bunkers is what I am so terrified of the smell of death and the smell of the old cabin and bunkers has you creepy. I took my kids and I at that time I had a 10 year old and a 6 year old with me we decided to go into the bunkers be to see what it was like to be a solider in the bunker the smell took your breath away I was like oh okay it is the antique smell of the cabin. Well the community decided to crave their names into the frame of the door way so my kids wanted to do it to so I said okay. Well they craved their names as well as they could with the mortal rock that was sitting on the ground it was a sharp rock the visitors gave it to my kids as they walked out so the girls craved their names. The feeling of someone breathing on you was the un nerving feeling the girls looked at me and said I do not feel right mom lets go I said no lets carve our names so the youngest ran to the car and the oldest kid and I craved our name well we felt someone whispering in our ear no. I freaked out and ran out of the cabin bunker I literally fell over my own feet running I was not laughing I felt weak . well I ran into the park ranger earlier that day and told him what I felt we walked back to the bunker and we seen nothing he said are you sure that was what you felt I said yes he told me okay it was probably nothing and he walked away . well I was like okay lets move on to the next site of the park we came up to a row of cabins and bunkers and we looked the feeling of each of the bunkers was creeper then the next I felt like someone was following me I told the girls to stay with me I felt the temperature of the weather around me drop instead of it being a warm day it was a cool day . I looked at the girls and said okay lets go to the car we went to the car and we heard a cough we turned around to see no one. then I was looking into the woods to see a deer we thought awe how cute and we took a pic . well the picture turned out to be a shadow figure I was like omg this turned into a interesting trip for sure . the camera battery was flickering off and on so the pic I took was of a shadow figure that was standing near the deer and it was dressed in full dress. I was scared my chest felt like it dropped I was so clammy and scared . my body temp was on the rise my hair latterly stand up on end. I sensed something was scary about this place. you know when you feel uncomfortable and I felt it at that time and at that place at valley forge the scariest place in valley forge was the bunkers the smell of death filled the room . the smell of rot and the smell of mold in the air gave you the creepiest feeling on end . it basically turns your stomach and the fear of it all the death of the forge is the scariest thing ever . George Washington’s cabin was not that creepy but the soldiers cabin was creepy and the dampness of the cabins is making them stay they have unfinished business for sure and the last time I visited I felt it for sure …. I rather not visit again my experience there was the scariest ever my skin was crawling after I left that place . I had this feeling there was a lot of sickness and illness and I felt sad when I left the feeling of illness came over me my skin was pale by the time I left the forge . Valley forge is the prettiest place ever but it holds the scariest things ever with in the cabin walls. All the cabins and bunkers had this happen.

      • A few paragraphs will make your entry easier to read but there are a few points I’m not clear on.

        1) what do you mean by ‘bunkers’ ? There are no bunkers at Valley forge. There was no battle here, not a single shot fired in anger , there are some old earth works that are all that remain of the fortifications built in the winter of 1777-8 but they are not open to the public.and are not roofed over to ‘look in” They are open to the sky and built on high ground so if you entered one you would be on the top of an open area.

        2) The cabins here (I work across the street from the park) are all reconstructions made in the 1970’s. They are made of wood and cement in place of waddle and daub. The soil underfood it the dark clay typical of the region.

        3)While there are some plaques errected to note which units were there ‘men of New York” Men of New Hampshire” etc there are not individual names and peopel are neither encouraged nor permitted to vandalize the cabins by etching your name into them.

        4) could you post the shadow pic for us to share?

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