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Hotel Del Monte was a luxury resort hotel from 1880 until 1942, when it was leased to the Navy to be used as a school to train electronic technicians during World War II. After the war, the building became the Naval Postgraduate School, the main building of which is called Herrmann Hall, and houses administrative offices and a hotel. Herrmann Hall is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a gray-bearded man in a suit named Charles Crocker. His apparition has been seen throughout the hotel, and many strange occurrences, such as moving objects, banging bread trays, shattering glasses, taps on employees’ shoulders, and the antique elevator moving by itself, are attributed to Mr. Crocker.

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Cunningham Road
Monterey, California
United States

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36.59717693006753, -121.87432181772158
Nearest Towns:
Monterey, CA (1.1 mi.)
Seaside, CA (1.6 mi.)
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Del Monte Forest, CA (4.1 mi.)
Marina, CA (7.2 mi.)
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  1. Luana2sea@yahoo  |  

    As a young female 18 I was stationed in the Navy at this Grand Hotel! At midnight exactly the elevator would run and the ball room on the second floor would have heavy and large furniture arrangements sounds but all was still! I felt a presence always in the long hallways! A man. Yes this is a haunted place!

    • When I was there I would always hear someone walking behind me in those hallways. But, when I would stop and look behind me nobody was there. But the oddest experience I had was walking down the hallway and heading what sounded like a group of people having a good time laughing and such in a room I was approaching. That didn’t sound weird. However, when I got just about to the door the sounds of laughter stopped. I looked into the room and nobody was there.

  2. I’ve had 3 paranormal experiences in Herrmann Hall. In the early 1990s my husband (a Naval Post Graduate School alum) and I used to stay weekends in Hermann Hall. On my first visit he was showing me around and we were in the grand ballroom when I saw a gray orb come out of the swinging doors to the kitchen, glide across the ballroom and disappear into the ceiling. The second experience happened when we had just left the ballroom and were walking through the parking lot to our car. All of a sudden I felt as if I’d been shot in the stomach. The sensation was so strong I thought I was going to fall down. Several stays later at the bookstore I picked up a ghosts of Monterey book and read that a man had been murdered on the premises in the 1880s – shot in the stomach. The third experience was about a year later. We got a room on the top floor. I felt uneasy in that room for some reason. That night I was awakened by something shaking the foot of our mattress, actually lifting it up and down violently. I was scared to death and tried to wake my husband but he wouldn’t wake up. In the morning I saw that the pictures in our room were crooked on the walls but nothing else seemed disturbed. When we went down for breakfast I asked the desk clerk “how big was the earthquake last night?” and she said “we didn’t have an earthquake”. To this day I can’t find an explanation for the experiences I had there.

  3. This place is haunted. As a kid I have heard the story of the two lovers on their honeymoon. One was trapped in the stairwell during the fire and the other died then too.. When the building was rebuilt they rebuilt the stairwell farther over. Story has it the lovers are searching the two different stairs for each other. It is said you can hear them call for each other or crying.
    Another story of the del monte is when charley chaplain was there on his honeymoon. It is said he still comes to that suite (now an officers quarters) and the bust of him keeps mysteriously getting moved or turned.

  4. I was stationed at the dliflc and would spend weekends at the nps. One night I was coming back to the hotel room in Herman Hall and walking through the gardens I saw a really old lady in a nightgown walking through the fog (this was at around 3 am). It wasn’t really scary but I told the front desk clerk and she assured me everything was fine and that it was probably just an aparation, but it could have been just a 90 yo lady that likes to party

  5. This place is definitely haunted. I’ve taken one ghost pic here myself by have seen two others. The best one I’ve seen might actually be the best ghost pic of ever seen of any kind. This pic was taken downstairs in Herman Hall right across from the NPS Trident Room. This is the purported ghost of the little girl which haunts the place. There are 4 documented spirits here, but the little girl frequents the downstairs halls. This is the creepiest ghost pic I’ve ever seen.

  6. Second pic is also from downstairs at Herman Hall. You have to zoom in, but ghost is an irregularly shaped white orb, on the right side of the hallway. Look just slight left of the second door on the right side.

  7. I was stationed in Monterey, CA during 2009-2010. Being 19 years old, my friends and I would stay at Hermann Hall almost every weekend; it was cheap, it was nice, and it wasn’t the barracks. I never saw an apparition, but just walking around the empty, large hotel at night was definitely creepy. There were so many hidden nooks and crannies, you could totally get lost in there. Once, i’d even found a staircase that led to nowhere.

    One night, an ex boyfriend of mine started messing around with me by saying he could see a little girl in the corner of our hotel room. While I didn’t see her, and still to this day think he was goofing, I didn’t sleep a wink that night. We’d gone downstairs late at night so that he could smoke a cigarette, and the hallways were stark cold; colder than normal.

    Suffice to say, this place is definitely haunted.

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