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Witnesses have reported such ghostly happenings as objects that are moved when no one is around, doors and cupboards that open and close by themselves, and orbs that appear in photographs.

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57 W Vine St
Tooele, UT 84074
United States

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40.5303964, -112.3001908
Tooele County, Utah
Nearest Towns:
Tooele, UT (0.1 mi.)
Erda, UT (5.7 mi.)
Stockton, UT (6.2 mi.)
Stansbury park, UT (7.4 mi.)
Grantsville, UT (9.9 mi.)
Copperton, UT (10.9 mi.)
Ophir, UT (11.3 mi.)
Rush Valley, UT (14.0 mi.)
Herriman, UT (14.1 mi.)
Oquirrh, UT (15.6 mi.)

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  1. I lived there and it is Haunted there is a women for sure on the 3rd floor. we would come home and the chair would be turned closet door open and she appeared once in my room after the death of my father. this is true!!

  2. there are a lot of ghost because in are hotel we have a old lady and a old man and a little boy he always plays with my tv or my shoes or door he got a hanger and threw it at me I talk to him sometimes and you can here him say stuff back like hello or he will ask me if I can here him and the 2 floor if you take a picture he can see a pretty lady just looking right at you.
    this is true!!!!!

  3. I used to work at the kirk. the third floor definitely has the most activity. one time i was cleaning the wall and when i walked back to grab the disinfectant and when i came back to where i just cleaned there were some bloody smudges. In the same day when i was cleaning the door handles i got to a room that was under construction, no one was in there but as i cleaned the door knob the door bumped shut… some weird going ons there

  4. We were walking through the 2nd floor halls we came back to one hall and there was a broken chair that was laid on the ground like it was thrown and no one was around

  5. Back when I was 8 years old me my mom an my brother lived on the third floor, I’m 24 now and remember this as it was just yesterday very frightful experience I had, my mom was great friends with the owner and his wife. I always had bad feelings about the place.. One day me and my brother were sitting in the livenroom when a vace shattered into millions of piece’s I thought wow maybe it was the wind that knocked it over due to the window was cracked a bit.. Then the day after I was in my room playing some music my mother was taken a nap. My bedroom blinds feel down an went up an back down an my radio station turned an then it turned off I imidiatly ran in there with my mom scared I told her she said its the wind I said no there’s no wind comen into my bedroom. That night my mother had went to the bar came home me and my brother were in bed asleep.. We herd her hollar my brothers name get ur ass in bed now we ran in there an said what going on she said y’all can just stop playing games we looked at each other an both said what we r asleep she said bullshit u was under my bed shaking it we said no we wasn’t even in here a few mins later she felt someone in her bed playing with her hair she turned the light on an nothing was there… After all this we stayed until I started seeing a lady standing in are window from out back in the yard… Very scarey place I couldn’t go back

  6. I lived at the Kirk for a year around 2002. I had several experiences when I lived there. Everything from voices and footsteps when no one else was around to things moving right in front of me when no one was touching them. At one point, Lizzy (she was a big old black dog that wondered from apartment to apartment, she didn’t really belong to any of us, she was the Hotels dog) would stay in my apartment with me at night because my husband wasn’t there and I would get nervous being there alone. I was laying on the couch half asleep, and she was sleeping on the floor next to the couch, all of the sudden I heard her start growling. All the hair on my arms and on the back of my neck stood on end, and I could hear strange voices that sounded like they were coming from my bedroom, but I knew that no one else was in the apartment with me. I thought that maybe it was someone out on the stairs or in the hallway, so I went over to my door, I could hear footsteps and the voices seemed to be getting closer. It sounded as if they were very angry, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but it was getting very loud. I opened my door to ask them to keep it down, but there was no one there. I walked out into the hallway and couldn’t hear any voices or footsteps anymore. I walked down the hallway to see if I could see anyone on the landing or the stairs and they were empty. I walked to the door for the outside stairs and went out on the landing to see if I could see anyone outside in courtyard, on the stairs or out on the roof across from my apartment, but everything was empty and everyone’s windows were shut. I never really felt like I was in danger, but I did feel uneasy there if I was alone.

  7. I used to work in the basement of the kirk and have taken mutiple pictures and have caught so many thing including orbs, ghostly faces, a little girl in the furnace room (where i worked)

  8. I currently live at the kirk, This place is the most haunted place i have ever known. one day i had just gotten home from food shopping and i was putting my grocery away when i opened my fridge and all i saw was a bright light and someone or something shouted zool. I was pretty freaked out so i naturally called up some experts, well the whole experience was pretty neat. got to meet some new people and also became a dog. Id recommended anyone to go check it out for yourself!

  9. I use to live there till I graduated and I would hear children’s giggling and having to wash down the hall way I would be in the Tony wash room on the 3rd floor and I see shadows move past. A piece of my life must reside there still my mother god rest her soul passed away in the apartment..if you smell pall malls it’s just her so don’t worry.

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