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During the daylight hours, apparitions have been caught on photo. During the night, the sounds of people conversing can be heard. Children can be heard playing at night. This place is filled with the bodies of orphaned children. Their graves state “baby” or the child’s first name only.

A woman told me that a female spirit once flowed beside her cackling through the fence as she walked past the cemetery on Valley Blvd. She could hear talking and banging on the walls through the backside of the shed which is also on Valley blvd.

I have caught many EVPs and paranormal photos here.

I believe this place to be haunted. Everything within a few blocks is built on top of unmarked graves. The bodies are still there. These were Pioneers of the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles.

(Submitted by Michelle H.)

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Geographic Information

9251 Valley Blvd
Rosemead, CA
United States

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34.081809153734596, -118.067438666626
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Rosemead, CA (0.3 mi.)
East San Gabriel, CA (1.5 mi.)
Temple City, CA (1.8 mi.)
South San Gabriel, CA (1.9 mi.)
South El Monte, CA (2.4 mi.)
San Gabriel, CA (2.4 mi.)
El Monte, CA (2.5 mi.)
North El Monte, CA (2.9 mi.)
Monterey Park, CA (3.4 mi.)
San Marino, CA (3.5 mi.)


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  1. I live one block away from here…Ever since i was kid i remember playing in and around this cemetery i never seen nor heard anything spooky! Till this day im around the cemetery alot because of a friend of mine that happens to live right beside it…his back yard ends where the cemetery starts and we never hear anything or do we see anything! As a matter of fact im going there tonight im gonna do some investigating take sone pics for you folks and we will see what happens. I will keep you posted bye bye!

  2. I have seen photographs of this cemetary with ghost children in the background. Also adults in old time clothing. The firemen of the fire station right next door have seen and heard the ghost.

  3. I lived on Claudia Avenue approximately 100 yards from the Cemetery from 1947 until 2005. My house I would say was haunted and have had many experiences there. Full body apparition in my house with blankets and sheets being pulled off the bed while were still in bed. Doors opening and closing, things moving from one spot to another, the feeling someone is watching you, cold spots, and many other things. My wife and I purchased the house after my parents passed-a-way and we moved back in for a period of time. She had her own experiences not knowing what I felt about the house. We eventually named the ghost The Shoe Tier because my wife would find one her sports shoes tied occasionally in the morning after a run the night before. I told her the stories of the house and It freaked her out so much that she would take her shoes off, toss them in the closet and close the closet right afterwards. Once she got up to put her shoes on in the morning and after opening the closet she grabbed her shoes one was upside down, it had been tied. This is the truth as strange as it may sound. We had vertical blinds in the front room ceiling to floor and as I was sitting there watching TV something caught my eye. I looked to the right and watched the blind as if someone was running their hand along the blind walking by, gave me the chills. My cats would look at areas in the house as if they were looking at something also creepy. I understand from the history of the Cemetery that when they worked on the roads (Valley & Mission) in the early years they would come across unmarked graves. So do I think that Savannah Cemetery and the surrounding area has ghostly things happening, I do.

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