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The mansion was once a summer house for the family of Robert Lamont. It is said that a ghost appeared to Lamont, and, thinking it was an intruder, he fired a bullet at it, evidence of which stayed for years in a wooden basement door. After he passed away and a new family moved in, they experienced noises, shadows, and other activity. It is said that they found a human corpse wedged behind a closet and simply left it there, but skeptics doubt this tale. After many bad times for the owners, the house was abandoned in the early 1980s, until investors decided to renovate it in 1986. But it was struck by lightning in 1988 and burned down, and now remains in ruins.

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Geographic Information

Off S Helen Creek Rd
Land O' Lakes, WI
United States

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46.19857870876043, -89.4216389805024
Vilas County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Boulder Junction, WI (12.2 mi.)
Watersmeet, MI (12.6 mi.)
Sayner, WI (15.6 mi.)
Marenisco, MI (18.0 mi.)
Eagle River, WI (21.2 mi.)
Woodruff, WI (24.8 mi.)
Minocqua, WI (26.5 mi.)
Lac du Flambeau, WI (27.5 mi.)
Lake Tomahawk, WI (27.8 mi.)
Three Lakes, WI (30.3 mi.)


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  1. I’ve been highly interested in conducting a field investigation of the site, but have been unable to contact the current owners of the property to see about gaining permission or entrance. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated! If anyone wants to check the validity of my group, please feel free to visit our main site, Thank you.

    • Comment to The Reeper, Did you have a bad experience there? Obviously! I had an insane experience and just wondering if you ever heard of anyone taking something from the mansion and bringing it home? Boy, do I have a story but too crazy to post on here. Would you be willing to email me and share your experience?

  2. I vacationed in Boulder Junction every summer for more than 20 years. In the 80’s, when the place was still standing, but wasn’t inhabited, a family friend told a very spooky story about this place. He was in high school at the time and went to Summerwind with a bunch of friends just to see what they would find. He said the rooms of the house seemed to change size. Once they went in, they became disoriented and had trouble getting out. He said there wasn’t enough money in the world to make him go back. This was a big strapping guy who went on to become a marine. I never went there myself, but all the locals I spoke to seemed to believe there was something going on there.

  3. I went there last summer. Very creepy it was hard to find. My family lived up there and kinda remember where it was and we honestly kinds stumbled upon it. So odd it is burnt down but the weird part is there is a pile of bricks where you enter. It’s like people take a brick as a keep sake and decide on to or return it.

  4. I am the successor to Ginger Hinshaw and Raymond Von Bober at Summerwind. Recently I purchased the original 1916 blue prints to the property. It is very easy to gain access to enter the property if you search for a paranormal group called Fox Valley Ghost Hunters. Their lead investigator Craig Nehring knows the current owners. On October 4th 2014 history will be made. In the evening at 5 pm Saturday Oct 4th the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters are going to host a benefit cookout/ campfire and Marsh mellows and story time into the past and future of the property. I will invite anyone to share this with us with a donation of $15.00 per person with a percentage of the funds going towards the rebuild This event will start at 5 pm and go till 10 pm . Then the guests that are staying over night will be able to continue with us and do some investigating as well. We only have limited spots for camping so you must let us know if you want to stay the night with a donation cost of 50.00 per person for the overnight camping. All guests must sign a Waiver. It may be cooler outside so dress warm and bring blankets .A propane heater or something to keep you warm is ok. Generators are not allowed do to the sound. This is a very rare event and chance to step onto the very haunted notorious Summerwind grounds. No one is allowed that has not signed a waiver. Earlier in the day there there will be a clean up by the FVGH team and select friends to come and clean up Summerwind for the day to possibly prepare for rebuilding of the Summerwind property Early in the afternoon there will be a TV station coming out to interview us and the owners for a segment in a popular well know TV station in the area

    Here is the link to the event if anyone is interested in attending for only $15.00. All funds will go towards a future rebuilding of the property.

    • Boy did I ever miss out on a golden opportunity. Is there any chance that this will happen again? I will do anything to be able to experience a lifelong dream like that.

  5. I have been to summerwind for an investigation with my paranormal team and the Fox Valley team. When i got there i was so amazed by the land and all the ruins. After we all split off on our own, my boyfriend and i started to hear voices and crying. I felt an energy and started to talk to it, she said her name was lucy. When i first hear her we were in the woods by the lake , i had no idea where we were go. I just felt like i was being pulled that way . After all this happened, we saw are group and i told them what happen, that was when jen a member of are group told me that i was a psychic medium, at first i couldnt believe it but now that i look and start to see what i am i believe that i could be an amzaing medium one day like jennifer!

    • Wow I would do anything for the chance to experience Summerwind with someone or a paranormal group. I have the book and have watched the episode on a haunting of summerwind. Now I just need to get there with some help.

  6. I have been to summer wind. I used to live in land O lakes. Its was really cool. I heard this story that if u take anything from there u will get bad luck. My sister said her friends dad took something and he broke his neck like the week after.

  7. My son visited there with a group of friends last summer. He has a very strong christian faith and as he stepped over the cable blocking the driveway and set foot on the property, he began heaving uncontrollably. Out of nowhere and with no warning, he was sicker than a dog. They did not continue and returned to the car. Once away from the property, he felt fine. Everyone was totally freeked out!! He said you could feel the evil presence! My wife and I are visiting this Friday, just before Halloween. We’ll see what it brings us!

  8. I grew up in the area and was even there at night dont remember much but I did somehow cut my ring finger on my right hand. And it left a nasty scar. Nobody i was with couldnt figure it out either. So be very careful if you go make sure you have protection

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