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Hotel Oregon is located in a building that opened in 1905 as Hotel Elberton. It was renovated in 1998 and hosts an annual UFO convention, and it is decorated with relics of the building’s history and the town’s famous 1950 UFO sighting. To top it all off, the hotel also has a ghost. Nicknamed John, the ghost is thought to be a former long-term resident. Cold spots have been reported on the hotel’s first and second floors as well as in the cellar bar.

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310 NE Evans St
McMinnville, OR 97128
United States

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45.2102077, -123.19427840000003
Yamhill County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
McMinnville, OR (0.2 mi.)
Lafayette, OR (4.5 mi.)
Dayton, OR (5.8 mi.)
Carlton, OR (5.9 mi.)
Amity, OR (6.6 mi.)
Yamhill, OR (9.1 mi.)
Dundee, OR (10.1 mi.)
Saint Paul, OR (10.6 mi.)
Sheridan, OR (12.4 mi.)
Newberg, OR (12.4 mi.)

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  1. this seems true, i work here and when on the 2nd floor its seems vert strange, and like you can feel another person there, having creepy ass paintings dont help either, many employee’s have said they felt something touching them and turn around and nothing is there, and hearing things, stuff being messed up when no other person has been around, also i was in the basement and felt something right in front of my face. The elevator is also pose to be haunted by “The elevator man” ive had no experiences in the elevator so i cant speak for that. theres another ghost that haunts the place there called the white twins, theres paintings of them and a room named after them, i dont know… creep stuff has happend here and just feeling creepy things in this hotel has lead me to think its really haunted.

  2. I’d love to know more about the history of Hotel Oregon. A year or so ago my husband booked us a night in this hotel. We stayed in a room that had it’s own bathroom. I can’t remember what the room number was or even what floor it was on. I just remember going up to our room and the whole time I just felt overwhelmed by something. We got to our room and I just started bawling. I’m not the kind of person who just breaks down and cries like that. I wonder if there could have been a spirit present that might have been making me feel this way. We ended up leaving and staying the night somewhere else. Does anyone know more about the history of this hotel? All I can find is that they have a ghost named “John”, but I’m wondering if there aren’t more spirits there.

  3. A few years back my girlfriend and i stayed the night. She woke up at some point during to find a man dressed in black with a black western hat on, standing over our bed. It didn’t seem to scare her, in fact she did not mention it to me tell the next morning when we went to check out. She described the situation to the front desk and the women checking us out simply acknowledged her statement and said she’s heard that story before. Can’t remember which room number it was…

  4. Back in 2000, I toured the hotel with my sister, going from room to room and going down the staircase and back up…..There is definitely a couple of presences hanging out. I am a well known psychic (locally) and I stopped at each door, to “feel” the energy. Room #202 was the most energized….the door actually felt hot. There was an extreme sharp pain that ran down my leg when I went down the stairs…apparently there was a man who was shot by a gun in the stairwell many years ago.

  5. I have been to the hotel for lunch three times now and each time I feel something.
    The first time I went there, I went to the bathroom and on the way I seen a man, that I thought was going to the bathroom also, but instead he disappeared right in front of me.

  6. About 2002 we rented a room turning left coming out of the elevator at the corner of the 2nd or 3rd floor. The next morning I left the room and walked to the elevator 50 ft away. Maids were moving cleaning equipment out so the door to elevator closed before I could get in. I pushed the down button again then realized I forgot my camera so walked back to my room door but couldn’t open it without a lot of force because the bed was pushed up against it. I was puzzled because the 5 minutes I was at the elevator clearly in view of my door it hadn’t been touched. When I got the camera and went downstairs waiting for my wife to get back from her walk I picked up a hotel brochure and it had the story of John roaming the hotel.

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