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Grey Cloud Island is a residential community named after a Native-American chief, and it’s rumored to be haunted. Folks tell of a phantom white pickup truck that tailgates living drivers, chasing them off the island. Green orbs or clouds have been reported as well, attributed to the lantern of Chief Grey Cloud’s ghost. And in the cemetery, the sound of a lady screaming has been reported.

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Geographic Information

Grey Cloud Island
United States

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44.806517, -93.00256150000001
Washington County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Saint Paul Park, MN (2.5 mi.)
Cottage Grove, MN (3.2 mi.)
Inver Grove Heights, MN (3.5 mi.)
Newport, MN (4.1 mi.)
South Saint Paul, MN (6.2 mi.)
Coates, MN (6.4 mi.)
Sunfish Lake, MN (6.5 mi.)
Rosemount, MN (7.6 mi.)
Eagan, MN (8.1 mi.)
Woodbury, MN (8.4 mi.)


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  1. I used to go to the area all the time during college (paranormal investigation was kind of my thing back in the day). I’ve recorded what sounded like a woman screaming on my old handheld cassette recorder (which I didn’t hear as it happened, only in playback). In retrospect, it could’ve been a coyote, as they sound very similar to human female screams- either way, I didn’t react to it live, I only heard it in playback. My roommate at the time saw an orb as we drove around one evening. There’s just a general feeling of uneasiness as soon as you approach GCI from St. Paul Park.

    The the most common thing I’ve witnessed, however were trucks that would tailgate me (I’d pull over, let them pass, then proceed to speed up and follow them) then would instantly disappear in a fog. It’s not always trucks, as I’ve had a sports car do the same thing to me there – I’d pull over, let them pass, resume driving, the vehicle would speed up, as would I, and they’d disappear.

    The most unusual thing I’ve witnessed there, along with a couple friends from college, was a man, smoking, wearing an orange hat and a red flannel jacket and holding some kind of rifle. It’s Minnesota, that’s not an unusual sight, right? Well, the guy was translucent. I apply referred to him as “flannel boy” in an attempt to piss him off and make him appear, again. It worked, as my friends and I would see the same guy staring at us- either hiding in the bushes or standing in the middle of the road behind us.

    Another story about “flannel boy” didn’t happen to me. Instead, it happened to a girl I particularly disliked and found to be annoying. She was my then-girlfriend’s best friend, and she would constantly text me with the proposition of hooking up with me. I found her annoying and unattractive, but I agreed to meet up with her. I told her I was at a party and she’d see my car parked on the side of Pioneer Rd S (the road on which the cemetery is located). You can’t miss it, right?! Well, I lied to her. I wasn’t there that night, and I didn’t have any plans to be at a party there. Instead, I just spent my night relaxing at my college apartment in Eagan. I gave that girl the address of the road where I had witnessed the majority of my paranormal encounters. Later that evening, I got a text from my girlfriend asking what had happened to her friend, as she seemed frightened out of her mind and kept sending her increasingly bizarre texts. I asked my girlfriend (who knew I went on “ghost hunts” with friends- but never asked where I went or what I saw- as she just viewed it as something I did for fun) what had happened. She said her friend confessed to trying to meet up with me, but that she never saw my car parked on Pioneer Rd S. My then-girlfriend went on to explain, and actually forwarded me the texts, that her friend was being harassed by the ghost of a man wearing an orange cap and red flannel jacket holding a rifle. The man said nothing, but stared at her from the bushes, and when she sped off, she saw him standing in the middle of the road behind her. She frantically drove to her closest relatives in Bloomington as she was severely frightened by the man. On her way to Bloomington, the ghost of the man would occasionally appear in the back seat of her car when she looked in the rear-view mirror. I felt bad for what happened to her, as I just sent her there as a joke, thinking she probably wouldn’t see anything, anyway. On a plus side, she never texted me after that night.

    Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the area is pretty damn creepy at night. And chances are, you might get slightly weirded out by the atmosphere alone. A word of caution: when I went there, authorities would often be on patrol in the area. Don’t go to the cemetery unless you gain permission from the township. Don’t trespass on private property. Cruising around on the roads will give you enough of a scare on its own. Have fun!

    • This is crazy! The only reason I ever went to GCI is because I had a friend explain that he saw this exact thing there! I personally never saw “flannel boy” but the first time I went, I drove around for about 40 minutes and nothing really happened (except for seeing a crazy amount of deer, drive safe!) so me and my friends decided to leave.
      As we were on the last stretch of road to leave, we heard a little girls voice come from the side of the road and it said “dont come back” in the most cheerful way. Both me and my other friend in the front seat heard this because his window was all the way down.

    • LeoTheHermeticist  |  

      My two friends just experienced orettt much to the “T” similar as you described. However the reason for reaching out to you if you end up receiving this is that we all grew up in Bloomington, MN. I am wondering if you can tell me anymore about this or help me out in anyways. I do paranormal investigations and when my friend told me about this I knew I had to go because I have professional equipment. I am also kind of wondering if we may know each other or know of each other by chance?

  2. As someone who lives on Grey Cloud, I can tell you that the “phantom pickup” is another member of the island who gets fed up with punks coming and disrespectfully investigating the township.
    I’ve lived there for over five years, and I’m very into the paranormal, very open to contact with them. I’ve never seen a green lantern, never seen the phantom motorcyclist that they claim roams the island. However, I have had some paranormal things happen in my house. You will not find much on the public area of the island. Don’t waste your time and don’t keep bothering the residents.

  3. The white trucks are with the mining company I think, and none of them are ghost cars. Yeah they’ll tell you to gtfo if you’re wandering around and doing suspicious things and aren’t a resident. If you want haunted, read up on the apparitions and burial mounds and stuff.

  4. I fully believe in the paranormal, but I have never had any paranormal experiences at Grey Cloud. I believe that this place is not haunted.

  5. It was also known as ‘The Green Lantern’ and I had heard of a few stories behind it. One is of the ‘Indian Chief’ blah – blah. The other is of a railroad signalman who was killed over a love relationship.

    The latter I believe more as that was what I told by the local folks from several different sources.

    But if I didn’t see this for real, I would have thought it was all bunk.

    Yes in 1973 me, my girlfriend, sister and friend and girlfriend (yes, five of us), knowing all of the above decided it would be fun to go to the Grey Cloud Island cemetery to see if the Green Lantern exists (on Halloween, no less).

    It did.

    Let’s first start with that my car died the second I drove through the gate. It was like it had no battery at all. Just dead. Second, was this banshee scream coming from the other side of the yard. And all I saw was a big bright ‘green lantern’ swinging wildly from side to side and coming up to our proximity.

    My first thought was that, which makes no sense, was that I drove into this and now I have to back it out.

    So I did exactly that – and when the vehicle cleared the gate, the headlights came on and the radio responded (I find the latter more amusing in that it was a tube radio, ’59 Chevy. And would take about a minute to warm up. But here, it came on right away.

    Fired up the 283 engine and got the hell out of there.

    True story. Have witnesses.

    I have been back twice. The first time was interesting in that several tombstones are under water from previous floods. But still stick out from below.

    The second time was halted in that only natural kin were allowed. Hmnnn!

  6. All I gotta say is there was a mid 90s Ford Pickup chasing us and someone behind my friends mini-van turned off there headlights and followed us.

  7. In 1998 my friends and i drove to grey cloud one night unknowing that it was haunted and there was an orb of light that entered the car and then dissapeared. A few days later we ditched the guys and us girls went to check out the cematary during the day and my friend saw a man in a long trench coat with a hat smoking up a ways from us just standing there when i turned around i saw something out the corner of my eyes but did not see what she saw, it freaked her out quite a bit though and we have never been back there.

  8. I went there last night between 9-12 they say the most stuff happens on Friday night between 9-12 so we went. When we got there we drove around for about 15 minutes and nothing happened and then we were driving and stopped at the sematary and went to count the grave stones when we counted them one way there were 12 and then when we counted them backwards there were only 11 we got freaked out and went back into the car and started driving again I’m not sure what road we were on but all of the sudden my friends headlights shut off and wouldn’t turn on for about 10 minutes and while they were off I was looking in the woods and saw a little green light floating towards us but we did not see the truck or the “flannel boy” or the motercyle we also couldn’t find the bridge that when you cross you apparently can her little kids screaming from the bus going off the bridge by we plan on going back soon and hope more happens

    • How did you get to the cemetery? Last time I was there it had a gate and tons of camera’s. It is also so far off the road that you can’t get to it

    • The woods behind the limestone mine definitely. I have never been anyplace that made me feel like that. I grew up in St. Paul Park and lived here about 30-33 years. I’ve been everywhere around here an this spot takes the cake for sure.

  9. This was 1967-1968, I had a few friends in my car and while on Grey Cloud we heard what sounded like a baby crying in the woods but thinking about it it could have been a woman crying. We went to the cemetery looking for the lantern but saw nothing but the air got real calm when we were there. As soon as well left the wind picked up again.

  10. I grew up out there and as stated above the pickup truck is a resident, the people on the island are private and don’t like trespassers! Besides this story is BS as the history of the island is readily available and the was NEVER a chief named, Grey Cloud! Grey Cloud was a woman dumbasses! Just stay the hell off the island, there’s nothing to see here!

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