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Apparitions of women and children in ragged clothing have been reported at this cemetery, and legend tells of an old underground crypt that was once here. Teens who used the cemetery for a hangout said when you reached the bottom of the stairs and turned around, you could see a vision of Hell.

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Geographic Information

Off Paradise Lake Road
Maltby, WA
United States

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47.77631032518237, -122.07948285336897
Snohomish County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Echo Lake, WA (1.6 mi.)
Cottage Lake, WA (2.2 mi.)
Maltby, WA (2.5 mi.)
Woodinville, WA (4.2 mi.)
Clearview, WA (4.5 mi.)
Duvall, WA (4.9 mi.)
Cathcart, WA (5.0 mi.)
North Creek, WA (5.4 mi.)
Kingsgate, WA (5.8 mi.)
Bothell, WA (5.9 mi.)


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  1. There was 13 steps that went down towards paradise lake rd into the woods and legend says you couldn’t walk down to the bottom. I heard a story of a guy bounced a ball down the steps and it vanished also you would freeze at the 12 th friend and I went there and he asked about the cemetery to the neighbors,there are houses surrounding it, but nobody knew anything.the steps are no longer was 1990 or so last time we were there.I felt no pressence except the feeling I was being watched.most graves were early 1900s but remember one from is very small place.

  2. In 1981 a couple high school friends and I went to the cemetery late at night and it was a very clear spring night and we walked into the cemetery with flashlights and I remember very vividly the further we went in looking at the headstones the more misty and foggy it got until we eventually turned back and went back to the car we sat there for a while drinking beer and smoking a little weed when suddenly there was a big bang on the back of my car and when we looked to see if someone was there there was no sign of anyone we decided to get out of there quick started the car and started to drive out of there then the car died when I tried to restart it it wouldn’t start I tried over and over again to restart it for about five minutes when it finally started and we drove out of there and never went back it was a very surreal experience and quite scary.

  3. I was in a car accident today at maltby cemetery. My car lost power going into the turn as i come out of the turn now about 30 ft from the front of the pillars all of the sudden the car began jerking uncontrollably I was trying to control it but my car swerved around the corner. I then felt a presence in the car as though someone was with me…. Very eeery I then glance over for a second and see a figure of a woman. My eyes fly back to the road and my car is going off the side of the road. Now foggy images in front of my car.. I smashed into the tree slamming on my breaks. I freaking out searched for my phone that was supposed to be in my purse. I hear a woman talking. Scared the shit out of me. I began having a full blown anxiety attack. I called a tow truck. He asked me if I saw anything weird. Saying he has heard of accidents here for years all claiming to have seen something. Hands down scariest night of my life. After seeing this woman and watching my car uncontrolably fly towards trees I watched my life flash before my eyes. A woman’s cackling and my sons smiling face. (I was alone, driving home from work). I have endured a neck injury in this as my neck flew forward and samcked on my steering wheel and up again on the visor. Has anyone else had car accidents around here??

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