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Located in a former hospital The Grey Whale Inn is reportedly haunted by both a male and female ghosts whose apparitions are seen about the grounds and peering out of windows.

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615 N Main St
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
United States

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39.448371, -123.80628200000001
Mendocino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Fort Bragg, CA (0.2 mi.)
Cleone, CA (3.1 mi.)
Caspar, CA (5.9 mi.)
Mendocino, CA (9.7 mi.)
Little River, CA (12.3 mi.)
Albion, CA (15.7 mi.)
Comptche, CA (17.1 mi.)
Brooktrails, CA (22.5 mi.)
Laytonville, CA (23.9 mi.)
Willits, CA (24.2 mi.)

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  1. Almost thirty years ago we spent an Easter weekend in the corner downstairs room in the front of the hotel. With the lights out after dark, the room was pitch black. At some point during the night, both my husband and I awakened to a “swishing” noise like the sound of a starched skirt coming toward us from the location of the door. In fact, my husband grabbed my hand, so I knew he heard it too. The noise stopped by the bed, and I felt a hand pat my thigh. While it was disconcerting, it wasn’t threatening but rather seemed to be a gesture of comfort. Then the swishing noise retreated. The next morning I asked at the desk about the room being haunted, and I was told that the room was once the labor room of the hospital and was likely haunted by the ghost of a nurse! It made perfect sense because I was about six month pregnant at the time! We never returned, but I did recently see a show on TV about that particular room being haunted.. I seem to be the sort of person who attracts spirits, and this was only one of many times I have experienced a ghost. I am positive that’s what it was!

  2. My husband and I drove by and we parked in front of the hotel. My husband told me to take a picture. So I did. I took two pictures and one of the picture appeared to be ahead of a lady at the right corner of the window. And also, a back of a lady wearing a sort of a gray color Victorian era dress on the porch coming inside the hotel. My husband was about to book this hotel when he researched about this hotel is a hunted. And yesterday, he said, take a picture because this hotel is a historical. Yep, yes indeed we saw a lady ghost appeared on the right side window of the porch when you come in the entrance.

  3. another anonymous  |  

    We staying on the upper floor, mid room overlooking the street. In the middle of the night I awoke to see my whole body shaking from the neck down! I didn’t know what was going on. I woke up my husband for him to witness. I wasn’t anxious or anything; I was cognitively sound. After about 20 minutes the quaking stopped. Sooo weird. The next morning we talked to the hosts and mentioned my evening experience and the proprietors said “that was the room the hospital room they used to send patients to, to die”. Yikes!! Freaky! Even thinking about it now gives me the chills.

  4. I lived in the basement which was the old morg. Iv always ben a stable man that never believed in anything spiritual but living here has changed my life. I have experienced to many events to write down but I will share a few. Iv come home to find my doors had ben closed when I know I left them open. Iv awoken to something wisprring in my ear. There are countless other things I have experienced th as the I can’t explain. I never thought I’d believe in spirits but after seeing what I did you would to.

  5. My ex-wife and I honeymooned at and then went back to the Grey Whale Inn three times while we were married in the eighties. We stayed in the Cape Mendocino and Railroad rooms and two others the name of which I can’t remember. As a Catholic I believe that spirits exist, especially the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately I saw no spirits, heard any weird noises, or felt anything brush up against me in the night. I roamed around the Inn around 10-11 p.m. each time and the only time I felt uneasy was in the basement, but that was because, having worked in hospitals, I knew the basement was probably the morgue. This is the first time I have heard of any paranormal activity at the Grey Whale Inn and I remain skeptical.

  6. My fiancé and I spent two nights in the Sunset Room on the top floor of the hotel. One night after dinner at The Brewery, we wandered to the basement and discovered a rec room with a pool table. All was fine until around 9pm when the tv and a radio came on simultaneously. My fiancé looked at me and we were out of the room in seconds.

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