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This historic hotel began it’s long and illustrious history back in 1908, when it was built for the many residents of the growing town. Since then, the hotel has narrowly escaped demolishment and is now one of the county icons. The third floor of the hotel is believed to have a resident ghost, who is believed to be a former prostitute who was murdered in the hotel. She has been seen walking around the upper floors, and has even been known to hop into bed with male guests.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

304 South Main Street
Alturas, CA
United States

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41.4824013, -120.54202350000003
Modoc County, California
Nearest Towns:
Alturas, CA (0.3 mi.)
Daphnedale Park, CA (1.8 mi.)
California Pines, CA (8.7 mi.)
Canby, CA (17.2 mi.)
Likely, CA (17.5 mi.)
Cedarville, CA (19.3 mi.)
Lake City, CA (20.1 mi.)
Eagleville, CA (24.9 mi.)
Adin, CA (28.9 mi.)
Fort Bidwell, CA (33.0 mi.)


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  1. I’ve heard tales the female on second floor. Also third floor was once the location of a satanist church. Mr. Niles has been seen on the grand staircase and of a little boy in restaurant. A friend recently recorded a empty rooms door rattling like crazy with no decerable cuase.

  2. I stayed at the Niles with some family members in June 2014 when we were in Alturas for a memorial service. We lived there for a few years in the 70s, but I’d never been in the building before My then 11YO niece was freaked out by some of the old photos decorating the place, so my sister and I decided it would be fun to freak her out further by staging some “ghost” photos, using a big black piece of cloth (table covering?) we found in one of the sitting areas on the second floor, where earlier we had been practicing the song we were to sing at the memorial the next day.
    In the attached photos, that’s me under the cloth, advancing down the hall toward my sister, who was taking the pictures on my phone. We were both laughing hysterically the whole time. When we looked at the photos, we stopped laughing when we got to #5 and saw that skull-looking face that appears right about where my face would be. Then we noticed the swirly/blurry stuff going on in #4. I do not claim to be any expert in these things, but think maybe the swirlies in #4 could be… energy gathering itself toward appearing, if that makes sense?
    Every time we went somewhere to eat or shop that weekend, and told people where we were staying, they immediately asked if we’d “seen anything”. I’ll be very interested to hear what you think of these photos.

  3. Hmmm, the photo attachment seems not to be working. I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in seeing them; surely another way can be found…

  4. The prostitute isn’t the only resident.
    There was a massacre in the Saloon, which is now the coffee house.
    There was also a man who shot his ex wife and himself in the back alley not twenty years ago.
    They are friendly ghosts, at least to the locals. But you feel them in the rooms with you.

  5. I had visited The Niles about 2 years ago and I was walking around the third floor. When I reached the intersection of the hallway, in the middle of taking photos, I felt a burning sensation on my back and I had lifted my shirt to show my grandmother, who was with me, and there were 3 verticle scratches down my back.

  6. I stayed at the Niles after a concert on the main floor. I was with my fiancĂ© and a friend of ours, and we were staying in the left corner room in the back of the building on the 2nd floor. Our friend ended up hanging out with the band after the show while my fiancĂ© and I decided to go to bed. Between 3-4 am I heard a loud knock at the door, one that woke me from a hard sleep. Assuming it was our buddy returning from his late night jam session, I immediately (drowsily) went to the door and opened it up to let him in. To my surprise, there was nobody at the door. I looked out down the long hallway and did not see a soul. I realized that there is a very real possibility that I could’ve dreamt the knocking sound, but it seemed very vivid to me. I am a hard sleeper, and it takes a lot to wake me up. Either way, I thought it was pretty creepy.

  7. I have lived in Alturas and have been in the Niles several times. I have seen a blonde little boy who walks the third floor. I have also looked through a peep hole in a locked door and seen the front of a Mona Lisa picture. When I looked again I seen the back of it.

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