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According to stories, over 150 years the church burned down and its preacher hanged himself from the tree near the gate. Now, folks say red eyes and a red light are seen here and in the woods. Orbs and the voice of a woman singing to guitar music also have been reported.

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Geographic Information

3789 E. 1000 N
La Porte, IN
United States

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41.753289722817414, -86.62754774082714
LaPorte County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Three Oaks, MI (3.3 mi.)
Hudson Lake, IN (5.7 mi.)
Rolling Prairie, IN (5.7 mi.)
New Buffalo, MI (6.6 mi.)
New Carlisle, IN (7.1 mi.)
Galien, MI (7.3 mi.)
Grand Beach, MI (8.9 mi.)
Shorewood-Tower Hills-Harbert, MI (8.9 mi.)
New Troy, MI (9.4 mi.)
Michiana, MI (9.6 mi.)


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  1. I have remodeled the old house of the preacher and in the back of the house he kept the sick and nursed them back to health. But many have died in the house and on the property. I have seen things fall off the wall doors slam shut , and I’ve heard people walking while just me and my helper were in the house alone.While walking one the property it feels like someone is watching you..There is a book about the property that was wrote by one of the tenets.

  2. I have been there several times and the story is actually that the priest locked the parishioners in the church and set it ablaze. There are warm spots within the cemetery and friends and I have taken pictures there in which several orbs have appeared. Once I find these pictures I will upload them or go there and take more

  3. I went there when i was 7months pregnant with my ten year old i. A brand new car with a full tank if gas and all. I had pics of red eyes on my belly and many many orbs.when we went to leave our car would not start we had to push the car down the road for it to start. I have not yet went back there. That plaxe creeps me out!!!

  4. I went there today, and it was the eeriest place I have ever explored. It was very easy to find, the gate was open. As soon as I stepped into the cemetery, my muscles tightened and would continue to do so for the rest of my visit. I started to take pictures of the tree that the priest was said to have hanged himself from and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Shortly after, we hear a rifle shot which could be from the farm behind the cemetery, but it was still creepy. I kept hearing footsteps behind me, and the sound of music. I could not figure out where the sounds were coming from though. My friend who I went with was making his way up the hill, and all of a sudden turned around quickly and wanted to leave. He said he had heard someone say “hello” and creeped him out so much. After he said that my heart started beating so fast, but I was not scared. We decided to leave since we heard voices behind the cemetery. But now that I’m thinking, was it actually people, or the ghost of Posey?

  5. Me and my family went and we saw weird figures moving grave to grave. we heard a weird scream that sounded demonic. we have pictures of weird lady like figures and doll like features in the fog. im exited to go to go again

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